Thursday 31 December 2009


Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance - $18.95’s Matt Fitzgerald sat down for an hour with to answer questions and discuss his new book Racing Weight. Matt hits on the major points of his new book and answers some controversial questions sent in by runners.

PODCAST "you just got to listen to this"*****
Four ways to reach ideal racing weight
Read extracts from RACING WEIGHT

Wednesday 30 December 2009

Never look back !

Yes I know, everybody's doing it! no, not that!!! I mean looking back on 2009, so why not Rick's running?

I've learned a lot this year, or maybe I forgot a lot and then re-learnt it!
The Highs
My build up to London went really well , once I started to follow a plan [not till March!]
running within 10 secs of my 2004 P.b. in a 20 mile race and at 2.45 marathon pace was a real high Read report here
Running London [ my first time in 5 years] was kind of cool, looking back now I'm really happy with the result, i missed my target of beating my time of ten years ago by just 1 min 15 sec, but the whole experience was awesome! Read report here
Then after a summer of let downs due to over training I got some great advice from Peter Magill and ran my fastest 1/2 marathon in 5 years.
Read Report here
so there you have it; my fastest 1 /2, 20 miler and Marathon in the last 5 years, not bad for a 48 year old runner me thinks :]
Plans for next year, think Dr Rosa - Italian marathon training program, dramatic weight loss and things are looking exciting all ready :]
Thanks for visiting, leaving comments etc.
Have a fantastic new year and see you soon!
P.S. My wife says I run like the guy in the video, is that a good thing or not?

Monday 28 December 2009

Hot stuff for slimmers: The chilli pill that burns off as many calories as a 25-minute jog

Hot stuff for slimmers: The chilli pill that burns off as many calories as a 25-minute jog

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 7:59 AM on 28th December 2009

A slimming pill whose creators claim can burn calories while you sit at your desk goes on sale today.

Capsiplex's makers say the capsule, which is made from hot peppers and capsicum and is used by Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears, can eat up as many calories as 80 minutes of walking or a 25-minute jog.

Trials at the University of Oklahoma showed adults taking Capsiplex burned off 278 more calories before, during and after a bout of exercise than those on placebos.

Jennifer Lopez Brad Pitt

Hot Stuff: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez are both fans of the Capsiplex pill

Experts who developed it had to overcome the fact that capsicum extract is unbearably hot and would cause irritation if eaten in large quantities.

A spokesman for Capsiplex said: 'For decades, scientists have known about the weight-loss potential of red-hot peppers. The problem has been the ability to consume such a highly concentrated amount, but we have overcome this by putting a protective coating on the ingredients which stops any gastric irritation.

'At last we have a safe and healthy supplement to help weight loss.'

A month's supply of the one-a-day capsules costs £29.99.

The production of the tablet follows years of medical research into hot peppers and capsicum and their benefits to slimmers.

Several studies have found that hot peppers and their extracts are a safe option for nutritional supplements aimed at regulating diet.

The pills are already used in the United States by personal trainers because chilli and capsicum help speed up the metabolism, meaning people can lose weight more rapidly.

Buy here

Fat Boy Slim 'FAST' "Got to lose the weight"!
I don't really think i can get much fitter than I was before this years London Marathon, the only way for me to get faster is to lose weight, this year I've not really watched what I've been eating and my weight has stayed at around 160 lb, at 5ft 10 in tall this is just way to heavy to be a good distance runner. [ Ryan Hall at 5.10 is only 10 stone!]

Read this report
and check out this weight performance calculator to see how much faster I can run for each pound of fat I lose Predicted effect of weight change
I'm looking to get down to 10 stone 10 lb, with the same fitness level as at this years London running my target 2.45 should be possible.
other benefits of losing 10 lb in weight are that there will be less pounding on my legs which should mean faster recovery between sessions!
The plan
To eat more fruit, berries, veg, oats and lean meat and cut right down on bread which is loaded with fat and sugar and seems to be the main thing that puts weight on me [ apart from drinking large amounts of beer :].
Training for the week
Mon 28th
sandhill 6, 4 mins fast - 1 min slow all the way round 37.28
plus run down and back inc 6 x 20sec [smart speed] progression strides, max 12.8 mph . Total= 1.03
Sun 27th
very easy run sandhills = 1.13
Sat 26th
Big sandhills with Tess, easy-steady, plus 'smart speed' strides at end = 1.36
Fame at last! I win younger legs award !!! :]
Check it out HERE [near end of awards list]

