Thursday 31 January 2008


parbold hill race 2008 entry form

    Parbold Hill RaceThe 38th Parbold Hill Race will be held on Saturday 16th February 2008 at 2:00pm.

The Start/Finish is at Bispham Durning’s Endowed School playing field, Chorley Road, Hilldale, Near Parbold. Map

Parking at Hilldale Village Hall, the Church car park opposite and the Farmer’s Arms.


Limited changing facilities at Durning’s School.

The course is 6.75 miles over tracks, roads and farmer’s fields. Expect mud, and a large amount of climbing. See the course in pictures.

Entry Form


interval training

Rob Mcgrath's new Thursday evening interval session proved to be a big success despite gail force winds battering us !
Rob used Brian, Tracey and myself as guinea pigs to test out his routes for his sessions, ranging from 1/4, 1/2 and a mile circuit, everything went well until Tracey's long hair got blown across her face and she went off course and we had to go back and find her!
So starting next thursday at 6.30 from the sports physiotherapist shop birkdale, make sure you come along .

Monday 28 January 2008

monday club session

I have now completed almost 4 momths of base training, and in the next week i will be moving into the next stage of training which will start to include anaerobic work. i am looking to peak for a marathon in late April. this is the first time i have done any real base training since 2004.
since following Arthur Lydiards ideas i have noticed a good improvement in my running and health.
I now have a great base of aerobic fitness, a great foundation on which with power and speed work i can reach a high peak. watch this space I'm about to fly !
0 x hill sprints, max speed 13.8
15 mile = 2.07

Tue 29th
Easy run for me, hard run for Niz, we ran round the velvet trail in the sandhills, niz is starting to improve fast! = 40 mins

Wed 30th
big sandhills easy-steady = 1.39

Thur 31
interval training, 6 x 1/4 1 x 1 mile 1x1/2 mile
= 1.00


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1/1/04: Dick Quax

New Zealand�s Dick Quax was the Olympic Silver Medallist in the 5,000 meters in 1976, set a world record in the 5,000 meters (13:12.86) in Stockholm in 1977, and was the Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist in the 1,500 meters in 1970. A fierce competitor with personal bests of 3:36.7 for 1,500 meters, 27:41.95 for 10,000 meters and 2:10:47 for the marathon, Dick was remarkably successful across a broad range of distances.

Dick has also had a distinguished coaching career. In the 1980's, he coached Nike�s famed Athletics West Club, and has worked with other noted runners, including as 1992 Olympic Marathon Bronze Medallist Lorraine Moller.

PP: How did you train for the Montreal Olympics and your world record in the 5,000 meters?

DQ: My training over the years followed a similar pattern with 3 phases.

Phase I: For example in 1977 I began a build up period (basic preparation) in early March and for the next 10 weeks ran only aerobically. I ran up to 148 miles a week (238k) with an average weekly mileage of about 120 miles per week (190k).

The following is a very typical week of preparation that I followed all through my career:

Mon AM 17 miles on hilly course in 1 hour 39 min (5min 49sec per mile); PM 5 miles in park in 31 mins (6min 12sec per mile)

Tue AM 10 miles in forest 60 min; PM 9.5 miles on road in 54min 40sec (5min 45sec per mile)

Wed AM 16.2 miles on hilly course 1 hour 32min 43sec (5min 43sec per mile); PM 5.4 miles in park 32 mins

Thu AM 7.5 miles in park 44 mins; PM 7.5 miles in park 43 mins

Fri AM 5.4 miles in park 31 mins; PM 8.6 miles on road 52 mins

Sat AM 5.4 miles in park 33min 40 sec; PM 4k Cross Country Relay (1 of 2 competitions during 10 week build up)

Sun AM 21.5 miles on road 2 hours 5 min 27 sec (5min 50sec per mile)

Total for the week: 123.5 miles (198 km)

Phase II: The next phase of my training was more race specific and included a mixture of aerobic/anaerobic running.

Mon AM 20x200 metres in a average of 29.2 sec with 200 metres recovery in about 50 sec.
PM 7.5 miles on a hilly course

Tue AM 5 mile easy in 30 min; PM 10k steady state in 33 min with last 5k in 14 min 30 sec

Wed AM 6 miles easy on golf course in 36 min; PM 5x800 metres average 2 min 12 sec 800 metres recovery

Thu AM No Run; PM 6x200 metres average 26.2 sec 200 metres recovery in about 60 sec.

