Saturday 30 October 2010

NEW YORK CITY MARATHON; Best Finish Ever and a week of two extremes!

Here's the video Mark talked about in the comments section of my blog after I posted this VIDEO Mark said "Another close finish in NY involved former Southport fireman Geoff Smith - narrowly beaten by Rod Dixon" Epic finish!

Training for the week
Well it's been a week of two extremes, feeling good on my hard sessions but really knackered on my easy days.
Reading Steve Magness's brilliant article in Running Times Avoiding the Hard/Easy Trap made me think about changing my training a bit for the next 2 months, before I restart the 100 day marathon plan in January for London.
I'm still going to follow Marius Bakken's 5-10K section in the training plan, but cut some of the harder sessions in half.
The idea being to get as fresh as possible but at the same time work on my speed and keep a good level of fitness going!
Today's run went really well, Tess and me headed for the big sandhills again, we were both feeling good and Tess paced me, pushing me hard over the trails.
Finished 3 mins faster than last week, which gives us a whacking 7 mins improvement in just 2 weeks. So I guess we are doing something right!
Shoes; Nike Free's modified
No running but did the Trigger point performance workout and a circuit of weights and core work.
24 x 30 sec at 10k pace with 30 sec recovery,
felt good! total time 29 mins
Shoes; Newton Distance racers
Easy level one over sandhill 6 with Tess, legs giving out at end, felt tired = 1.10
felt really bad 'knackered' very slow, horrible run = 30 mins
20 mins at 6.00 pace, followed by 10 x 1 min up and down a slight hill, average pace 5.28
total time = 1.08
Shoes; HyperSpeeds
Also did the Trigger point performance workout every day.

This unseen Ryan Hall video just surfaced on YouTube, it's from early this year, but interesting all the same.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, have FUN!

What does Ryan Hall want? By Bryan Green READ HERE

Ryan Hall: Why the Past Matters

Friday 29 October 2010

Fixing Broken Runners, Part III: The Reckoning

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The exercises Mike does ;

Foor foot stability:

- Balancing on one leg (increases activity of muscles in foot).
- Heel and toe touches (back and forth) on a rocker board with the board aligned 45 degrees (both ways) relative to straight ahead.

For hip stability:
- Clamshells to strengthen the gluteals.
- Standing hip hike.
- Single leg dead lift.
- squats on the rocker board

For tissue mobility:
- Kneeling hip flexor stretch.
- Hamstring stretch on back in doorway.
- Rolling golfball under plantar fascia.
- Calf stretch with towel under big toe.

For running form (practiced during running):
- Work on increasing cadence to 90 rpm.
- Think about dropping chest forward to put even weight over the forefoot and rearfoot.


2000 Miles On Foot, Human Express Video!


Tuesday 26 October 2010

A great resource centre for runners to treat their own injuries and running fast after dark

First check out this great FREE website 'Athletes Treating Athletes' offers some fantastic advice on treating injury and much, much more!
Thanks to Jim Hansen for the link.

MARIUS BAKKEN Introduction week 2

Last night I had a great run, on the cards was 20 mins at Level 3 [ marathon pace up to 1/2 Marathon pace] followed by 10 X 1 min at Level 4 [ faster than 1/2 marathon pace up to 10K pace].

I'm always a bit apprehensive before a tempo session, maybe it's the fear of failing to achieve the desired pace!

But thankfully Marius's pace zones are quite adaptable depending on how good you feel, ie Level 3 is from marathon up to half marathon pace, so if you are on a good day Marius says you can push to the upper of the zone, on the other hand if you feel tired you can stay at the lower end of the zone and maybe push towards the higher end of the zone towards the end of the session.
anyway things went well, using my Hillside loop I managed 6.00 pace for the 20 mins, finishing strongly!
Even so without the adrenaline of a race it takes quite a bit of concentration to hold the effort.
In a race that pace would feel like I was holding back for at least the first 8 miles of a 1/2 marathon!
After a few mins jogging I moved into the 10 X 1 min efforts.

I used a slight hill [ 25ft ascent in 1 min] and did my efforts up and down it.
surprisingly I was almost as fast running up hill as down due to the tail wind pushing my up the hill! I finished with 6 x 20 sec strides, working up to sub 5 min miling pace!
I felt buzzed at the end, Great session!
20 mins at 6.00 mile pace, then 10 x 1 min up and downhill;
1/ 5.51 pace, 2/ 5.41, 3/ 5.34, 4/ 5.29, 5/ 5.30, 6/ 5.29, 7/ 5.23 8/ 5.25, 9/ 5.21, 10/ 5.04 average pace 5.28
Plus 6 x 20 sec strides. Total time 1 hour 8 mins

; The Ryan Hall articles on this blog meant I got over a 1000 visitors to RicksRunning last week!

Saturday 23 October 2010


Hall to coach himself after split with Mahon

One day after his departure from the Mammoth Track Club and coach Terrence Mahon was confirmed, Ryan Hall announced that he will coach himself. Hall said, " I believe that operating in this manner will allow me to run with a new level of faith and excitement."