Wednesday 23 December 2009

Running To The Limits (50 mins) Filmmaker Alex Vero embarks on a personal journey to find out what it takes to become an international marathon runne
Running To The Limits

Can Alex Vero transform himself from a 16 stone over weight film maker into an elite Marathon runner in just 2 years, you may be surprised by the result!
Watch it now on 4 on demand here

Thanks to Simon for link

Thur 24th
Easy run with Tess over the big sand dune trails, icy and snow.
wore my spikes again for good grip = 1.31
Wed 23th
Tempo run round the sandhill 6, found it hard going in the cold and slipped about on the ice in my nike free's, should have worn the spikes . sandhill 6 = 37.24, total time inc easy run at end =1.20

Tuesday 22 December 2009

After slipping and sliding on the ice yesterday I decided to don my X/C spikes. Setting
off with Tess pulling me on her lead I tore down the street at high speed to the amazement of old people clinging to garden walls in an attempt to stay upright, I felt like a death defying Russian ice speedway rider as car drivers slowed down to stare as we sped along.
Once we reached the sandhills it was even more fun as Tess and me
followed the snowy paths up and down the dunes. 3 laps of the velvet trail later we headed for home, I felt much better than yesterday when I felt slow and lethargic after the X/C, Happy Days :]
Easy-steady, 3 laps velvet trail = 59 mins ' I'M LOVIN IT' !
20 x 1 min fast - 1 min slow, sandhill 6 = 1.19

Sunday 20 December 2009


The last time I ran at Burnley was back in 2004, i finished in 31st place in a very competitive field of runners, i was not happy, i really wanted to make it into the 20 something placings!
looking back on the result now i can see i finished just behind a guy who could break 27 mins for 5 miles, the truth was i was flying, but i didn't appreciate it at the time!
Once again i had a very heavy night at work, but this time managed to get 3 hours in bed before getting up, i was in for a shock as I opened the curtains to see a thick covering of snow outside. Niz was made up, she has only seen snow a couple of times in her life [ you don't get much snow in the Philippines!].
Phil drove Joanne, Tracey, Niz and me to the race, the local roads were like an ice rink, that and all the Christmas shopping traffic meant it was a slow journey to the motorway, but once there we made good progress getting to the start with just 20 mins to spare before the womens start at 2pm.
It was -3 and bloody cold, I opted for a thermal cycle top and trackster bottoms, thermal hat and gloves, 'toastie' I would be, cold is not my thing you understand!
The plan was to use the race as a good tempo run, set off steady then make my way through the field and 'ENJOY' the event, the marathon is 4 months off and racing well now is not really my priority!
setting off from the start everyone sprinted off, it took me a couple of minutes to get warmed up and then I started to accelerate through the field of runners. the course was one small lap and 3 big un's, the fresh snow was good fun to run on much better than horrible mud!
i was starting to enjoy myself, i didn't really have the legs to kill myself but i was keeping a good tempo effort going and it felt good!
getting near the end of the race i thought we had a small half loop to go, but all of a sudden i saw the finish and didn't even have time to sprint, I wondered why a guy I'd been catching suddenly surged off!
I finished in 55th place feeling fairly fresh and happy :]
10k on snow in 40.03
It's been a good week of training, with 20 miles inc the club fartlek session on Monday and one hour and forty five mins over the big sandhills inc speed drill and plyometrics on Wednesday. I have also done 3 resistance training sessions during the week.
next week i plan to take it a bit easier before i start my Marathon training program.
photo; Tracey in action in the women's race, Burnley X/C

Thursday 17 December 2009


Great video from the ONE MILE RUNNER on correct post workout stretches, I found some of the doorway stretches very helpful with my long term sciatic problems.

