Saturday 29 June 2013

Amazing interview with Iron Man Mark Allen!

Mark talks about how he used mind over matter to win his 6th and final Iron Man! Some amazing stuff to learn here that we can all use in our next race or training session! Check it out!

Saturday 22 June 2013

Never Give Up!

Had an Amazing run today.
14 miles over the sand dunes in strong winds.
Felt really strong :0]
It did not seem to matter if I was running with the wind or against it!
! just felt f**king STRONG!
Yeah the Beast is back!
last year it took 3 races to get me into good form and the same seems to be happening again!
I was almost in despair after some bad showings but this run has brought my belief in my ability back! 

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Rubbish 5K Results Updated

 Beautiful weather meant there was a MASSIVE turn out at the Rubbish 5K, now into it's 5th year!
Once again in-form Rob took control of the race from early on and beat fast improving Max in the final sprint!
3rd was newcomer Dave McDonough  who pushed me down to 4th!
Trace Peters easily won the women's section with super fast Amanda Crook staying away!
Taking into account runners who failed to finish as well as some who only ran one lap we had almost 50 starters!
Next months event will be on 17th July 7 PM and will include SWAC's grand Prix.
Thanks to everyone who took part hope you enjoyed it!

1, Rob Mcgrath 17.44
2, Max Rothwell 17.53
3, Dave McDonough 18.21
4 Rick Bowker 18.31
5, Steve McLean 18.52
6, Paul Cain 18.58
7, Steve Lewis 19.23
8, Boyd Park 19.24
9, Dr Simon Tobin 19.27
10, Keith Lunt 19.57
11Mark Davies 20.21
12 Mike Taylor 20.43
13 Trace Peters 20.47 1st Lady
14 Liam Riley 20.57
15 Brian Davey 21.10
16 James Brooker 21.12
17 Rob Cosgrove 21.38
18 GarethWilliams 21.51
19 Paul Warrington 22.18
20 Phil Foster 22.41
21 Susanne Lally 22.52
22 Rob Lowther 23.05
23 Ed Sherstone 23.16
24 Dave McDonough Junior 23.30
25 Steve James 23.33 1st V 75
26 David Marsh 23.50
27 Amanda Bradbury 23.55
28 D wilkinson 24.10
29 Chris Cutner 24.57
30  Jess peters 25.46
31 Sue Stewart 25.50
32Paul Carlin 25.56
33 Mike Lavender 26.00
34 Elaine Sutton 26.23
35 Laurie Brough 26.35
37 Jane Blacklin 26.55
38 Vicky Simpson 28.30
39 Jon Singleton 30.18
DNF Sheila Marshall
I may be missing a few Runners, so if I've missed you off the results please leave your name and time in the comments,Cheers Rick

Rubbish 5K Returns Tonight 7PM

I'm offering a £30 prize to the first person to break the 2012 course record of 16.41 
Details and MAP HERE

Saturday 8 June 2013

Return To Pete Magill Training!

I'm really excited to tell you that I'm returning to super Masters coach Pete Magill's training!
I've been wondering around deciding which route to take to regain my top level of fitness and after much pondering and deep thinking I know there is only one way to go!
I followed Pete's advice towards the end of 2009 and managed to run my fastest 1/2 Marathon in 5 years!
Read Here My Fastest 1/2 in 5 years 
I only gave his methods a few months try before moving on to Marius's Marathon plan and now feel I want to give his approach to training a more serious try.
I'll be following this plan for now Training Plan
I heard on Scott Brown's blog that Pete's has a new book out soon on his training principles, so that should be pretty interesting to say the least!