Ryan Hall
For those curious about my recent change and next steps:

Turns out Ryan's NEW coach is an 'OLD GUY' with a white beard who looks down on us all from above!
What do you think, is Ryan making the right move or does he need a top class coach to take him to the next level?
If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.

Marius Bakken Introduction week one

Had a good run over the big sandhills again with Tess.

4 mins faster than last week on same course! = 1 hour 20 mins
Level one run on road av speed 7.9 mph, = 41 mins
Did the Trigger point workout every day this week, feeling the benefits for sure!


Friday 22 October 2010

Who will be Ryan Hall's New coach?

2010 Boston Marathon
Who will be Ryan's new coach?
Could this message he left on Twitter back in July be the answer;

Ryan Hallryanhall3 Just ran into long time friend and legendary running coach Jack Daniels at Macy's Restaurant. A wealth of wisdom.

Or as Scott brown just said on Twitter;
Scott Brownsamurairunning @RicksRunning Maybe he's heard about the Marius Bakken 100 day plan!
Read the latest on the Ryan Hall saga HERE
And check out the Jack Daniels video's below

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Haile Gebrselassie Road to NYC Marathon: Part 1 and 2, His Life

Great video's, check them out!

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Chilean miner Edison Pena to run New York marathon

A freed Chilean miner who kept fit underground by running 10km (six miles) a day through tunnels has been invited to run the New York marathon next month.Trapped miner Edison Pena, right, is checked by a rescuer as he waits his turn to be lifted to the surface of the San Jose mine

So, while other miners go on free trips to the Greek islands or to watch Manchester United play, Edison Pena will be preparing for the November 7 race.

‘I was born again to do this. I want to tell people we’re alive and that you can do sport with little money. I want everyone to do sport. It’s my legacy,’ said the 34-year-old.

The Elvis fan has also been invited to Graceland in Tennessee, although he does not have a passport yet.

Mr Pena will join the legions of people taking to the streets of the Big Apple to compete in one of the world’s greatest marathons. Two years ago over 40,000 people crossed the finishing line.

Training update
Wed 20th
Location Kings Gardens
20 x 45 sec [starting at MP and progressing up to upper 10k pace] with 15 sec Rec between each
1/ 6.09 pace, 2/ 5.46 pace, 3/ 5.52 pace, 4/5.48 pace, 5/ 5.51, 6/5.37, 7/ 5.40, 8/ 5.44, 9/ 5.47, 10/5.47, 11/5.40, 12/5.28, 13/5.37, 14/5.40, 15/ 5.35, 16/ 5.26, 17/ 5.32, 18/ 5.41, 19/ 5.34, 20/ 5.20 pace. Average pace inc Rec = 6.20 pace, 3.27 miles. total time inc 6 x strides and warm up- down = 52 mins
cold and windy, so took a bit to get fully warmed up, felt better as session progressed, finished with 6 x 20 sec strides.
Tue 19th
Easy run with Tess on road at level one [easy] pace = 40 mins

Monday 18 October 2010


The 3 weeks recovery has really done me a shed load of good, I feel fresh and hungry and ready to go!

I'm now starting Marius Bakken's introduction week one of three before moving into 5-10k training for the rest of the year, the idea being to get back some speed and keep fresh!
OK, time to hit the road!
It was pretty wild and windy out tonight, I headed for the rolling roads of Hillside for the session.
7 x 1 min- 45 sec- 30 sec- 15 sec [ starting at Marathon pace and building up to 10 k pace] with just 15 sec recovery between each effort.
Things went well and I was soon hitting 10K pace. The legs were flying round and quite a few times I was hitting 5.20 pace.
Somehow I cocked up my counting and ended up with an extra set, the legs were starting to feel a little wobbly by the end, but this is the fastest I've run for a while!
time inc rec = 29.30, av speed 6.35 pace inc Rec, Total time with warm up and down = 57 mins

Can I get back to running 21.30 for 4 miles ?

CARL's majestic running form has ZILCH to do with Pose running, but you can read how to get awesome running form from his coach HERE

Kerrang Radio, make it loud!

Saturday 16 October 2010

Jay Dicharry- Improvement of running form

An Interview with Running Form Expert, Jay Dicharry READ HERE

Tess and me headed out to the big sand dune trails, on the way back Tess must have been feeling good and started lifting the pace.
I followed her tail as she got faster and faster, kind of turned into a nice progression run!
I felt miles better than last week and have now decided to do the Lancaster 1/2 Marathon in a couple of weeks, it proved to be an epic race last year due to flood water on the course!
Big sandhills = 1 hour 24 mins

OK this ones for Scott in Japan
It seems the local girls think he's a bit of a Scallop.
Scott said on his twitter site
samurairunning Got to love Japan Yesterday, no shit, a girl came up to me and asked "Are you scallop?" No idea but she did seemed happy with my "No" answer

Also thanks to Scott for link to some truly AMAZING photo's showing the beauty of Japan

Friday 15 October 2010

Fixing Broken Runners, Part II: The Comeback

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Fixing Broken Runners, Part 1: The Evaluation

Top tips for running in the dark and I'm enjoying running again!

