Tuesday 25 December 2012

Chronicles of a snow flake and 20 years of running!

Hi guys! I've now reached 20 years of running and still feel excited about my training and racing! I may write about it in full soon but for now enjoy this video! Seasons Greetings and good vibes all around! Peace Rick :0]

Monday 24 December 2012

The singing Ringing Tree!

Torchlight Christmas 5K Results!

On a night that could turn Santa to question his dedication to delivery duties and Rudolph to fake illness, an impressive 27 illuminated participants and a healthy band of much welcomed helpers converged in the starting area. Not deterred by the conditions, the hardie bunch sped off at 7pm prompt on the sound of a horn. From the off, Ben Johnson clearly meant business, storming around the undulating and twisting two loop route in a blistering 17:27 to significantly improve on his previous night time record, Carol James was first home for the ladies in an impressive 23:35. Much improved lighting on the bridge crossing was greeted with approval and certainly assisted in recovering fallers from the fast flowing brook. There will be a final winter tochlit tip run in mid January 2012 with the date to be announced soon. Will Ben's time remain intact till next winter or is someone out there prepared to make the trip and register a credible challenge. Many thanks to all participants and helpers who have attended to date. Wishing you all a great Xmas and a happy New Year. Andrew Hudson
RESULTS Position Name Time
 1 Ben Johnson 17:29 2 Rob McGrath 18:21 3 Rick Bowker 20:00 4 Martin Sutton 20:03 5 Simon Tobin 20:10 6 Paul Warrington 20:12 7 Paul Talbot 20:36 8 Mark Taylor 20:41 9 Matthew Nelson 20:53 10 Neil Silcock 20:59 11 Andrew Hudson 21:15 12 Brian Gow 21:27 13 Brain Davey 21:43 14 Matthew Tobin 22:20 15 Rob Cosgrove 22:58 16 Carol James 23:25 17 Vicky Harvey 23:39 18 Geoff Caton 23:42 19 Dan Wilkinson 23:52 20 Phil Foster 23:54 21 Ed Sherstone 24:13 22 Keith McKiernan 25:36 23 Christine Cutner 26:09 24 Donna Spencer 26:34 25 Sue Stewart 26:54 26 Steve Flannagan 27:30 27 Jane Blacklin 27:56

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Torchlit 5K returns!

Christmas comes just once a year but fortunately for those absent in November the Torchlit 5k returns on Wednesday December 19th. After a bumper turnout of 44 runners for the November event on a clear still evening, an impressive 50 turnout is the hope particularly if the “promised” elite members make the trip and put pressure on Ben Johnson’s night-time course record of 17.48. In the sad absence of the traditional Christmas handicap, this event sees a final chance for a festive get together for members with the usual array of prizes. Despite the odd faller and wrong turn here and there, the Torchlit 5k has proved a great fun detour from the normal tradition despite some harsh weather conditions. Anybody able to marshall would be greatly appreciated. So don’t miss it! 7pm Wednesday 19th December, usual location.

21/12/12 End Of The World Or a New Beginning?

Saturday 8 December 2012

She Fucking Hates Me :0]

Heard this song in the Fox and Goose on the Christmas Southport Waterloo Athletics night out!
Made me smile as I sang along to the lyrics!
Well I have just been through a divorce!!!  
No Malice Thought :0] Just an awesome song!

Friday 7 December 2012

Percy Curutty Training Re-visited!

For the past two weeks Tess and myself have been following a Percy inspired training program in the local sandhills!
This week :
On Tuesday we did 4 x 5 min loops in the sand dunes with 2 mins rec.
I worked out a route that inc fast running on smooth grass and a couple of challenging sand dunes.
Each lap took about a minute and a half, we just kept going until 5 mins pasted!
Tess kicked my butt!
At 11 years old Tess my Border Collie should be slowing down!
But on the contrary she seems to be getting stronger!
I struggled in the cold, running for almost two hours over the high ridges of the dunes!
Me and Tess hit the Dunes for 20 uphill sprints!
I was knacker but Tess was still :0] at the end!
I've been inspired by Percy Curutty since I read one of his books a couple of years ago.
He was a legendary coach from Australia.
Because I train in the same type of terrain, but more than that he pushed the limits of what was possible!
In a time when you were not meant to step outside  of the imposed box of conformity!
He took training to a new level.
Introducing a program of tempo runs, hills sprints, strides, and weight training, a concept never accepted before! All I can say is both Tess and myself feel invigorated by this more natural form of training!