Fri AM 4.2 miles easy; PM 20x400 metres average 63 sec 400 metres recovery in about 1 min 45 sec

Sat AM 20 min jog on arrival in Los Angeles from Auckland; PM 35 min jog plus strideouts

Sun 10 miles jog.

Phase III: The next phase of my training was to improve my speed and anaerobic capacity. At the time I was in Boulder, Colorado.

Mon AM 7 miles in 40 mins; PM 6 laps sprinting 50 metres every 100m.

Tue AM 7 miles; PM 2 miles steady state 8min 56sec

Wed AM 7 miles; PM 8 miles in 50 mins

Thu AM 7 miles; PM 4x600m with 600m jog recovery average 1min 30sec

Fri AM 7 miles; PM 3x200m with 200m jog recovery average 25.8sec

Sat AM 7 miles; PM 10x300m with 100m recovery 42 � 43 sec

Sun AM 15.5 miles at 8,500�

PP: If you could relive your running career, what, if anything, would you do differently?

DQ: There is not much that I would do differently on reflection. This applies especially to the training I employed. A system that develops an aerobic base such as the Lydiard system is as relevant today as it was when Peter Snell et al were competing in the 1960s and then John Walker, Rod Dixon and I in the 1970s. The same system has been proven time and time again with runners from around the world, including New Zealand runners as Anne Audain, Lorraine Moller, Nyla Carroll, Toni Hodgkinson etc.

I would pay more attention to recovery procedures such as making massage part of my training regime. I would also make sure to work on my diet to help aid recovery. Had I focused more on recovery I may have been able to increase the volume of training during the build up period.

thon i

PP: What have been the most satisfying aspects of your coaching career?

DQ: Seeing people improve especially those athletes who perhaps had a little less natural ability but were prepared to work hard to achieve results. While I was at Athletics West I helped Ed Spinney who had been written off as not having enough talent to reach international class. Ed worked tremendously hard. When all the other runners went out for a 22-mile run, Ed would run the 3 miles to my house where we left from and when we finished would run home again. Eventually he ran 3 minutes 57 sec for a mile, which no one thought he was capable of.

I have always enjoyed the challenge of working with athletes who others had written off. Tom Byers and Mary Decker-Slaney both had a lot of difficulties early in their careers but were fantastically talented and it was very satisfying to be able to get their careers back on track.

Seeing Lorraine Moller come into the Olympic Stadium and take 3rd place in the mara

n Barcelona was also a great thrill.

PP: What advice would you give to talented young middle distance runners?

DQ: Make sure that you are getting good training advice. I have seen too many good runners not reach their true potential simply because the coaching that they were getting was not based ontraining methods aimed at developing an aerobic foundation.

Sunday 27 January 2008

Arthur Lydiards infamous 22 mile waitakere mountains run

On Saturday i ran with rob round parbold and ashurst beacon for a total of 1800 ft of climbing, inc 4 main climbs, the longest of which is ashurst beacon at over 2 miles of uphill.
we ran for 15 miles and over the coming weeks we are planning to build up to 22 miles as in Arthur Lydiards infamous waitakere Mountains [ see graph above ] run.which included 1650 ft of ascent.
at the moment rob and me are fairly equal in fitness but almost 20 years ago rob ran 1.19 in his first ever 1/2 marathon, what is remarkable is that rob did this on only ten weeks of training, an impressive start and it shows that he has a lot of natural talent. he went on to run 1.15 a few years latter on very little mileage.
Now on the come back trail it will be interesting to see if rob can get close to that 1.15 1/2 marathon time.
after our 15 mile run we took sarah and niz on a run along the canal bank then up the fearsome quarry climb [ as used in the Ashurst Beacon Fell race ] coming out at the top of parbold, we then decended back down to parbold village. Sarah is in training for the up coming parbold hill race on the 16th feb, so this run should have done her the world of good !

sun 27 easy long run with brian 1..55 total for the week = 9.21

Saturday 26 January 2008

Awesome 15 mile, 1833 ft of climbing, training run with rob

Summary Data click on to enlarge graph
Total Time (h:m:s) 1:53:15 7:29 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s) 1:53:11 7:28 pace
Distance (mi ) 15.13
Moving Speed (mph) 8.0 avg. 13.5 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +1,833 / -1,833

Temperature (°F) 49.3°F avg. 50°F high
Wind Speed ( mph) SW 24.3 avg. SW 28.8 max.

