Monday 26 November 2012

Thursday 22 November 2012

Torchlit Tip 5K Results

Pos        No        Name                Time

1        23        Rob Mcgrath            18:28
2        12        Steve Mclean            18:35
3        14        Rick Bowker            19:08
4        27        Neil Adshead            19:40
5        35        Keith Lunt            19:41
6        1        Paul Cain            19:42
7        10        Trace Peters            19:50
8        41        Andrew Hudson        19:51
9        43        Christian Osbaldeston        19:51
10        30        Max Rothwell            20:18
11        NK        Not know            20:28
12        28        Matthew Nelson        20:30
13        40        Brian Waring            20:38       
14        2        Neil Silcock            20:45
15        21        Simon Tobin            20:48
16        9        Marc Taylor            20:53
17        20        Matthew Tobin        21:10
18        36        Brian Gow            21:23
19        22        Ed Sherstone            22:33
20        3        Karolina Wresilo        22:34
21        6        Carol James            23:18
22        29        Vicky Harvey            23:27
23        8        Geoff Caton            23:30
24        34        Phil Foster            23:39
25        7        Jenny Caton            23:44
26        33        Steve Winslow        25:00
27        31        Tony Bond            25:00
28        18        Christine Cutner        25:44
29        25        Mary O'Brien            26:00
30        15        Susan Lally            26:05
31        16        Dan Wilkinson        26:06
32        42        Donna Spencer        26:33
33        5        Sue Stewart            26:58
34        37        Jane Nelson            27:10
35        11        Jessica Peters            27:24
36        32        Steve Flannigan        27:25
37        19        Jane Blacklin            27:58
38        4        Shelia Marshall        28:32
39        26        Jan Singleton            29:06
40        38        Gill Gillison            31:02
41        39        Sue Adams            31:03

Friday 16 November 2012

Tess's Good Run!

Photo the record breaking £8000 sheep dog who looks  very much like Tess
Tess dragged me out of the house soon after I arrived home from my night shift!
To meet the first light of dawn and be riding the sand dunes trails was pretty neat, but to see Tess's smile was infectious and I could only smile back :0]
Now tess is aproaching 70 in dog years I've cut her mileage back, just like when Ron Hill retired from running half marathons at 70!
But today Tess must have been feeling pretty good for she took the lead from early on and I chased hard at her heels to keep up!
It was only a 45 min run over the Velvet trail, BUT it sure felt f**king good  :0]

Wednesday 14 November 2012



Report  by Nic
Wednesday 21st November will be the first of the Torchlit Tip 5k
an enlightening take on the 5k summer route round the reclamed
land by Dobbies on Benthams Way.

Last season saw participants of all abilities brave the elements (and
in some cases extremely trying conditions) to don their head torches
and steam off into the night.

This year we have a new and improved light rig at the start/finish
line, courtesy of Andrew, (he’s been waiting for an excuse to crack
out the generator he bought in the B&Q sale for a while now!) and we
have the usual mystery spot prizes.

As always it’s free to enter and a 7pm start with the race going ahead
come rain, shine or nuclear attack!

So whether you’ve taken part before, coming down for the first time or
wanting to help out with marshalling the course all are welcome and
head torches will be available to borrow if unlike Rick you don’t have
a 1000kw high powered beam!

Many thanks to Rick for organising the summer series and hope that
everyone is feeling recharged and ready for an illuminating race!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

My Running Experience Shattered Within A moment!

Me and tess were out early this morning running over the tops of the sand dunes, at a pace I felt was quite respectable, when all of a sudden Tess let out a startled yelp !
I looked behind and saw a guy closing in on us FAST!
I moved over to the side of the path and he shot through like an express freight train on a mission!
Man I was shocked by his speed!
It's not often I get overtaken while out running, but jeez this guy was friggin MOVING!
He quickly disappeared  into the distance,leaving my own perception of my speed shattered!
I few minutes latter Tess and me spotted him again, he was doing hill sprints up a very big sand dune!
We stopped and talked, it seems his name is Tony Allcock and he use to run for the RAF with some success.
I tried to get him to join my running club but he said he didn't race anymore and was happy just to do his own thing.
We said a cheery farewell and continued on my way.
I don't think I will forget the speed with which he passed me for the rest of my running life!
Jeez he was f**king moving :0] 

Saturday 10 November 2012

Lets Get High!

Amazing video!
Check out the downhill!!!

Heres a great video to show you how to run faster on a hilly course, I was doing this workout back in 2003 with really good results!

Monday 5 November 2012

Sunday 4 November 2012

Through The Villages Hill Race 5 Years On!

I traveled down with Simon and Rob on a beautifully crisp and clear November morning.
It has to be said we were a bit lazy with our warm up and i think I paid the price by going into oxygen debt soon after the start!
The race starts at the bottom of quite a steep one mile climb and it took me a while to get my second wind and into a good rhythm.
The first mile went by in 6.58.
There are five hills to be climbed and some really fast downhills in between, GREAT FUN :0]
I was in a good group of runners most the way round the course and before I knew it we were into the last mile, all downhill!
I turned m,y legs over as fast as possible and finished just over 2 mins slower than 5 years ago but amazingly  finishing in the same position of 19th.
5 years ago I was running in a purple patch of good form,, in contrast at the moment I've been taking it fairly easy since the end of my summer race season.
Hopefully when I increase my mileage next year my form will once again improve.
8.5 miles average pace 6.14 per mile.
Simon put in a good performance  and Rob ran his longest ever race!
Also running in the event were Vicky and Andy as well as Christine testing out her repaired broken foot!

The Torchlight 5K returns on Wed 21st of November at 7pm
More details here soon!