Saturday 1 December 2012

Are you left brain or right brian dominate?

To demonstrate how your brain works TRY THIS:

Say the COLOUR of the word
left brain right brain thinking
Your right brain tries to say the colour, BUT your left brain insists on reading the word. This shows us once more how our left brain is dominant.

Left Brain Right Brain Functions

left brain vs right brain There is a widespread discussion about the validity of brain lateralization, and research into the subject is ongoing.
But let me tell you what we do know:
Our left brain is the reasonable and logic side. That is where we control time, or try to have an objective overview in a given situation.
The ability to move to a rhythm is often dominated by the left side of the brain, melody is dominatly in the right side.
While we chose the words with the left brain, we chose the tone of voice with our right brain.
We process our emotions with the right side. The right brain keeps us in the present, while the left analyzes the past and plans for the future. The right side talks subjectivly about events and rather feels into a situation.
  Binaural Beats; synchronise your brain  CLICK HERE

Keeping The Passion Alive!

Monday 26 November 2012

Thursday 22 November 2012

Torchlit Tip 5K Results

Pos        No        Name                Time

1        23        Rob Mcgrath            18:28
2        12        Steve Mclean            18:35
3        14        Rick Bowker            19:08
4        27        Neil Adshead            19:40
5        35        Keith Lunt            19:41
6        1        Paul Cain            19:42
7        10        Trace Peters            19:50
8        41        Andrew Hudson        19:51
9        43        Christian Osbaldeston        19:51
10        30        Max Rothwell            20:18
11        NK        Not know            20:28
12        28        Matthew Nelson        20:30
13        40        Brian Waring            20:38       
14        2        Neil Silcock            20:45
15        21        Simon Tobin            20:48
16        9        Marc Taylor            20:53
17        20        Matthew Tobin        21:10
18        36        Brian Gow            21:23
19        22        Ed Sherstone            22:33
20        3        Karolina Wresilo        22:34
21        6        Carol James            23:18
22        29        Vicky Harvey            23:27
23        8        Geoff Caton            23:30
24        34        Phil Foster            23:39
25        7        Jenny Caton            23:44
26        33        Steve Winslow        25:00
27        31        Tony Bond            25:00
28        18        Christine Cutner        25:44
29        25        Mary O'Brien            26:00
30        15        Susan Lally            26:05
31        16        Dan Wilkinson        26:06
32        42        Donna Spencer        26:33
33        5        Sue Stewart            26:58
34        37        Jane Nelson            27:10
35        11        Jessica Peters            27:24
36        32        Steve Flannigan        27:25
37        19        Jane Blacklin            27:58
38        4        Shelia Marshall        28:32
39        26        Jan Singleton            29:06
40        38        Gill Gillison            31:02
41        39        Sue Adams            31:03

Friday 16 November 2012

Tess's Good Run!

Photo the record breaking £8000 sheep dog who looks  very much like Tess
Tess dragged me out of the house soon after I arrived home from my night shift!
To meet the first light of dawn and be riding the sand dunes trails was pretty neat, but to see Tess's smile was infectious and I could only smile back :0]
Now tess is aproaching 70 in dog years I've cut her mileage back, just like when Ron Hill retired from running half marathons at 70!
But today Tess must have been feeling pretty good for she took the lead from early on and I chased hard at her heels to keep up!
It was only a 45 min run over the Velvet trail, BUT it sure felt f**king good  :0]

Wednesday 14 November 2012



Report  by Nic
Wednesday 21st November will be the first of the Torchlit Tip 5k
an enlightening take on the 5k summer route round the reclamed
land by Dobbies on Benthams Way.

Last season saw participants of all abilities brave the elements (and
in some cases extremely trying conditions) to don their head torches
and steam off into the night.

