Sunday, 30 November 2008


In his book Jack Nirenstein proves how the greatest minds in running got it terribly wrong when they told us to push off the grounded leg to run faster .

If you really think you can push yourself along with your leg muscles try these two simple tests;
1, stand on one leg, now push as hard as you can with your leg muscles.
2, Stand a foot away from a wall now lean into it, feel gravity pressing you into the wall, now exert maximum leg power, can you feel any extra force against the wall.

Sun 30th Fartlek Run with Sarah and Jon, sandhill 6 = 1.03
Sat 29th Big Sandhills, running through the mist, this was one of the coldest days for a long time, hard work. = 2.00
Fri 28th core training
Thur 27th Robs session = 50 mins
Wed 26th Steady run big sandhills = 1,25
plus run with Niz = 26.30



Tue 25th Club fartleck session
After getting advise from
Adarian of NLAAF and also reading JUST UNDO IT I was now running without sciatic pains for the first time since I started running 15 years ago !
In a way I feel a bit pissed off that I was given such bad advise in the past, anyway I was absolutely flying along in the club session, reaching a max of 14.6 mph on the last 1/2 mile effort! A few people must have wondered how I had got so quick so suddenly! Well the answer is in the book my friend, I will tell no more, after all I have done months of homework to come up with answers to run faster! So you can do a bit of homework yourself! check out NLAAF and read Jack Nirenstein's book

I increased the length of the run by running down at marathon pace and running home with Rob and Tracey, after leaving Tracey at her house I blasted another 10 mins at marathon pace to take the run out to over 2 hours, a very good day at the office. All that was left to do was a very hard night shift! [8 HOURS OF WEIGHT TRAINING!] am I super duper human or what!!!
Club fartleck session = 2.02


gmc said...

Interesting but 60 divided by 14.6 is 4.11,
that is 4mins 7 secs per mile,
that is 2mins 4 secs for your last interval?


Sorry Greg, I MEANT MAX SPEED REACHED WAS 14.6 MPH AT THE END OF THE INTERVAL, I'd have to be a bit of super star to average 14.6!!

gmc said...

Sure, I figured.

I'm a young(ish) veteran/master and
I've been following your blog for 6 months.
You have some good stuff on running mechnics,but even given that a 2min 4s 800m is WR material.

Good luck with gravity running,
it's always tricky (injury wise)
changing running form.

Anonymous said...

We all need gravity to run. You can't avoid it. You can work against it or with it.
You work against it by pushing.
The issue is how to work with it and let it push you?
Gravity running also doesn't increase exposure to injuries becuase everybody needs gravity to run.

Anonymous said...

Think about this those that are pushing off the ground to run: When running or walking the max height your hips will attain is the same height as when you stand on the tip of your toes. If they go any higher than that then you are bounding, leaping or jumping and not running.
Simply test will prove the above statement.

Anonymous said...

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