Tuesday 25 December 2012

Chronicles of a snow flake and 20 years of running!

Hi guys! I've now reached 20 years of running and still feel excited about my training and racing! I may write about it in full soon but for now enjoy this video! Seasons Greetings and good vibes all around! Peace Rick :0]

Monday 24 December 2012

The singing Ringing Tree!

Torchlight Christmas 5K Results!

On a night that could turn Santa to question his dedication to delivery duties and Rudolph to fake illness, an impressive 27 illuminated participants and a healthy band of much welcomed helpers converged in the starting area. Not deterred by the conditions, the hardie bunch sped off at 7pm prompt on the sound of a horn. From the off, Ben Johnson clearly meant business, storming around the undulating and twisting two loop route in a blistering 17:27 to significantly improve on his previous night time record, Carol James was first home for the ladies in an impressive 23:35. Much improved lighting on the bridge crossing was greeted with approval and certainly assisted in recovering fallers from the fast flowing brook. There will be a final winter tochlit tip run in mid January 2012 with the date to be announced soon. Will Ben's time remain intact till next winter or is someone out there prepared to make the trip and register a credible challenge. Many thanks to all participants and helpers who have attended to date. Wishing you all a great Xmas and a happy New Year. Andrew Hudson
RESULTS Position Name Time
 1 Ben Johnson 17:29 2 Rob McGrath 18:21 3 Rick Bowker 20:00 4 Martin Sutton 20:03 5 Simon Tobin 20:10 6 Paul Warrington 20:12 7 Paul Talbot 20:36 8 Mark Taylor 20:41 9 Matthew Nelson 20:53 10 Neil Silcock 20:59 11 Andrew Hudson 21:15 12 Brian Gow 21:27 13 Brain Davey 21:43 14 Matthew Tobin 22:20 15 Rob Cosgrove 22:58 16 Carol James 23:25 17 Vicky Harvey 23:39 18 Geoff Caton 23:42 19 Dan Wilkinson 23:52 20 Phil Foster 23:54 21 Ed Sherstone 24:13 22 Keith McKiernan 25:36 23 Christine Cutner 26:09 24 Donna Spencer 26:34 25 Sue Stewart 26:54 26 Steve Flannagan 27:30 27 Jane Blacklin 27:56

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Torchlit 5K returns!

Christmas comes just once a year but fortunately for those absent in November the Torchlit 5k returns on Wednesday December 19th. After a bumper turnout of 44 runners for the November event on a clear still evening, an impressive 50 turnout is the hope particularly if the “promised” elite members make the trip and put pressure on Ben Johnson’s night-time course record of 17.48. In the sad absence of the traditional Christmas handicap, this event sees a final chance for a festive get together for members with the usual array of prizes. Despite the odd faller and wrong turn here and there, the Torchlit 5k has proved a great fun detour from the normal tradition despite some harsh weather conditions. Anybody able to marshall would be greatly appreciated. So don’t miss it! 7pm Wednesday 19th December, usual location.

21/12/12 End Of The World Or a New Beginning?

Saturday 8 December 2012

She Fucking Hates Me :0]

Heard this song in the Fox and Goose on the Christmas Southport Waterloo Athletics night out!
Made me smile as I sang along to the lyrics!
Well I have just been through a divorce!!!  
No Malice Thought :0] Just an awesome song!

Friday 7 December 2012

Percy Curutty Training Re-visited!

For the past two weeks Tess and myself have been following a Percy inspired training program in the local sandhills!
This week :
On Tuesday we did 4 x 5 min loops in the sand dunes with 2 mins rec.
I worked out a route that inc fast running on smooth grass and a couple of challenging sand dunes.
Each lap took about a minute and a half, we just kept going until 5 mins pasted!
Tess kicked my butt!
At 11 years old Tess my Border Collie should be slowing down!
But on the contrary she seems to be getting stronger!
I struggled in the cold, running for almost two hours over the high ridges of the dunes!
Me and Tess hit the Dunes for 20 uphill sprints!
I was knacker but Tess was still :0] at the end!
I've been inspired by Percy Curutty since I read one of his books a couple of years ago.
He was a legendary coach from Australia.
Because I train in the same type of terrain, but more than that he pushed the limits of what was possible!
In a time when you were not meant to step outside  of the imposed box of conformity!
He took training to a new level.
Introducing a program of tempo runs, hills sprints, strides, and weight training, a concept never accepted before! All I can say is both Tess and myself feel invigorated by this more natural form of training!

Saturday 1 December 2012

Are you left brain or right brian dominate?

To demonstrate how your brain works TRY THIS:

Say the COLOUR of the word
left brain right brain thinking
Your right brain tries to say the colour, BUT your left brain insists on reading the word. This shows us once more how our left brain is dominant.

Left Brain Right Brain Functions

left brain vs right brain There is a widespread discussion about the validity of brain lateralization, and research into the subject is ongoing.
But let me tell you what we do know:
Our left brain is the reasonable and logic side. That is where we control time, or try to have an objective overview in a given situation.
The ability to move to a rhythm is often dominated by the left side of the brain, melody is dominatly in the right side.
While we chose the words with the left brain, we chose the tone of voice with our right brain.
We process our emotions with the right side. The right brain keeps us in the present, while the left analyzes the past and plans for the future. The right side talks subjectivly about events and rather feels into a situation.
  Binaural Beats; synchronise your brain  CLICK HERE

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