Tuesday 15 December 2009

Southport Waterloo A/C Grand Prix final result

This years Southport Waterloo G.P. proved to be one of the most exciting editions ever with the final race of the series determining the overall victors in both the male and female competion.

The race lead had dramatically changed hands many times throughout the race series and with one race to go Carole james and myself held the podium positions but all this was to change as both Rob Ashworth and Vicky Harvey { who both needed the final race to get there 6 qualifying races in] got max points at Longridge .Also of note was Ben Johnson’s rapid improvement through the summer and Autumn which lead to him finishing second overall and frightening the pants off Rob in the final showdown! Oh and I finished 3rd overall!

Carole James put in a fantastic effort throughout the year finishing 10 races and looking all set to take the trophy until the final race, Rachel Thomas finished in 3rd overall and challenged Carole all the way finishing just 4 points behind.

Thanks to everyone who took part, next years event once again Starts with the classic Parbold hill race which will be celebrating its 40th edition , the second race will be The Standish trail race 27th Feb, which also proved very popular with Swac member and the 3rd race [ due to popular demand] will be the Liverpool half marathon 28th March

Full 2010 G.P .race programme available soon!

On a final note, Brian Davey’s Monday night Speed session will take a well earnedChristmas break and will start again on the 4 th Jan, 6,30 pm at the Ainsdale train station .

OK that’s it from me, so all that’s left to say is Have a happy Christmas and New Year :]

Rick [road race Sec and G.P. organizer

Sunday 13 December 2009


Working in a big supermarket is hard work at this time of year as you could probably imagine! Friday night my schedule for the pet food aisle said it would take 8 hours and 6 mins to fill , only problem was taking out break times [1 hour] and 40 + min to drag all the new stock onto the shop floor from the warehouse gave me only 6 hours 40 min to fill the shelves!
i like a challenge [ maybe it was not a smart idea to volunteer to take on the pet food aisle this summer, i mean who in their right mind wants to do weight training for 7 1/2 hours 5 nights a week without steroids!]
Anyway i got my head down and
ploughed through the endless cages of stock, one cage at a time, a bit like one mile at a time in a marathon!
I finished with 10 mins to spare at 6.20 am.
I got two hours in bed then got up for the Beacon park X/C, i felt groggy and not very energetic
. I got a lift with team captain Steve James and he then picked up Gary Kenny on the way, the weather was fantastic, sunny and only a slight chill to the air. i warmed up with an easy jog round the top half of the course, the bottom section was very muddy and wet and so I avoided it to keep my feet dry before the start. 10 mins to go and i did some strides on a slope, my legs felt empty and lifeless, maybe my 2 week head cold and heavy work load had taken its toll upon my body, I'd read somewhere than when you have a cold your muscles do not absorb carbs fully, is that right ? Anyways we lined up at the start in the field and were soon on our way, straight away I got left behind, my legs felt rubbery, dam I hate this! Over a rise then down a suicide off camber descent with a shape muddy left hand hairpin at the bottom to catch runners off guard [ quite a few go flying down into the mud] then there is a long muddy section,I find the best way to tackle this is to land in other runners foot prints! The first lap is a short lap and we soon turn to climb up a very steep grassy bank before flying down the suicide descent again, we then have two long laps which include a tough muddy climb at the far end of the park. i find myself running with Neil, a very good X/C runner, but he's only training 3 x a week at the moment and i really should be way ahead of him, but i'm not able to push hard it's just a battle to keep going, this is not a good day, so to speak! Into the final lap and I'm hanging onto Neil along the bottom muddy track, up ahead i can see team mate Chris, I pull through and close on Chris just as we hit the climb at the far end of the park, as we climb chris pulls away again and Neil comes past, my legs have now gone and as i reach the hardest steepest, muddiest section I feel like I want to stop1 I slog on on empty legs and feel like I'm at standstill at the top, I recovery abit on the downhill and pick up speed again over the grass and pull close to Chris as we go up the final grassy hill, over the top and it's all downhill to the finish , i pass Chris then have a shock as the finish is diverted off the path and we have to take a sharp right onto muddy ground for the last 10 m, what a stupid finish, i hit a tree and lose a place finishing in 41 st place, a few mins latter team mate Mike crashes straight into the tree and takes a nasty fall, taking another runner down with him! i finish disappointed, looking back on past performances makes me feel even more so! In 2004 I finished in 22nd place in 34.25, in 2007 I finished in 27th place in 35.42 and yesterday i could only manage 41st in 37.12, the only positive thing is I was 30 sec faster than last year but I know I can do far better, i know my training is going well so maybe it's just my head cold that made me feel bad! well there is another X/c next week to put things right, so see you there :]
In the evening it was the club Christmas meal and afterwards we headed into town and partied on till 3 am dancing with Niz and Tracey, at least my endurance is still good!

