Friday 31 May 2013

Sunday 26 May 2013

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Rubbish 5K Results UPDATED!

Rob McGrath amazingly won the men's section despite having a blown cartilage that would have most of us  wanting to be pushed around in a wheel chair!
And in the women's race Angela Delaney Won despite having to walk for a bit after encountering stomach problems! It's a Mad world!
From the gun Rob and Steve Mclean pushed the pace with Max, Dave Mc and myself hanging in.
Just before the first short steep hill I briefly took the lead but I quickly found my legs empty and got dropped by the other guys!
I worked hard over the top to get back on terms with the group but they gradually pulled away into the distance.
Up ahead Steve McLean was forcing the pace until he blew and Max and Rob took over at the front.
Max put in some impressive surges but the more experienced Rob saved his energy for the final uphill finish pulling away from Max for the win!
Max finished with a big P.B. and at only 17 years old who knows just how good he can be in the future?
On the second lap I caught Steve McLean but his track speed left me for dead in the sprint to the finish.
In the women's race Angela dominated despite having to walk for a bit after feeling ill, leaving an out of form Tracy looking dejected!
It was great to see so many new faces out running and I hope you enjoyed the event which once more was held under bright sunshine if some what windy conditions. 
 Thanks to all 32 runners who took part :0]

NEXT EVENT WED 19th June 7 pm

1 Rob McGrath 18.10
2 Max Rothwell 18.14 First U18
3 Steve Mclean  18.44
4 Rick Bowker   18.53
5 Dave McDewought 19.01
6 Boyd Park 19.27
7 Neil Adshead 19.37
8 Dr Simon Tobin 19.44
9 Matt Tobin 20.18 First Junior
10 Angela Delaney 20.19 First Women
11 Andy Hudson 20.22
12 Tracy Peters 20.44
13 Brian Davey 20.52
14 Mark Davies 20.54
15 Matt Nelson 21.06
16 Paul Ashby  21.14
17 Howard Nuttall 21.22
18 Gareth Williams  21.48
19 Paul Stennett 22.11
20 Rob Gosgrove 22.40
21 Phil Foster 22.56
22 Vicky Harvey 23.10
23 Tony Bond 23.16
24 Geoff Caton 23.40
25 Amanda Bradbury 24.39
26 Elaine Sutton 26.33
27 Jane Blackin  27.25
28 Christine  Cutner 28.15
29 Sheila Marshall 28.30

 Lynne Griffins- Michelle Connelly 19.54
3 Pauline Draper  19.56

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Friday 10 May 2013

Rubbish 5K Returns 7.00PM 15th May 2013

The amazing super fast trail event return for a 5th year!
Same place same time But this time bring your own watch as this event will be self timed!

Saturday 4 May 2013

Dog House Blues!

Mandy invited me to go watch seasick Steve in Manchester!
I said yes!
Why not!
And was amazed when Led Zep legend John Paul Jones was in his band!