GPS Signal Quality Excellent MB Gravity Web Service

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Friday 25 January 2008

CORE TRAINING is great for your heart and lungs and legs, but it leaves many muscles weak which can cause muscle imbalances and lead to injury.
core training is the answer to all round fitness and balance within your body.
it need not take hours to do, 10- 15 minutes is all you need. go to your local library or check out core training for runners on google search.
one good example to help you is using a wobble board to strengthen you ankles knees and hips,.
a common problem with modern running shoes is that they protect your feet so much that the muscles in your feet get weak leading to many different injuries , a simple exercise is to put a pair of socks infront of you, then in bear feet using your toes pull the socks under your arches. another exercise is to walk using your toes to pull you along, this will strengthen and make your feet more flexible.

six minutes to a six pack, CORE TRAINING

Thursday 24 January 2008

ever wondered what it was like running and racing in china check out BACK BY 7 ; recommended reading by THE LIZARD

...scenic but tough course.... ==> CC Half Marathon

The organizers did not hide behind "soft wording" in describing the course of the China Coast Half Marathon/Marathon, a great AIMS certified race that has 25 years of history.
The course run on the hills around the high island recervoir in Sai Kung and basically you run with the sea always on one side and the recervoir at the other. In front of you, an endless succession of hills....
I joined the Half Marathon, because I was very curious to see this famous course, since I have never been there even for a hike or a stroll.
For those interested, a more detailed MAP is on
3 races in 20 days, so I was not sure what to expect in terms of performance.
The starting list of the Half Marathon was quite good, with 5 out of the 10 top finishers of HK Half Marathon Championship of 2 weeks ago, therefore earning a good position at the end was far from granted.
Here we go with the first long climb, a good uphill of over 1km...
After 2-3km I felt that was going to be a good day: the legs were incredibly fresh and the HR was barely around 170bpm, more like a marathon effort. I felt the same sensation of power and freshness as 3 weeks ago in the 30k race.
In the HM of 2 weeks ago, I started already half beaten up and tired, all the race was a struggle.
Said so, I can say that I had my race under control: the first runner was for sure too superior to my level for targeting the 1st place, but I did not want to miss at least the 2nd place.
After 5/7km quite easy, I increased the effort to reach at least 175bpm, so I did leave behind some runners.
At the 10k mark, I was still very easy and HR still around 175, so it was time to increase again the effort, push on a long hill around the 13km and drop all the remaining runners to gain the 2nd position. From that on, I went full throttle with HR at 180 and open a good gap.
The first was not very far but his 10k time is 1 minute less than myself, so I do not think that I had a chance for the victory anyway. He is a better runner, that's all.
Close in 2nd Overall in 1h16'14", that is really an outstanding time due to the severity of the course.
18'42" = 3'44" pace (avg HR 170
17'49" = 3'33" pace (avg HR 176)
18'30" = 3'42" pace (avg HR 176)
21'12" (6,1k) = 3'28" pace (avg HR 180)

Average HR during the whole race was 175bpm.
2 weeks ago, in the last HM, I hit a 181bpm in average, so the difference in freshness and recovery shows up also in the HR data.
Overall very good feeling during all race.
Incredibly, the ache at the knee cap disappeared during and after the race (even now 24 hours later), so it was one of those strange cases (that I met sometimes in my running life), where a strong effort on an aching area, solves the issue, rather than weeks of icing and Voltaren ...

the experience of 3 races in so short time is therefore completed and I feel incredibly good. Probably the pain in the calves and knee in the past weeks helped me to limit the effort in training and save the good energy for the race days. Now a period of rest, to prepare for the final of the season. But we will discuss this plan next time.

