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Note; You can try most of these exercises using a tennis ball and roller, but for best results think about using the TPP equipment. 

Whether you're a cyclist, runner, swimmer, or weekend warrior use this
progression to boost performance and tissue tolerance while decreasing chances for injury and pain. Today we will "Release Your Strength" by freeing up your psoas and hip flexor complex resulting in more fluid and efficient movements. We begin by targeting the psoas with the TP Massage Ball then move into an active stretch to lengthen overactive and dysfunctional muscles. We will finish with a total body core-strengthening move to take advantage of the new range of motion while reinforcing proper biomechanics.
 Proper range of motion and fluidity of movement through the quadriceps and hips is crucial to optimal performance. In today's workout we will release your strength by first targeting the quadriceps with the TPPT Quadballer, followed by a static hip flexor stretch. We will then integrate the GRID into our strengthening phase targeting the legs, hips, and core while building overall stability. In today's workout we will release your strength by first targeting the gastrocnemius and posterior tibialis with the TPPT massage ball and baller block. We will follow that with a mobility and lengthening move called the R.E.D. that will change the viscosity of the lower back and stretch the calves. We will then finish the workout with a squat jump to take advantage of the new range of motion and increase in elasticity in the lower leg. For today's routine we will release your strength by rolling through the soleus region with the TPPT footballer on the baller block. After that we will take advantage of the elasticity in the lower leg by adding a stretch using the GRID. We will then finish with quick feet and side hops to strengthen the calf complex, improving lower leg dynamic stability. Today we will release your strength using the TP Massage ball to free the piriformis muscle. This small synergist is an external hip rotator and abductor that when overworked can develop trigger points, leading to altered biomechanics and loss of performance. Injuries associated with the piriformis muscle include: piriformis syndrome, sciatica, hamstring dysfunction, and gluteal and low back pain. After addressing the piriformis, we will then lengthen and strengthen with knee hugs and GRID bridge marches to take advantage of the new range of motion while strengthening the hips and core.

Begin by using the Trigger Point Massage Ball to release the Pec major minor region. After you have freed up the area cross your arms over your chest and then bring them out to your side. Repeat the motion to stretch and lengthen the area. Finally use your Grid for the P3 push-up to strengthen both your chest and your core. Today we will use the GRID and SMRT-Massage to address the calves and peroneals. These muscles play a key roll in most athletic endeavors and are essential for proper posture and biomechanics. Use this routine as a quick warm up prior to training, or as a great post-workout flush to push fresh oxygenated blood into the tissue.

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