Friday 11 December 2009

Gatorade to drop Tiger Woods energy drink news that Gatorade are to drop the TIGER WOODS energy drink from its range of energy products brought a smile to my face :]
Maybe they are worried people might think the drink has 'interesting' side effects, but surely the drink would hit record sales figures after recent events!

Thursday 10 December 2009


My next race is the Ashurst beacon X/C on Saturday, this is a real classic course with 2 brutal hills each lap, check out the video.
I've stuck to Pete Magill's advice of just 1 hard session during race weeks, it's worked well so far, so I'll be hoping for a good race and be aiming to beat a few of the guy's who finished ahead of me last time!
Thur 10th
nice easy run with Tess along the white post route over the small sandhills = 58 min

plus Dr Yessis resistance training

Tuesday 8 December 2009

16.5 mile fartlek and progression run!

set off early to meet up with the club, covering 7 miles before the clubs farlek session.
Running down it had been dry but as soon as we started the session the rain came down, but we are no wimps, no treadmill softies. We look on the wind and rain as character building, making us tougher and as hard as nails! :]

It was good to see Angela back but where was Dr Simon [ the most improved runner of 2009] and also missing was Ben.
After the fartlek session i ran back steady then ran the last mile and a half as a progression run, starting at 6.30 pace, moving up to sub 6 after 1/2 mile, then nailing 5 min [12 mph] mile pace over the last 200m. FELT STRONG. As i reach 9mph + my legs start to flow round on momentum and the effort moves away from my legs and into my heart and lungs, at slower speeds my legs seem burdened with more effort.
16.5 MILES = 2.02
Easy run with Tess = 32 mins followed by 30 min run with Niz
Total = 1.02
Big sund dunes, easy-steady plus running drills and plyometric jumping = 1.48

Monday 7 December 2009

Ain't No Sunshine

This was the first morning when it was still dark when I took Niz to work [7.50 am] just two weeks till the shortest day and time to celebrate the return of the SUN! :]

Saturday 5 December 2009



I got just one hours sleep after my heavy night shift then my alarm clock went off!
I awoke from a strange dream, Tiger Wood's wife was chasing me with a club, I had a big grin on my face, I'm not sure what I'd been up to, maybe I'd just got a hole in one :]
was time to get ready for my run with Tess and Eddie, a quick bowl of porrage and I was on my way with Tess to pick Eddie up, the weather was awesome for December, warm, sunny and only a slight breeze. FANTASTICO!
we headed for the little nature trail then went onto t
he velvet trail seeking out the biggest dunes, once we reached pontins we carried on over the dunes until we reached the blue posts which took us into the pinewoods,,. I showed Eddie some of the little used trails inside the woods/ It was peaceful and quite and we saw very few people on our travels, i guess everyone must have been Christmas shopping, ha, this was much more fun and cheaper too :] We looped round the woods then crossed over the coast rd and followed the white post coast path route home, as we reached the Selworthy playing fields Tess decided to test us out by putting In a Kenyan type surge of pace, I followed but Eddie could not quite match Tess's SPEED, even so Eddie impressed me with his endurance, this is one tough route, sandhill after sandhill in relentless fashion. We left eddie at his house and put in another mile to give me and Tess 2 hours and 19 mins of running.

