Sunday 4 November 2012

Through The Villages Hill Race 5 Years On!

I traveled down with Simon and Rob on a beautifully crisp and clear November morning.
It has to be said we were a bit lazy with our warm up and i think I paid the price by going into oxygen debt soon after the start!
The race starts at the bottom of quite a steep one mile climb and it took me a while to get my second wind and into a good rhythm.
The first mile went by in 6.58.
There are five hills to be climbed and some really fast downhills in between, GREAT FUN :0]
I was in a good group of runners most the way round the course and before I knew it we were into the last mile, all downhill!
I turned m,y legs over as fast as possible and finished just over 2 mins slower than 5 years ago but amazingly  finishing in the same position of 19th.
5 years ago I was running in a purple patch of good form,, in contrast at the moment I've been taking it fairly easy since the end of my summer race season.
Hopefully when I increase my mileage next year my form will once again improve.
8.5 miles average pace 6.14 per mile.
Simon put in a good performance  and Rob ran his longest ever race!
Also running in the event were Vicky and Andy as well as Christine testing out her repaired broken foot!

The Torchlight 5K returns on Wed 21st of November at 7pm
More details here soon!


Grellan said...

6:14 is a smashing pace for someone who is taking it easy. Great result Rick.

Ewen said...

That's still a damn good run Rick. Does sound like a fun course. I've been hitting the downhills lately after listening to Scott - I think there's extra value in that for us Veteran runners.


Thanks Grellan.
Hi Ewen I'll have to check Scotts latest video!


P.s. downhill efforts can improve the legs resistance to impact and also improve leg speed! Just don't overdo it!