Top Tips For running In The dark

5 Ways to be more confident in life

Those miners have just emerged from a very dark hole and I'm starting to feel the same way!
At last I'm starting to enjoy my running again, My body is starting to feel re energised !
Wednesdays run was what Marius calls the first real session after the Marathon.

4 x 5 mins at 1/2 Marathon pace [5.59] with 2 min Rec
After a good warm up I used a hilly loop around Hillside and was pleased to find I was able to hold sub 6 min pace while feeling quite strong and in control!
1/ 5.56 pace, 2/ 5.53 pace, 3/ 5.54 pace, 4/ 5.51 pace
= 43 mins
Thur easy-steady run with Tess, finishing with 6 fast strides, felt good = 30 mins

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Quick Poll: How fast will Sammy eventually run the marathon?


I think he can break the World record!

Recovery week 3
Came down with a cold at the weekend, first real cold this year!
Maybe it's just the after effects of the marathon/
Anyway rested on Monday and decided on a short run today.
Tess and me were both Feeling quite good, we averaged 6.43 pace and finished with 6 x smart strides
total time 26 mins
This is the start of Tess's training for the MAD DOG 10k.
Also did the trigger Point Performance workout, its really helping to improve my muscle balance and posture.
Noticed my calf muscles are more flexible, my pelvis is in better alignment and my shoulders and chest feel much freer!


Sunday 10 October 2010

Sammy Wanjiru Number one again!

Sammy Wanjiru, Tsegaye Kebede, B of A Chicago Marathon press conference,
In a battle literally down to the last 1,000 meters, Sammy Wanjiru showed why he is the top marathoner in the world. After having dropped out of London in April 2010, and an Italian 11k road race this past summer, there were doubters. READ MORE

'RICK' says; Great race, I entered the MARATHON TALK competition putting Wanjiru to finish first in 2.6.02, not far off the real result!
Wanjiru is an awesome runner and it's good to see him back on top after his troubles of the past

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Thursday 7 October 2010

World Record 10K Race Footage and Interview

Check out the amazing running form of Leonard Komon as he breaks the Road 10K WR

Leonard Komon sets WR 10k: 26'44" at Singelloop Utrecht from Losse Veter on Vimeo.

After race interview with Leonard Komon

Post Marathon recovery, feeling a little FLAT!
Yesterday was the first time I started to feel good again, I even had to hold myself back.
I really hate that feeling of tiredness,fatigue and post marathon depression you get after a hard race, thankfully I'm starting to come out of the other side and see the light again.

I've been doing the TRIGGER POINT PERFORMANCE WORKOUTS every day and feel much better for it!
Mon 10x 45 sec at 1/2 marathon pace with 15 sec recovery total time 30 mins
Tue Easy run with Tess = 40 mins
Wed Easy-steady run at 6.59 pace and 6 x Smart strides = 30 mins

Sunday 3 October 2010

The 6 Performance Enhancement Areas Of The Body

I've started following Trigger Points Performance programme this week, to help with my post Marathon recovery and start to address the muscle imbalances which have caused my sciatica.
Already I've improved my dynamic range of movement and my posture feels more balanced.
Check out The 6 Performance Enhancement Areas Of The Body
Also i have compiled all the TPP Massage Video's here in one place:

Think about it, most pro elite runners get regular massages to stop build up of micro fibres and scar tissue which shorten range of movement, cause posture imbalances and injury!
It's the ONLY one you've got!
And it will thank you with better performance and less pain:]

Friday 1 October 2010

Fixing Broken Runners, Part 1: The Evaluation VIDEO

Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click To Play Video

Anatomy of the Hip and Lower Back CLICK HERE

Trigger Point Performance CLICK HERE


After visiting my Chiropractor yesterday for a recurring sciatic problem I've decided to review my core workout sessions.
looking at my race photo's at the 22 mile mark in the Langdale Mountain Marathon made me realize how bad my hips drop and rotate, making my feet land pointing inwards and sending a torquing action up my legs, hips and back.
As a qualified fitness instructor it's easy to see poor technique and posture in someone else but without photo's and even better video's of oneself it's not always easy to see my own faults.
Of course pain is always a good indicator that your doing something wrong.
Here is a great exercise to improve pelvis alinement and strengthen the important glut muscles.
The next video gives good instruction on exercises to strengthen the Hips.

Here are some awesome video's fromTrigger Point Performance
Note; most of these excercises can done with a dogs rubber ball [ no need for expensive equipment
Release your strength using the TP Massage ball to free the piriformis muscle. This small synergist is an external hip rotator and abductor that when overworked can develop trigger points, leading to altered biomechanics and loss of performance. Injuries associated with the piriformis muscle include: piriformis syndrome, sciatica, hamstring dysfunction, and gluteal and low back pain. After addressing the piriformis, we will then lengthen and strengthen with knee hugs and GRID bridge marches to take advantage of the new range of motion while strengthening the hips and core.

CHECK OUTTrigger Point Performance HERE