Thursday 3 December 2009


CLICK ON PHOTO for podcast on downhill running
Super fast masters runner Steve James recommended some years ago that I Incorporated some downhill sprints into my marathon training, the result was much less sore legs!
I also think regular long hill runs help a lot too :]
Todays run
Big sandhills 1 Hour 20 mins
Set off late, so was racing against time to get back before it went dark.
Thankfully the strong wind pushed me over the sand dunes, the rain showers soon started which added to my speed to return home. Tess seemed to enjoy the conditions and was full of energy!
Just made it off the sandhills and back onto the roads as the light faded,
ended up running 10 mins faster than normal.

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Running with a head cold!

Here are two Blog sites that might be of interest to SWAC runners;
SAM DEAN follow Sam as she trains for the London Marathon
As for my own running well I've been nursing a head cold so cut down on my running abit, but did do the club run on Monday night and found i was running quite well, just about keeping up with young Ben [maybe he was tired?], today i did sandhill sprints with Tess [ well she kept sprinting off, turning around and trying to knock me back down the hill, now that's what i call resistance training!]. well that's it for now, off to see the film 'NEW MOON'.
Club run, fartleck session plus progression run home = 1.49
not well, easy 36 mins
Sandhill sprints 2x 8, plus fast run home = 59 mins

Sunday 29 November 2009


3 laps, 9.8k in 37.38, Very muddy but some fast stretches.
After my disasters of last seasons X/C 's I had what felt like my best race in many years, thanks to Pete Magill's advice [ only one hard session during race weeks].
Despite a sore throat since Wed I had really good legs, holding back at the start I started pushing the pace after a couple of mins, turning the race into a progression run, pushing harder and harder as the race went on, I don't think I've ever passed so many people before, it was awesome fun!
last season i had heavy legs from the start of each X/c and ran out of energy by half way, i hated each and every moment of those races, this time was so much better, at last I'm no longer over trained, still not at my best but making very good progress and most important of all I'm having fun again, so 2 good races [ 1.20 half marathon, best time in 5 years] and this X/C show Pete's training is working :]

Monday 23 November 2009

16 miles on the roads , Running Naked!

Run Naked, check out this video :]
I can now run for 16 miles on the roads in my Nike Free's[modified] without any problems, this inc 10k steady down to meet up with the club at Ainsdale, followed by 11 hard efforts over 300 - 400m with ben, Simon,Neil and Brian. Once again conditions were extremely windy but we managed a very good work out. after arranging a lift for Saturdays X/C i said my good byes and headed for home the long way.
I ran the last 15 mins at a fast tempo pace finishing with 2 laps of a half mile loop, really pushing the gas peddle to the floor over the final 5 mins.felt much stronger this week :]
No more hard runs now until sat X/C.
16.00 m, 8 mph av, max speed 14mph =2.00

Saturday 21 November 2009

Ryan Hall, 'SPEED'@

Wind and Rain, but hey lets look on the bright side at least it was warm :]
Sat 21st
Run with Paul around Parbold and Ashurst Beacon, lots of hills amd plenty of off rd running and mud -AWESOME!!! = 2.03
Fri 20th
Short run with Tess, felt 'good' = 24 min
Thur 19th
Long easy run with Tess over the big sandhills 'Lovin it' = 1.33
Wed 18th
run over sanddunes with tess plus Drills = 1.13

Club run, Hills plus finished off with 3 mile tempo run, hammered the last mile and 1/2 with wind behind me, 10-11 then 11.5 mph = 1.12

Tue 17th
Sandhills with Tess, easy = 1.04
Mon 16th
Club Session Fartlek, plus run down and back = 1.50

Friday 20 November 2009

I love this advert


It reminds me about the bald guy who had rabbits tattooed onto his head, when asked why" He said " from a distance they look like hares!" :]

Thursday 19 November 2009

Poor running form at Southport 10k and why you should do the club runs!

