Saturday 31 December 2011

2012 The Great Awakening !

My Father died when I was just 4 years old!
Since that time I've been searching to understand what life and death was about!
But even more so, my search is about- is there life after death ?
When I was 12 I had a an 'out of body' experience!
Yet only in the last 12 months have I really starting to understand our true journey-destiny in this life and beyond!
Please watch the following videos to raise your consciousness!

Are YOU going to LIVE in LOVE or FEAR in 2012?
The choice is yours !
Quote David Icke
It's Time To Wake Up - We Are All One

Southport Rubbish Torchlight 5K, The Illuminated Runners And The Stone Circle!


Conditions at the starting point of the race, up at the top of the stone circle were extreme to say the least!
Freezing Gale force winds made it feel like we were at the top of a high mountain pass.
Nic, Andy hudson's daughter [who kindly took the results] made it clear that If we continued with the planned 10K event my life might not be worth living and I might walk with a limp for the rest of my life:0[
In the interests of all helpers and marshals the event was cut to just a 5K.
Hopefully next summer we can try for a 10K event if better conditions allow :0]
Steve Mclean won the mens race by storming away at the start, demoralizing his rivals from the gun!
Trace Peters fresh from her 10K P.B. the day before did a similar job to win the ladies event!
Thanks to Andy Hudson and everyone who helped and took part and Nic for not breaking my leg!
Look out for Andy Hudson's Torchlite 5K in January 2012

1. Steve McLean 19:34
2. Neil Adshead 20:19
3. Mark Ashby 20:39
4. Keith Lunt 20:40
5. Andrew Hudson 20:47
6. Matthew Nelson 21:24
7. Paul Talbot 21:27
8. Tracey Peters 21:29
9. Paul Ashby 21:38
10. Simon Caton 22:20
11. Rob Cosgrove 23:31
12. Paul Stennett 24:00
13. Dan Wlkinson 24:46
14. Peter Brook 25:21
15. Vicki Harvey 25:24
16. Rachel Thomas 25:51
17. Chris Cutner 26:07
18. Ella Johnson 26:40
19. Carol Wright 26:40
20. Helen Rigg 27:04
21. Sue Stewart 27:30
22. Elaine Stewart 28:10
23. Gill Gillison 29:23

Thursday 29 December 2011

Monday 26 December 2011

Southport 10K 28th Dec


Take part in the first ever Torchlight Rubbish 10k
starts at 7pm
It's going to be a whole lot of fun!
Burn that Turkey fat away, get active, get alive!
Don't miss out.
it's going to be MASSIVE!
Course 2 x rubbish 5K route
The event starts at the stone circle
Highest central point of the park Bentham's way, new woodlands park.

Friday 23 December 2011

Is Your Body Fit To Run?

Phil Wharton's recommended self-tests can determine if your body is holding you back!

Sunday 18 December 2011

All I Can! Extreme Snow planking!

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Don't park on this guys training route!

This video proves that you have the amazing ability to achieve the seemingly impossible if you just do your best.

Thursday 15 December 2011

Running Faster Under The Influence

Walking back in the rain at 3.30AM in the morning from town after Tracey's 30th birthday bash I started to feel very cold!
So I started to run the last mile home, my form didn't feel very good,but then I had an idea!
Many musicians, artists and great thinkers have produced their but ideas-work under the influence of drugs or alcohol[not that I'm suggesting you follow suite] I'd been watching this video earlier in the day and it dawned on me that I was landing to far in front of my center of gravity .

I started to concentrate on landing closer and closer to my COG by activating my gluts using the CUE of imagining that I was landing behind my body, my speed picked up faster and faster.
I was flying!
It really works!
Try it!
To slow down simply start landing more in front of your COG and feel the braking forces!
More Running Form Tips
Run Tall
Keep chest and hips pushed slightly forward.
Keep feet pointing straight ahead.

Lydiard Training
I have now completed 10 weeks of base training.
Things have not gone as well as expected due to what I believe is Adrenal burnout, most probably brought about by a poor diet inc few if any vegetables, too much alcohol as well as a lot of stress due to my divorce!
I'll be working with Gary Mollar to rectify my nutrition in the coming weeks [see post below]
Hopefully i can return from the dead to start 2012 in better shape!
I've decided to return to Marius Bakken's training plan for London 2012, with the aim of sub 2.45.
No matter how far this dream seems at the moment with good health I truly believe I can trounce that time good and proper!