This year we have a new and improved light rig at the start/finish
line, courtesy of Andrew, (he’s been waiting for an excuse to crack
out the generator he bought in the B&Q sale for a while now!) and we
have the usual mystery spot prizes.

As always it’s free to enter and a 7pm start with the race going ahead
come rain, shine or nuclear attack!

So whether you’ve taken part before, coming down for the first time or
wanting to help out with marshalling the course all are welcome and
head torches will be available to borrow if unlike Rick you don’t have
a 1000kw high powered beam!

Many thanks to Rick for organising the summer series and hope that
everyone is feeling recharged and ready for an illuminating race!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

My Running Experience Shattered Within A moment!

Me and tess were out early this morning running over the tops of the sand dunes, at a pace I felt was quite respectable, when all of a sudden Tess let out a startled yelp !
I looked behind and saw a guy closing in on us FAST!
I moved over to the side of the path and he shot through like an express freight train on a mission!
Man I was shocked by his speed!
It's not often I get overtaken while out running, but jeez this guy was friggin MOVING!
He quickly disappeared  into the distance,leaving my own perception of my speed shattered!
I few minutes latter Tess and me spotted him again, he was doing hill sprints up a very big sand dune!
We stopped and talked, it seems his name is Tony Allcock and he use to run for the RAF with some success.
I tried to get him to join my running club but he said he didn't race anymore and was happy just to do his own thing.
We said a cheery farewell and continued on my way.
I don't think I will forget the speed with which he passed me for the rest of my running life!
Jeez he was f**king moving :0] 

Saturday 10 November 2012

Lets Get High!

Amazing video!
Check out the downhill!!!

Heres a great video to show you how to run faster on a hilly course, I was doing this workout back in 2003 with really good results! 

Monday 5 November 2012

Sunday 4 November 2012

Through The Villages Hill Race 5 Years On!

I traveled down with Simon and Rob on a beautifully crisp and clear November morning.
It has to be said we were a bit lazy with our warm up and i think I paid the price by going into oxygen debt soon after the start!
The race starts at the bottom of quite a steep one mile climb and it took me a while to get my second wind and into a good rhythm.
The first mile went by in 6.58.
There are five hills to be climbed and some really fast downhills in between, GREAT FUN :0]
I was in a good group of runners most the way round the course and before I knew it we were into the last mile, all downhill!
I turned m,y legs over as fast as possible and finished just over 2 mins slower than 5 years ago but amazingly  finishing in the same position of 19th.
5 years ago I was running in a purple patch of good form,, in contrast at the moment I've been taking it fairly easy since the end of my summer race season.
Hopefully when I increase my mileage next year my form will once again improve.
8.5 miles average pace 6.14 per mile.
Simon put in a good performance  and Rob ran his longest ever race!
Also running in the event were Vicky and Andy as well as Christine testing out her repaired broken foot!

The Torchlight 5K returns on Wed 21st of November at 7pm
More details here soon!

Wednesday 31 October 2012

My Next Race 'Through The Villages'

The 'Through The Villages' is what I consider to be a true classic road race.
It's run over a challenging 8.5 mile hilly course, starting at the bottom of the first of five climbs and ending coming back down  that very first climb at break neck speed!
In 2009 when I started this blog I had what I consider to be one of my best all-time races, despite only finishing 19th in a high class field of runners.
I broke sub 6 min mile average pace, which for me I think was pretty epic :0]
See my report from 2007 

through the villages 8.5 mile race

Rob's Session10 x 1/2 Mile Selworthy Rd hill loop
Wed 24th Oct
This was a bit of a shock to the system, after 6 efforts I had to back off to get a breather on the 7th mile, I think this was more a mental than physical thing as I finished strong.
I'm more interested in ticking over than destroying myself right now, but I soon found myself hanging onto an in form Rob, with the result of some fast half miles!
1, 5.35  average pace mins per mile
2, 5.29 pace
3, 5.25 pace
4, 5.23 pace
5. 5.12 pace
6, 5.19 pace
7, 5.51 pace [steady]
8, 5.25 pace
9, 5.27 pace
10, 5.23 pace

Sunday 21 October 2012

5Th Place At Standish Hall Trail 10K Race!