<span class= Watching last months Southport 10k I was shocked by how many runners had poor running form, would i be harsh to say at least 80% of runners needed to work on their biomechanics!
sadly there is still a belief that your natural style is best. The guy who ran like a gorilla is living proof that its not and a video of the race would prove what I'm saying, how many runners are getting injured, how many of them will still be running in 5 years. most runners rely on over padded shoes to cover up their sins, put them in a pair of Nike Free's and heavy heel striking would soon come to an end. Maybe there is a need for a Running school after all most running shops [ often the first contact for new runners] are only interested im selling you a pair of shoes!
I got a copy of Explosive running on Monday, I'd only been waiting 3 months for the book to be delivered by amazon.
This book goes into great detail on how to run correctly as well as showing common faults and how to correct them. there is also a good section on improving muscle strength so you can run with a better range of motion and faster leg turn over. think about this; over 90% of the time your legs are in the air with only there own weight as resistance, even hill running won't improve your muscles strength in this range!
The book is quite technical and not always a easy read but its worth the effort because this book gives the best advice I've come across in all the many books i've read, a must for all runners wanting to run faster and still be in the sport 5 years from now without major injury, on the other hand you might like running like a monkey:]
If you still train on your own you really should think about joining in on some of the club runs, not only will you run faster, your have loads more fun and even make some new Friends, Kenyan runners would never do there hard runs on their own so why should you?
Southport Club Runs
on a monday you have a choice of two runs;
Mon 6.30pm from Ainsdale station [by the spar] 5-6 miles with 8 -12 hard efforts, coach; Brian Davey, this is a great session, recommended!
mon 7.00pm christ the king school, easy steady run, 5-7 miles { remember not to run off and leave Carole behind!]
Wed 6.30pm fron Dunes fitness centre, speed session for all levels, great session, very popular, don't miss out!
8 and 9am, ainsdale pinewoods 7-14 miles, steady.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Saturday 14 November 2009


I found this video of great interest, for a long time I've had sciatic and lower back problems, but I didn't realize that the position of my head could effect the rest of my posture.
I have a bad habit of looking down when I run, looking in a full length mirror, straight away I could see that by lifting my head into a neutral position my whole posture improved, now my head, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles were in alignment!
I set off today on a long steady run over the big sand dunes then through the pinewoods, returning along the white post route back over the sandhills. I kept my head up and felt a big difference, before I was running with my head looking down and my butt was back [ like sitting in a bucket] now with everything in alignment I felt smoother and faster, I was landing more under my centre of gravity and I seemed to be almost floating over the soft sand instead of sinking into it, this was good!
after an hour and fifty minutes i came off the sandhills and headed for home, as I got to Selworthy rd I found the road blocked off by the police, after a shooting and hand grenade attack earlier this year it seems there was another attack with a bomb last night! READ REPORT


I took a longer route home but still finished 10 minutes faster then when i did this route a couple of weeks ago!

sun 15th
easy run with Tess on the sandhill 6, felt light on my feet and really enjoyed myself = 1.12
Sat 14th

Long steady run over the sand dunes and pinewoods = 2.06
Fri 13th
Had to take my bike for an MOT, so only had time to run back from the garage, then later run back to pick my bike up [ it passed, hurray!]
= 14 mins
Thur 12th
Long easy run, big sandhills with Tess, enjoyed the run = 1.45
Wed 11th
Two runs today, afternoon ran over the velvet trail inc Peter Magill's running drills = 45 mins
Evening, club run from Dunes fitness centre, 8 x 600m at 5.10-5.15 pace
= 53 mins
Tue 10th
Two runs, 54 mins easy sandhills plus evening run on the rd 34 mins
Mon 9th
Club session 10 x hill sprints plus run down and back = 1.37
Total = 9 hours 55 mins running
For an elite runner this 'time on feet' would add up to almost 100 miles per week, next year I might increase up to 12 hours or so as I build for London.
Following Pete Magill's plan of 1 hard, 1 less hard session plus a long run, the
rest of my training is at a easy aerobic pace.
Feeling much better and enjoying my running again.

d the incredible story of Gilbert Tuhabonye

Friday 13 November 2009

Human Hunter - Attenborough - Life of Mammals

In this compelling clip, we see a tribesman runner persue his prey through the most harsh conditions in a gruelling eight hour chase. Thought provoking content from the BBC's Life of Mammals documentary series.

Thursday 12 November 2009


Training with Gilbert and the Gazelles.

Sing when you run!

