Sunday 21 October 2012

5Th Place At Standish Hall Trail 10K Race!

After two months off racing I .returned!
Paul gave me a lift down and we met
 with Clare before the start for a warm up.
I was quite amazed to find myself in the lead after 200M but soon I was passed by the guy who won the race.
Soon after his two team mates slowly passed me and then I was in fourth place!
Onto the first hill, I was feeling strong!
Over the top and a nice long downhill to the forest.
Ben's mate Charlie overtook me and then I was in fifth!

 Forests, Mud and more hills followed on the second lap.

A very attractive female  marshal asked me if I was OK as I ran into the forest for the second time.
I said really good!
Then looked down at my leg and saw blood poring out of my right knee!
No worries, I've got two pints of blood stored in my refrigerator for a top up! [ Sic Lance Armstrong Joke!].
Must of hit it on a thorn bush or something!

It's a fantastic course, very enjoyable and Paul Carrol and the Wigan phoenix AC have to be thanked for putting on this event for the last 10 years!

I was well happy to finish 5th after limited training.
Paul was 15th and Clare 2nd Lady and leader of the winning club ladies team!WP_000010.jpg 
Standish Hall Trail 10k, Wigan, Lancashire RESULTS


Anonymous said...

congrats rick, great comeback race

Ewen said...

Great race Rick. I'd be getting 5th places if our races had attractive female mashalls ;-) And I'd be winning them if I was a low-life doped up drug cheat like Lance. Can't wait until that insurance company sues him for $5 mil.


Thanks guys:0]