After two months off racing I .returned!
Paul gave me a lift down and we met
 with Clare before the start for a warm up.
I was quite amazed to find myself in the lead after 200M but soon I was passed by the guy who won the race.
Soon after his two team mates slowly passed me and then I was in fourth place!
Onto the first hill, I was feeling strong!
Over the top and a nice long downhill to the forest.
Ben's mate Charlie overtook me and then I was in fifth!

 Forests, Mud and more hills followed on the second lap.

A very attractive female  marshal asked me if I was OK as I ran into the forest for the second time.
I said really good!
Then looked down at my leg and saw blood poring out of my right knee!
No worries, I've got two pints of blood stored in my refrigerator for a top up! [ Sic Lance Armstrong Joke!].
Must of hit it on a thorn bush or something!

It's a fantastic course, very enjoyable and Paul Carrol and the Wigan phoenix AC have to be thanked for putting on this event for the last 10 years!

I was well happy to finish 5th after limited training.
Paul was 15th and Clare 2nd Lady and leader of the winning club ladies team!WP_000010.jpg 
Standish Hall Trail 10k, Wigan, Lancashire RESULTS

Friday 19 October 2012

Race Report; Ben Wins His first International Half Marathon!

Altitude training as a fulltime athlete and my international debut (well there’s no harm
in having an imagination)
After an action packed summer in London my contract ended in the middle of September.
As I’m no longer in work I guess it makes me a full time athlete . Having been running
quite inconsistently over summer it was good to have the time to get back into a bit of a
routine. With a handful of steady runs each week and the odd bit of fartlek I managed not to
lose all of my fitness..
My only races since the London marathon had been a 1km leg at the end of a relay triathlon
and a club 5k on the road towards the end of summer both had gone OK but nothing
spectacular. After about 10 days of more regular training my first proper race back was at
the northern road relays heading straight back in at the deep end. I usually find I can push
myself pretty hard in the relays as I don’t want to let the team down and I ran again OK but
knew I was making hard work of it.
One of the wettest September weeks on record and the falling temperatures didn’t do
a great deal for my motivation. As the wind howled outside the window and I tried to
contemplate going out for a training run in the torrential rain, my uncle in Austria happened
to call to mention a half marathon just up the road from his house the coming weekend.
It didn’t take me much persuading to book a last minute flight and have a 6 day running
holiday in Austria.
This took me to the “Sparkasse Kaiserwinkl Halbmarathon in Walchsee” which seemed to be
sponsored by just about everyone in town. The weather was near perfect, cool and calm as
we arrived at the start alongside Lake Walchsee, a beautiful lake which sits around 2100
ft above sea level in the Tirol region of Austria; I thought that even if the race didn’t go
too well at least there would be some nice views. The course was 4 laps of the roads,
gravel trails and a short stretch on a grass field surrounding the lake. The race included
a team challenge where 4 runners each ran a lap and the total time was added to decide
the winning team. There was also a 2 lap quarter marathon and a Nordic walking event all
mixed together which made an interesting start. As the few hundred runners blasted off up
the road it was impossible to tell who was in which race.
Spot the Southport vest! Photo 1
After the first mile in 5:35, there were a handful of runners who were well clear and I knew
I wasn’t fit enough to stay with them if they were in the half marathon. I settled into a
comfortable rhythm and as we rounded the corner to end the first lap I realised that all but 2
of the runners in front were only doing one lap. I pushed on past the second placed runner
leaving one man in front who had around a 15second gap. I kept him in my sights round
the second lap as I pulled clear of the 3rd placed runner but as we rounded the second lap
he stopped and helped himself to a drink and a banana. It took a few seconds to realise
that he was only doing the quarter marathon leaving me in first place with 2 laps to go. As
I rounded the third lap a smile of disbelief crept across my face as the DJ announced the
leader as “Johnson Ben aus Gross Britannia!” I held a steady pace behind the lead bike,
dodging my way between lapped runners and Nordic walkers which gave me something
else to think about as I ticked off the miles to finish a couple of minutes clear of 2 nd place.
The interview in German was another new experience and I had to really rattle my slightly
dehydrated brain to get a sentence or 2 of my best German out.
Event website
Garmin stats…
I can think of worse places for a run… photo 2
Although I wasn’t under any illusions that this was a world class field or anything it felt good
to get a win and the area was a great place to train for the rest of my trip. Although my
time was slower than I’d been through halfway at London earlier this year the course didn’t
really lend itself to a fast time. The event was brilliantly setup with a real effort to entertain
the spectators and families which gave a great atmosphere around the start/ finish area. I
picked up some different prizes including 1kg of spaghetti, breakfast cereals, recovery drink
powder, some chocolate, wine, champagne and 50 euros to spend at the power bar shop.
All very useful, however I don’t think it will be enough to stay as a full time athlete for long so
if anyone knows of any job opportunities I’d be very interested!
Since returning home I had a reasonable start to the cross country season feeling strong
throughout the race and a more promising run at the national road relays gave me
hope that I’m back improving again. Some great performances from the whole 6-man Southport
team put us in a respectable 30th position overall.
photo 3 back enjoying my running at the road relays as you can see from my face !?!? 
Thanks for reading! Ben