Saturday 10 December 2011

I Like The Way You Move!

Runner Dudes!

Here are a couple of links to improve your all round strength and save your back!
Highly recommended and used by me !!!
Exercises for your back and to overcome and prevent sciatica [thanks Dr Hoffman for link];

Strength Training For Runners Great Article-Check this out amazing results;

Monday 5 December 2011

My Running Burnout And A Possible Cure!

On a run on Saturday I sprinted all out up a very steep sandhill and reached an amazingly low 127 BPM!
Back when I was 29 I could hit a max of 185 BPM, but over the last few years I've seen a rapid decline!
Something clicked in my mind after reading a couple of articles on how runners overcame BURNOUT by including sea salt in there diet.
When I first started cycle racing many years ago I cut right back on salt thinking it was the healthy way to go but there seems to be a lot of NEW evidence that shows we athletes NEED natural salt!
I asked Gary Moller health specialist and brother of famous sister Lorraine Moller [Marathon running champion] for his advice;

Thursday 1 December 2011

Torchlit Tip 5K Results And Report

Ben & Tracy shine bright at Torchlit Tip 5k

By Andy Hudson
“That’s right officer, for fun!”
Likeminded men, women and children charge around the Benthams Way reclaimed waste land, on a dark winters night for half an hour or so, dressed in multicoloured Lycra with torches strapped to their heads, chasing glowing route markers to conclude with a prize giving ritual held around the central reserve.
Slightly windy though favourable conditions saw 35 runners and 10 marshalls descend on the tip on a clear, pitch black night, ideal for misleading stray planes heading for John Lennon Airport!
Rick’s “million candle” hand held device may not have been strictly to the Torchlit Tip rulebook (Paragraph 6, subsection 11, point 32.....) though would certainly shame the average UFO into retreat!
Ben set the pace from the sound of the hooter with a trail of bobbling beams keeping his back warm.
The chasing bunch dazzled their way round the twists and undulations of what appears to have become a well liked and testing course.
In many situations, not knowing who is behind you may not be ideal! But this unfamiliar phenomenon casts an exciting, interesting twist in the evening’s activities and all does not become clear until the results are announced.
The lucky prize winners, determined by the throw of a dice, were Neil Adshed and Rachel Thomas, whilst Sue Stewart took the random spot prize.
No fallers, arrests, bulb failures or lost children always bodes well for a successful event and the smiley lit up faces suggest all participants enjoyed the night.
Thanks go to all those who gave up their time to Marshall and officiate, Nicola, Vicki, Neil, Geoff, Simon, Steve, the two Brian’s and any other faces unrecognizable in the dark.
Keep up to speed on Ricks Blog for details of the next event “The even more spectacular Torchlit Tip 5k.” Don’t miss it!

RicksRunning writes;
NEW EVENT! 7 PM 28th Dec
Look out for the Christmas Special, combining the Rubbish 5K and the torchlight 5K!
This will be a 4 lap 10K on the rubbish course!
1. Ben Johnson 17:48
2. Steve Lewis 19:05
3. Steve Mclean 19:34
Neil Adshed 19:47
Howard Nuttall 19:56
Keith Lunt 20:04
Andrew Hudson 20:19
Paul Talbot 20:28
Martin Sutton 20:57
Paul Cain 21:08
Tracy Peters 21:18
Matthew Tobin 22:11
Rob Cosgrove 23:02
Ed Sherstall 23:26
Dan Wilkinson 23:33
Sue Cooper 23:47
Paul Stennett 23:52
Carol James 24:07
Rachel Thomas 25:08
Chris Cutner 25:44
Mary O’brian 26:07
Helen Rigg 26:46
Sue Stewart 26:53
Jane Blacklin 27:07
Donna Spencer 27:21
Jon Singleton 27:34
Shaun Mckiernan 28:01
Ella Johnson 28:05
Niamh Wilgar 28:13
Carol Wright 28:22
Gill Gillison 28:24
Keith Mckiernan 28:52
Sheila Marshall 30:00
Hugo Kearsey 34:11
Pat Kearsey 34:11

Just bought one of the most powerful hand torches going its called the INTIMIDATOR, and for good reason, this baby is ultra 'BRIGHT'!
Ideal for navigating the most gnarly trail in the dark and scaring the shit out of the unsuspecting general public :0]

How To Become The Best Distance Runner In The World?