Saturday 26 May 2012

Heat and Hills Take There Toll!

My first training run of the year over the Parbold hills coincided with the hottest day of the year!
I felt OK over the first 2 climbs but I exploded on the 3 rd climb!
Lack of fitness and the heat meant my final ascent up Hunters Hill was at a snails pace, once over the top I was able to coast down to Parbold village for a well earned Ice Cream and cold drink :0]
man that felt like a 3 hour run yet it was only 1 hour 36 mins !!!
i hope to get this up to a 17 mile 2500 ft of climbing run by the end of June.
Wednesdays Harrock Hill race went worse than planned, my  legs blew on the second long climb!
I faded back to finish well down, unlike last year when I finished 13th and was flying.
At least my weight seems to be dropping back down closer to racing weight.
talking to Steve McLean after the race he recommended doing some hill sprints to build back the power I've lost after my 2 month injury.
On Thursday I followed his advice and did 10 x 20 sec sprints up and over some short steep hills on the Rubbish 5K course.
The idea is to build up 20 efforts!
Never Give Up Hope, You Never Know Whats Round The Corner :0]

Critical Mass Radio

Tuesday 22 May 2012

How You Can Live A Happier And More Fulfilling Life!

 If there is a shortcut to happiness, this is it!
Check out this free course its really cool!

My Favorite Race Of All time! The Harrock Hill Race Series starts On 23Rd May!

Yes the Harrock Hill Race Series has to be my favorite event of all time!
Harrock Hill Rankings
The first event took place 12 years ago and Mark Ashby, Andy Hudson and myself were on the start line with about 35 other keen  runners [ nowadays the race attracts hundreds of runners].
Ever since then I've only missed a few races due to illness or injury.
The race series is my highlight of the summer and I've managed to get into the top 10 on quite a few occasions.
I really enjoy the challenging course which includes some very steep hills, fast descents and some amazing veiws over the Parbold countryside AWESOME :0]
The first video shows the fast downhill section which comes after climbing away from the start for a mile up the Quarry path.

After a second climb up Parbold Hill and on up the escalator one comes out onto the top road before turning left onto a private Rd

A short climb takes us on to the rustic ruins of the Harrock Hill windmill
 The final video shows the picturesque views after passing the old mill.Just a final drop down to the finish awaits! EPIC :0]

Saturday 19 May 2012

The Art Of Illusion!

This is just Amazing!
Incredible works of Art! 
There are NO LIMITS! 
Just be a free spirit!

Thursday 17 May 2012

Rubbish 5K Photos Now Online!

Rubbish 5k Photos- May 2012 Click Here

Record Number Of Runners At Rubbish 5K

Yes there was a record number of runners [47] enjoying the late spring sunshine :0]
First male back with Harry Doran with a  very speedy 16.53 just 8 sec off Ben Johnson's record set last year!
Trace Peters was first female with 19.43 a new P.B..
It was great to see so many of you racing and enjoying the night :0]
We have not once in almost 4 years had rain or Bad weather, maybe it's because this event is about freedom and enjoyment and so I guess we sent out some pretty good vibes to mother nature!
Without Brian Grice to record the results things went a bit chaotic!
Please check back here in the next couple of days for results and link to some awesome photos of the night thanks to Eddie and Steve Lewis!
Cheeers Rick


1 Harry Doran 16.53
2 Steve Lewis 18.08
3 Rick Bowker 18.45
4 Steve Mclean 19.14
5 Keith Lunt  19.23
6 Boyd Park 19.27
Andy Hudson 19.36
8 Trace Peters 19.43 First lady
9 Simon Tobin 19.59
10 Neil Silcock 20.34
11 Paul warrington 20.41
12 Brian Davey 20.54 
13 Sue Cooper 21.34 Second Lady

14 Christopher Billington 21.51
15 Christian Osbaldeston 21.53
16 Mathew Tobin 21.54 
17 Phil Baxendale 22.01
18 Rob Cosgrove 22.16
19 Jenny caton 22.26 3rd Lady

20 Steve James 22.27
21 Vicky Harvey 22.30
22 Paul Stennett 22.37 
23 Geoff Caton 22.38 
24 Shaun McKiernan 23.07
25  David Marsh 23.27
26 D Wilkinson 23.32?
27 Carole James 23.49?
28 Chris Cutner 24.19
29 Peter Lewis 24.50
30 Mary O'Brien 25.10
31 Amanda Bradbury 25.36
32 Helen Rigg 25.45
33 Sue Stewart 26.03
34 Annie McCaffroy 26.05
35  Vick Hetedith 26.12
36 Jane Blacklin 26.42
37 Donna Spencer 26.51
38  Dave Aspinall 27.01
39 Mike Lavender 27.38
40 Jon Singleton 28.26
41 Gill Gillson 28.36
42 Charlie Warrington 29.01
43 Sheila Marshall 29.12
 44 Nick Derie 29.29
45 Keith McKiernan 32.32
Paul Cain [Set off late] 19.25
Sorry I'm missing the following runners times
 Elaine Sutton, , If you recorded your time please email them to my at and I will include you in the results.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Rubbish 5K returns 16th May 7pm

Now into its 4th year!
Don't miss out on this awesome Free Event!
Money back guarantee if your not completely satisfied! 
Exciting 2 lap trail course.
The most FUN you can have with your clothes on!
Take part or please help out!