Thursday 18 October 2012

Lance Armstrong Going Down!

After winning the Tour de France seven times in a row, Lance Armstrong might well have been the greatest sportsman of all time.
Not only had he won the most coveted of all cycling races, he had done so after recovering from advanced testicular cancer.
Lance Armstrong maintains he has never used performance enhancing drugs.
He claims he has never tested positive in hundreds of drug tests.
Many who know him well now say he is lying.
"The doctor started asking Lance a couple of banal questions, and then boom, have you ever used any performance enhancing drugs? Lance, hanging onto his IV, rattled off EPO, testosterone, cortisone, growth hormone and steroids. My eyes popped out of my head."
Next on Four Corners reporter Quentin McDermott talks to people who worked for Armstrong, rode with him and some who raced against him. What they reveal will shock you.

Thursday 11 October 2012

Run Your PB.Com

If your looking for a way to improve your running then I highly recommend you check out well known local runner and coach Rob McGrath's NEW website http://runyourpb.com/

Wednesday 3 October 2012


Man this weather is so crap!
 Its rain after the rain!
 I'm trying to focus on future races right now but my body says rest!
And so I listen and adjust my aims! 
Next year is going to be EPIC!

Friday 28 September 2012

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Running News In Southport! And Summer Time Madness Plus Born to Die!

Brian's Monday night speed session will now meet next to Ainsdale train station every Monday night at 6.30 pm!
Rob Mcgrath finished 1st vet 45 at the Great Langdale Mountain 1/2 marathon!
Scottish Steve Won the Mountain Marathon for the second time in a row!
See my post from last year!
I hope to get Steve to write about his amazing race and win1
Check bacxk here soon!

Monday 24 September 2012

666 whats In A Number?


Are you afraid of the number 666? If you were issued an automobile license plate or a telephone number that included a string of three sixes would you ask for a different number? Do you think the number 666 is inherently evil? Do you believe any number can in and of itself be evil? READ MORE

Saturday 22 September 2012

Sunday 16 September 2012

Saturday 15 September 2012

Running Is Freedom!

Big sandhill Run
I have many feelings and thoughts going through my mind right now!
But once on the open Road-Trail these things evaporated away!
I felt the the fresh breeze and the salt air in my face.
I was one with everything, enjoying the moment!
My adrenaline pushed me on, through the over grown Rain Forest that is meant to be my local sandhills!
Once back on the road for a final two miles I pushed harder and harder!
First marathon pace, progressing faster and faster, ending in 5K pace!
Man that felt so F***king good :0]
Raising me up above all my troubles!
My fastest time for the year :0]
Weight training,core work and trigger point massage.
After a good warm-up i ran 10 mins at tempo effort followed by 20 x 20 sec sprints up short steep hills.
I got down to sub 5 min mile average pace on the last few!
Then followed 6 x 20 sec on the flat, reaching 14.7MPH Max speed.
And to finish off I ran for 10 mins progressively  harder to finish at sub 5k pace.
Felt really good.
With organizing the Rubbish 5K I only had time for core work and a short easy run.
Easy run with Tess over the Velvet trail.
Plus weight training, core work and Trigger point Massage.
Brian's session in the pinewoods, good turnout of runners.
Fast speed work.