Found these cool video's, which go into more detail on how and how not to do your running drills.
check the 2nd video 1st [sorry they got in the wrong order].
by the way i still think it's better to think of driving the knee forward and not up which makes me bounce up to much!

Monday 9 November 2009


THE PREDATOR FIGHTS BACK went with team mates Paul and Ben to the Lancaster 1/2, the rain stopped just in time for the race, but we were given a warning that a week of very heavy rain had left a lot of flooding out on the course.
Ben had a plan to break 1.20 [at just 21 he's made rapid progress this year] and Paul was looking for sub 1.30, after reading this I decided not to go for a time but to go out and race it, attacking the second half and overtaking as many runners as possible!
We started on a cycle track that follows the Lune river, I managed to get near the front with Ben, the first mile went by in 5.48, we soon moved off the tarmac path onto a dirt trail, 2 miles 11.38, 4 miles 23.54 and 5miles 30.02, I was getting carried along following Ben but decided to ease back a little and covered 6 miles in 36.12 at which point we turned off the cycle track and out onto the road, it was here we encountered the first of the flooding, the whole side of our carriageway was under water!
It was goodbye light weight running shoes as I splashed through ankle deep flood water, soon the road started climbing up the only real! hill on the course, up ahead Ben was stringing out a group and I focused on the first of the guys dropping of the back. Like a big cat predator I zoomed in on my prey looking for weakness, his shoulders were rolling and head tilted to the side in the strain to hold the pace, I surged and passed him then went in search of my next victim.
I passed two more guys on the 1 1/2 mile hill, I seemed to gain strength from there weakness, I was the 'hunter' out for the kill!
Once over the top the route took a left turn and I plunged downhill along a narrow lane then back onto a cycle track, at first it was muddy then all of a sudden it turned into a river! Flooded right across the track the only option was to splash through the freezing shin deep water, after 200m I got to the other side and tried to pick up my pace but my legs protested feeling heavy and numb from the shock of wadding through the icy water!
I shortened my stride and picked up my leg turn over in the hope of getting warm again, the next 2 miles were difficult, I was running in no man's land with the next runner about 30 sec ahead of me.
10 miles went by in 1.01.25, I was now on a wide empty road into a head wind, I surged to pick up speed and looked into the distance to check on my next victim!
by 11 miles I'd pulled my prey back to about 20 seconds, at 12 I was closing in ready for the kill, he heard my footsteps and accelerated away again, but all of a sudden his legs buckled under him, like a tiger taking out an antelope I charged passed on his right hand side just as we entered the running track for the last 400m.
I kicked hard and kept accelerating all the way to the line, covering the last 400m in about 80 sec. I took 10 sec out of the guy I passed [in only 400m] and it turned out I beat him for the first V 45 prize!
Ben ran 1.19.32 [new p.b.] and Paul 1.30.12.
Its been a frustrating summer running below my expectations but Pete Magill's advice has made me see I'd been over training and this race shows what I can do when I don't over do it!
Pete's right you need to train differently as you get older!
I'll leave what he told me below, its very good advice.

"3 hard workouts a week is absolutely insane for someone our age (I'm 48 too). I wouldn't last a month doing that. And I doubt you'd see any improvement, even in the first weeks. One hard workout, one long easy-paced run, and one less-hard workout combined with as much volume as your legs can comfortably handle is the best plan for our age. Also, we don't respond well to the excessively long tempo or the tempo runs tagged onto the end (or in the middle of) our long runs the way some younger athletes do.

One of my masters athletes who I'm currently training for the marathon called me before his half-Marathon 2 weeks ago. He was panicked because his friends told him I hadn't been training him hard enough - not enough distance and not enough long tempo, etc. I calmed him down. And he ended up running his half-marathon PR ... by 11 minutes.
Be smart. Be sensible. And good luck!!! Pete

Sunday 8 November 2009

1 hour 20 at Lancaster 1/2 Marathon, my fastest time in 5 years!

Flooded cycle tracks and roads made this 1/2 seem more like a X/C race, but I powered round to finish in 1.20.30 and first V45, THANKS GO OUT TO PETER MAGILL FOR TRAINING ADVICE.
Report to follow.