The event starts at the stone circle
Highest central point of the park Bentham's way, new woodlands park. SOUTHPORT

Thursday 10 May 2012

3 Peaks Mountain Race 2012 Film

Said to be one of the hardest fell races in the country.
Congrats to both Doc Simon and Rob Johnson who completed the race this year!

Wednesday 9 May 2012

15 x 400m Session! Running With The Red Dragon!



 In truth we were running just under 400m
I'm starting to see slow progress in the right direction.
On a mild rainy night a good group of us set off from the Dunes Leisure Center.
Including in the group was super FAST Harry [46 sec 400m runner]!
The aim of the night was 15 X about 400m on the road!
On the early efforts I remembered what my Marathon coach had told me a couple of years ago!
Start off slower and build up your speed through the session.
well by the half way mark I was starting to feel strong and finishing higher up the group.
hitting a best average speed of 5.07!
But my lack of fitness started to show towards the end as I slow a bit!
Oh and the SPIRA shoes performed beautifully :0]

Asta La Vista baby :0]

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Best Running Shoes In The World!

Road Test Spira Stinger XLT

I raved about the Stinger Competition back in March 2009.



The Spira Competition 2009 shoes were incredibly light yet gave amazing cushioning and energy return!
Only problem was there durability, The tread soon wore down and the shoes made a strange SPLATTING sound on each foot contact with the ground, Imagine the sound of running in wet shoes!
Thankfully all these issues have been addressed with the new Stinger.
Unlike conventional foam shoes the springs in the Spira never break down [ my 4 year old Spira competitions still absorb shock well despite the completely trashed tread!]
Conventional foam shoes break down after only 200 miles and then you are left with a dead shoe that fails to absorb shock loads efficiently, Spira's coil springs are said to be good for 1000 miles!
Wearing the Spira Stingers you will find you recover faster after hard road sessions and races.
Your body will ache less.
Your feel more springy and efficient.
I would recommend these shoes for all road races from 5K - Ultra races .
They are fantastic for all road training!
And for Masters runners like myself they have to be the BEST ROAD SHOES IN THE WORLD!   
Price is comparable with Nike and far cheaper than Newtons racer.
I had to get my shoes from Ireland as there is no British supplier.
I got fantastic service from Rory at Spira Ireland and he even gave free shipping.

Sunday 6 May 2012

Super Moon In NZ


Saturday 5 May 2012

Long Run with Mandy and a Super Moon tonight!

I arranged to do a long trail run with NEW club member Mandy.
Tess and me took her over some of the toughest trails in the area including parts of the sandhill 6 and into the pinewoods.
I was surprised how well Mandy coped!
Her Dad has run a 2.43 Marathon. so who knows what potential Mandy might have with the correct training ?
By the time we got back to Mandy's house we'd clocked up 15 miles, her longest ever run and my longest run since my injury!
Mandy is training for the Freckleton Half Marathon

Strangly when I got home Eddie text me saying why not enter the half as he was going.
He said be quick only a few places left!
And on a high from running 16 miles I entered, Oh no what have I done!
I'm still overweight by 10 LB, this could be painful!!!

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Pain Is Good! RicksRunning Rant!


Every serious racer needs to know that pain is good!

I'm not talking about injury pain but the pain of hard effort!
I think too many runners nowadays shy away from pain!
They fear it!
they will do almost anything to avoid it!
Back in the days when I was running my fastest short distances, I had a mantra which I reapeated over and over again before a race!

Pain Is Good!

I use to imagine myself like a machine!
And in my mind I'd see a motor cycle rec counter with a RED zone limiter!
And for me that limit was the MAX PAIN I could take!
And I'd try to reach this limit in every race!

Legendary sports scientist Tim Noakes believes that runners need to do one session a week that pushes their pain threshold to the limit!

Anyway at last I had a realy good training session with the club,running 4 loops round the pinewoods we did 3 hard efforts per lap.
I went with the intention of not running by pace, but of simply pushing as hard as I could!
The result was good and at times I even saw the pace drop well below 5 min mileing!
And as if by synchronicity I came across this article the next day, worth a read me thinks!
So maybe you modern runners should unstrap your heart rate monitors and stop looking at your GPS all the time and get into a new zone-THE RED ZONE! 


Steve Jones [British record holder2.07 Marathon] and the likes of legedary runner Ron Hill often did'nt even wear a watch when racing, yet modern day British elites with modern technology can't even match them!

Stop limiting yourself-push the limits beyond what you think is possible!