Friday 14 September 2012

Southport Beach 10K and updated Rubbish 5K Results

Southport Beach Race Preview
By Guest Reporter Brian Grice 
The revived Southport Beach Race returns on Sunday (September 23rd) starting from the pier at 10am. Last year’s race was won by Ben Johnson (34.45) and Clare Constable (42.39) with Vicki Harvey a good second. The course comprises about 3K on the beach and 7K on the good wide path alongside Marine Drive. With more than 400 runners already entered it looks to be a great event and hopefully last year’s perfect race conditions will be replicated. There are good prizes on offer with sports vouchers to the value of £100, £75 and £50 awarded to the first three men and women. The first 100 finishers receive a gold medal, though probably not real gold.
The old Southport Beach Race was organised by Southport Waterloo AC from 1983 to 1996 with a record turnout of more than 1,200 runners in 1984 over a 10 mile course. Gerry Helme, runner up in the London Marathon, set the course record at a remarkable 50 minutes 27 seconds in 1986. Collette Harkin, now mayoress of Bolton, was a dual winner of the race in the eighties. Kate Harrison recorded a hat trick of wins for Southport Waterloo from 1990-1992, first over the 10 mile course and then over 10K when the distance was changed in 1991.
Two weeks later the Southport Seaside 10K will be held on Sunday October 7th starting and finishing in Princes Park. Entries are going very well with a field in excess of 600 likely again this year

Rubbish 5K Updated results By Brian Grice 

 Hi Rick - I have sent you an improved version of the results with order of finish + actual times alongside each other

Hope you are not still suicidal!! - I think the event was the victim of its own success with another great turnout (44) and the vast majority of runners finishing within a minute of their handicap time - your ingenuity in devising the rubbish run is vindicated

Yes, next year we will get some cones + tape and create a funnel

If you write a report on your blog it might be worth mentioning the above and also:
[1] congratulations to matthew winning the race but will be giving simon a start next year
[2] max rothwell finished exactly to handicap but many others within a few seconds of their handicap
[3] great comeback from broken leg by christine
[4] pb by sheila

Order of Finish Ranked by Time
1 27.13 M Tobin 7.00 1 16.41 T Loveridge
2 27.51 A Gilford 2.30 2 17.38 R McGrath
3 28.02 S Marshall 0.00 3 18.16 H Doran
4 28.10 S Flanagan 0.00 4 18.56 S McLean
5 28.11 T Loveridge 11.30 5 19.04 P Cain
6 28.17 S  Rothwell 0.00 6 19.30 M Rothwell
7 28.31 H Rigg 3.00 7 19.44 B Park
8 28.33 M O'Brien 3.00 8 19.45 S Lewis
9 28.35 S Stewart 2.30 9 19.47 K Lunt
10 28.38 R McGrath 11.00 10 19.52 A Hudson
11 28.48 C James 6.00 11 19.53 M Nelson
12 28.50 P Stennett 6.30 12 19.53 N Adshead
13 28.51 A Delaney 8.30 13 19.54 C Osbaldeston
14 28.52 A Hudson 9.00 14 19.55 T Peters
15 28.53 M Nelson 9.00 15 20.01 S Tobin
16 28.54 C Osbaldeston 9.00 16 20.13 M Tobin
17 28.55 V Harvey 6.30 17 20.21 A Delaney
18 28.58 B Davey 8.30 18 20.28 B Davey
19 29.00 M Rothwell 9.30 19 21.00 P Warrington
20 29.01 S Tobin 9.00 20 22.03 P Baxendale
21 29.02 S James 6.00 21 22.20 P Stennett
22 29.03 P Baxendale 7.00 22 22.25 V Harvey
23 29.04 P Cain 10.00 23 22.32 K Wresillo
24 29.07 D Wilkinson 6.30 24 22.33 R Cosgrove
25 29.09 G Howell 0.00 25 22.37 D Wilkinson
26 29.14 B Park 9.30 26 22.48 C James
27 29.20 D Marsh 5.30 27 23.02 S James
28 29.25 T Peters 9.30 28 23.45 E Sherstone
29 29.26 S McLean 10.30 29 23.50 D Marsh
30 29.27 J Blacklin 2.30 30 25.21 A Gilford
31 29.30 P Warrington 8.30 31 25.31 H Rigg
32 29.32 C Cutner 0.00 32 25.33 M O'Brien
33 29.32 K Wresillo 7.00 33 26.05 S Stewart
34 29.33 R Cosgrove 7.00 34 26.05 A Bradbury
35 29.33 J Singleton 0.00 35 26.09 E Sutton
36 29.35 A Bradbury 3.30 36 26.57 J Blacklin
37 29.39 E Sutton 3.30 37 28.02 S Marshall
38 29.46 H Doran 11.30 38 28.10 S Flanagan
39 29.47 K Lunt 10.00 39 28.17 S  Rothwell
40 29.53 N Adshead 10.00 40 29.09 G Howell
41 30.15 E Sherstone 6.30 41 29.32 C Cutner
43 30.15 S Lewis 10.30 43 29.33 J Singleton
44 33.48 J Wade 3.00 44 30.48 J Wade