leg speed
ARTHUR LYDIARD'S leg speed session
MAX15MPH then easy run home.
Arthur lydiard recommends doing this session year round, since started this session i have noticed a good improvement in my leg speed, not only through the length of the race but also at the end, like in last weeks 4 villages 1/2 marathon a guy came passed me with a 100m to go,so i kicked hard and left him in my dust or should i say mud as the finish was on very wet grass.
in the past i would have been last in a group finishing sprint, not anymore thanks to mr Lydiard.
note, check out my article on leg speed dated thur 29th nov for more details on this leg speed session. =1. 06

wed 23rd
steady run over the big sandhills, putting in some effort up each sand dune, legs were flagging by the end, still not fully recovered from the weekend 1/2 marathon. = 1.36

ran with niz on STORMING NORMAN'S club session, niz is building up for the easter 4 mile races.
=42 mins

Tuesday 22 January 2008


Track & Field
Sports Hall Athletics
Southport Waterloo AC
Thanks go out to RON SCOTT club secretary for southport waterloo a/c for giving me a link on there web site, it now means i should receive many more visitors.
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Another recovery day, another rainy night, i headed along the coastal road past the pier in the dark,the street lights run out at this point and i now had only the flicking head lights of passing cars to guide me on my way. out of the darkness a bench or post would appear and i would have to make a sudden change of direction, scary stuff ! i made it round the lake and back to the safety of the street lights. back along the prom onto the old club interval route, onwards to selworthy rd and past famous footballers houses and up the hill, still feeling tired after the 4 villages 1/2 marathon so i head for home. = 1.08

Monday 21 January 2008


there is an awesome wind blowing today which made my recovery run over the sandhills harder than it should have been, but at least i got blown home !
the lower paths in the sand dunes were flooded today which is a rare sight, but it just goes to show how much rain we have had in the last week !
felt a little disappointed with my time at the 4 villages 1/2 marathon yesterday as i was really looking for 1.20, but the course was more hilly than i remembered, with 714 ft of climbing this was only 200 ft short of the ashurst beacon fell race, so all in all i think i did ok.
the race organizers say the route is fast and flat,but you know what race organizers descriptions are like, not unlike an estate agent describing a house, ie every thing in the kitchen is easy to hand ! in other words you could not even swing a cat in the room because its so small. or the house is convenient for the local bus route ! in other words the no 9 bus stops outside the house and every one on the upper deck can see into the bedroom !
i'm still only doing base training until march and 6 weeks of anaerobic conditioning should make a world of difference to my speed ! = 43 mins


photo's from the 4 villages 1 THE LIZARD, 2 ROB the chicken MCGRATH 3 BRIAN

Sunday 20 January 2008

4 villages half marathon results 2008

the rain came to a ceasefire for the duration of the 4 villages half marathon only to return after we had finished racing. i drove down with brian o'reilly and rob mcgrath,its been 4 years since i ran a 1/2 and 7 years since i ran this race. 7 years ago it snowed the night before and we ran the whole race on a soft carpet of white snow,that year i ran ashurst beacon fell race the day before running the 4 villages,i ran 83 mins. This year i was running on fresh but 7 year older legs !
at the end of the preston 10 i got a bad muscle tear in my calf ,so this was my first serious race back.
the saturday before i ran 23 miles with rob mcgrath and he gave me a very hard time for the first 15 miles before he faded. so i knew he might get the better of me here.
conditions were mild but we had a blustery wind to contend with.
i set off at 6.04 pace and ran with a group that was going for 79 mins, i did not feel very comfortable but hoped i would get better as i warmed up. at about 5 miles i started to feel strong and started pushing forward,this lasted to about 7 miles at which point i could feel a slow build up of lactic acid in my muscles.

the route takes you along a gentle roller coaster ride through the quite country roads of Dunham on the hill,Little Barrow,Mouldsworth,Manley and Alvanley.between 8 and 10 miles there is a steady uphill then mostly downhill to the finish, total climbing = 714 ft
it was at about 10.5 miles when gerry came steaming past me, followed shortly after by rob.
i did all i could to hold rob but this guy was really motoring ! both gerry and rob set off at a more conservative pace and i was now paying the price of my faster start.the miles ticked off real fast and all of a sudden i was sprinting in to the finish with the clock showing 81.35.
rob ran his fastest 1/2 as a vet 40 and said he was more than happy.
first time 1/2 marathon runner brian was very pleased to finish in 92 mins a good sign for his london attempt in april.he finished looking
fresh with a massive smile on his face.
News update from Brian
boyd park was very happy with his run, and got a pb.
phil dean felt he ran out of steam at 10 miles, but just tried to dig in for the last 3.
anne wasn't very happy with her time - she hadn't run a half for a long time and hadn't felt up for it today.
by the way, i don't know if sam howard ran today, but she did run the fell race yesterday. results here -