Thursday 5 November 2009

Dr. Gabriele Rosa's Marathon Training

Dr Gabriele Rosa is arguably the world’s greatest marathon coach. His athletes, mostly Kenyan, have won every major marathon on Earth.
Rosa-coached athletes have won world cross country titles, world track titles, Olympic medals and set numerous world and marathon course records.

How the Kenyans Take On New York

Paul Tergat: Running to the Limit; His Life and His Training Secrets


RUNNING IN THE ZONE, a book of inspiration for the seasoned athlete!

Yes it's cold, wet and windy outside, so put on your reading cap, stock up the wood fire and snuggle up with a hot mug of tea and READ THIS BOOK

Wednesday 4 November 2009


Physical Benefits of Backward Running


World Records for Backwards Running



Thanks to JON for links

CHECK OUT Sammy Wanjiru's Amazing running style

Sammy Wanjiru has plans to break the marathon world record

Monday 2 November 2009

Oops!...I Did It Again

After saying I'd stick to Pete Magill's advise and run only two hard sessions per week I went and ran two interval sessions and a race on Sunday! RACE REPORT
My legs didn't really thank me for it, oh well there is always a half marathon on Sunday to get it right,right!!!

Saturday 31 October 2009




Radcliffe out to own New York

Independent - Simon Turnbull - ‎8 hours ago‎

Paula Radcliffe 'in record-beating form' ahead of the ING New York Marathon - Simon Hart - ‎16 hours ago‎
Paula Radcliffe believes she is in the physical shape to break the women's course record in Sunday's ING New York Marathon, though she insists her first ...
Radcliffe targets course record



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Thursday 29 October 2009


Wed 28th
I ran over the sandhills in the afternoon at a moderate aerobic pace for one hour and seventeen minutes.
In the evening I headed over to Dunes fitness centre to meet up with the guys and girls, for the 6.30pm speed session. There was a really good turn out which included some really quick runners, Steve Wilko was here [ sub 2 mins for 800, when fit] Steve McLean [ fresh from his mountain 2 day marathon and with a 2.17, 800 m, p.b.] and Chris Dunn who seems to be flying right now.
We all did the first effort together about 600m along the wooden board walks of the pier.
The fast guys pulled away from me, I glanced at the Garmin which showed 12 mph, I relaxed a bit thinking this was fast enough until I got more warmed up!
Once we got onto the Prom we split into two groups, the fast group decided on 8 x about 400m with a min and a half rec.
Once again the guys pulled away from me and I finished a few seconds back, but like on my Monday session I got faster on the next effort and managed to hang onto their backs, looking at the garmin showed a steady 12.7 mph. I just about kept up for the rest of the efforts as we got even faster,.
Looking at the Garmin graphs shows me hitting a max 15 mph quite a few times, whats amazing is on my own I would only reach these sort of speeds on a flat out 100. I didn't time the efforts but I reckon most were around 70 sec 400m pace or better. Training with a group makes running fast much easier, if you train on your own you really should think of at least once a week training with a group, it could take you up to the next level! =45 mins

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Trade Secrets of the Kenyans, Simple strategies to train like the world's best runners.




Why do runners make drivers honk like geese?
By Scott Douglas CLICK HERE

Tuesday 27 October 2009

20 x 400 !

20 X 400, 200 rec
A brand new challenge for me! I've run 8 x even 12 x, but 20 !!!
This was one of Pete Magill's sessions, to be run at 5k race pace [ about 10.65 mph, 5.38 pace for me] he tells you to run without timing yourself, to go on feel.
After a 10 min warm up I got straight into them, the prospect of 20 seemed very daunting!
The first couple were a bit on the slow side as I warmed up and my eyes adjusted to the dark, but soon I was getting faster and by the 10th felt quite confident that I was going to make it through. The drills seem to be working and I felt the best I've been for a long time.
I felt even better on the last ten and looking at my average pace over the efforts I look to be well under 5.30 pace, my fastest was at 5.05 pace!
10 mins easy then I ran the last 1 and 3/4 miles home at MP pace [ 2.45]
Starting to feel like I did before London, the new training seems to be working!