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Rubbish 5K handicap Results

Matthew Tobin Wins the Rubbish Handicap!

On a windy but dry night Matthew stormed round to a New P.B. and junior course record for a well deserved second win here!
Toby Loveridge smashed the senior course record with a blisteringly fast 16.30
The Rubbish 5K is not just about fast times but also fun!
Starting with just 14 runners in the first event back in 2009 it has grown and grown, reaching almost 50 runners in one event this summer!
I hope you enjoyed the Rubbish races this year?
Stay tuned for Stevie Lewis's epic head web-cam race video which will be featured here soon!
Big thanks to Brian Grice for results and timing.
Coming soon Andy Hudson's Torchlite 5K winter series, dates will be on here as soon as I get them!
Until next year ' The Rubbish 5k Team ' :0]

Results Below:

Hi Rick - this is the order of finish though some confusion in positions 34 - 38 Brian Grice.
Sorry Brian thanks for your amazing time keeping.
Sorry I let the side down , without a finish line funnel things got out of hand!
As race Director my fault completely!
 Oh well, I'll hang myself tonight :0]!!!
Ados amigos!!!
Order of Finish
1 27.13 M Tobin 7.00
2 27.51 A Gilford 2.30
3 28.02 S Marshall 0.00
4 28.10 S Flanagan 0.00
5 28.11 T Loveridge 11.30
6 28.17 S  Rothwell 0.00
7 28.31 H Rigg 3.00
8 28.33 M O'Brien 3.00
9 28.35 S Stewart 2.30
10 28.38 R McGrath 11.00
11 28.48 C James 6.00
12 28.50 P Stennett 6.30
13 28.51 A Delaney 8.30
14 28.52 A Hudson 9.00
15 28.53 M Nelson 9.00
16 28.54 C Osbaldeston 9.00
17 28.55 V Harvey 6.30
18 28.58 B Davey 8.30
19 29.00 M Rothwell 9.30
20 29.01 S Tobin 9.00
21 29.02 S James 6.00
22 29.03 P Baxendale 7.00
23 29.04 P Cain 10.00
24 29.07 D Wilkinson 6.30
25 29.09 G Howell 0.00
26 29.14 B Park 9.30
27 29.20 D Marsh 5.30
28 29.25 T Peters 9.30
29 29.26 S McLean 10.30
30 29.27 J Blacklin 2.30
31 29.30 P Warrington 8.30
32 29.32 C Cutner 0.00
33 29.32 K Wresillo 7.00
34 29.33 R Cosgrove 7.00
35 29.33 J Singleton 0.00
36 29.35 A Bradbury 3.30
37 29.39 E Sutton 3.30
38 29.46 H Doran 11.30
39 29.47 K Lunt 10.00
40 29.53 N Adshead 10.00
41 30.15 E Sherstone 6.30
43 30.15 S Lewis 10.30
44 33.48 J Wade 3.00