this was an excellent race,very well organized with a interesting route and it was a fantastic build up race for brian,rob and me who all planning marathons this spring.
Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s)1:21:356:12 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s)1:21:356:12 pace
Distance (mi )13.15
Moving Speed (mph)9.7 avg.15.4 max.
Elevation Gain (ft)+714 / -708

GPS Signal QualityExcellentMB Gravity Web Service

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Saturday 19 January 2008


Tomorrow i am running in the 4 villages half marathon
so i just did a steady run over the sandhills for 40 mins. my legs felt nice and free after my visit to the chiropractor, enjoyed the run and had to hold myself back because i was feeling quite fresh !

Friday 18 January 2008

visit to the chiropractor

after increasing sciatic pains down my legs i made a visit to see Dr scott fullwood at the birkdale chiropractic clinic.after scott twisted my upper body one way and my lower limps the other way there were some very loud cracking sounds coming from my spine as he realigned it. the improvement was almost back and legs felt relaxed and the pain almost gone.
i tend to pay scott fullwood a visit once or twice a year before things get really bad.i think of it like getting your car serviced or having a M.O.T.
a friend recommended that i see a chiropractor after the sciatic pains were so bad in my legs that walking was very painful and running impossible. that was ten years ago and after seeing scott twice i was running almost pain free, he has since seen me through 5 marathons and ten years of running. phone southport 569695


RUBBISH 5K series 'Training Runs'



there has been a very good turn out of late. anyone interested can come down. meeting at the SPAR, BY THE AINSDALE TRAIN STATION, Mon nights 6.30 pm. training runs tend to cover 5 -6 miles with hard efforts from 400m up to 800m.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT 6.30pm Birkdale village speed training session .
SUNDAY MORNINGS Ainsdale pinewoods, 8 am and 9 am, 7 and 14 miles with Brian Davey



In his book Jack Nirenstein proves how the greatest minds in running got it terribly wrong when they told us to push off the grounded leg to run faster .

If you really think you can push yourself along with your leg muscles try these two simple tests;
1, stand on one leg, now push as hard as you can with your leg muscles.
2, Stand a foot away from a wall now lean into it, feel gravity pressing you into the wall, now exert maximum leg power, can you feel any extra force against the wall.


One simple technique that can make a world of difference to your running. Learn how to land on the balls of your feet the correct way and turn your feet into powerful springs, AWESOME!

Funny Running


Font size

"Are you ok,
are you coming down with something,
you look
so pale? "
someone always says this to me before the start of a race and i'm thinking oh my god whats wrong with me,am i going to make it through this race !
Alien Lizard

"RELAX !" someone always shouts this to me in the last mile of a race, i think to myself RELAX if i relax i will be horizontal !
Alien Lizard

"Only 200 m to go!" some old guy always shouts this to me near the end of a new race ! i start sprinting only to find that round the next corner there is a sign saying 800m to go ! BASTARD, i am now in chronic oxygen debt with 10 guys on my shoulder!
Alien Lizard

Are you ok, do you need medical attention ? someone always says that to me at the end of the race and i'm thinking oh my god do i really look that bad !
Alien Lizard

"Keep jogging" some spotty faced kid always shouts this to me when I'm running at my best interval pace
and I'm thinking do i really look that slow !

Alien Lizard

"Get your knees up", some scruffy kid always shouts this to me when I'm running down the road, " get my knees up " i think, i'll give you get my knees up ! what do you think you are a bloody coach or something !

Alien Lizard

" Get off and milk it", some scruffy kid always shouts this to me when I'm out riding my bike, I think to myself does my bike look like a cow or are my man boobs that BIG !
Alien Lizard

six minutes to a six pack, CORE TRAINING



CHECK OUT THIS SITE<span class=Hux logo" src="" border="0" width="175" height="127">GREAT MUSIC 2 RUN 2