Monday 28 November 2011

Bill Rodgers Marathon Champion Training Diaries

I have always followed Lydiard's training principles. For safety, efficiency and hitting the races in top shape this is the most effective training system out there.

Bill Rodgers - 4 Time Winner of Boston and New York City Marathons

January 1976

Date: Mileage Breakdown: Comments:
1 - Thurs 25 miles - easy pace Ran approximately 25 miles non-stop from Eliot Lounge, Commonwealth Ave. Boston to Scituate for party - ran easy pace - l. back tight.
2 - Fri 13 miles - easy pace, few hills in AM
7 miles - slow pace in PM
20 total
Ran about 13 miles at easy pace through forest etc. in A.M. few hills. Ran about 7 miles in P.M. at slow pace for a total of 20 miles today.
3 - Sat 9 miles @ 12:45 - OK pace over flat course
12 miles @ 4pm - slow pace, flat (2 hills)
21 total
Ran about 9 miles at OK pace over flat course at 12:45 PM and 12 miles at slow pace over flat course ( 2 hills ) at 4:00 PM for a total of 21 miles today.
4 - Sun 15 miles in am - OK pace, flat course
9-10 miles in pm - OK pace
24+ total
Ran about 15 miles at OK pace over flat course in AM. Ran about 9-10 miles at OK pace over flat course in PM for a total of 24+ miles today. Working on stretching exercises for weak rt. hamstring.
Miles for week : 155 (65 for 12/29 thru 12/31/75 + 90 first 4 days this year)


Marathon Training Way of the Renegades
Is it possible to run your best Marathon with a longest run of only 16 miles the Hanson Brothers believe so! READ HERE

Saturday 26 November 2011

Sefton park X/C

Want To Fly? Then Get Ready To Fall-Often!

I've made steady progress since starting to recover from the anemia which had reduced my running performance to a snails pace!
Last week I had to switch from taking the liquid iron, as it was giving me serious stomach problems.
I'm now using ULTIMATE NUTRITION'S desiccated liver with heamoglobin iron capsules, this is the stuff I use to use back in my cycle racing days and it's very easy on the stomach.
Wed saw me and Tess average our highest average speed for a regular 15 mile route over the sandhills and pinewoods which we have been running for a few years now!
There was one blip in the good run when near home a Man in A White Van parked by the curb opened his door just as I was passing by at speed, I slammed straight into the edge of the door hitting my shin hard- Ouch!! [for after 9pm viewers- Fuck mother Fucker - that Hurt!!!]!
Thanks Mr White Van Man :0[

Sefton Park X/C Race
I decided to use Rob McGrath's strategy of going off steady then trying to catch as many people as possible after the first lap.
It worked well.
It's amazing just how many runners start off to0 fast only to crash and burn.
I set off with Rob, but by half a lap he started to pull away, I was happy to wait until I'd finished the first lap before kicking it up a gear!
Into the second lap and I started passing runner after runner, this was very motivating and empowering!
Yeah this was dam good fun :0]
I passed team mate Neil Asdhead half way into the second lap, then managed to pull alongside Stevie Lewis,.
My eyes were now fixed on club chairman Steve McLean who was looking rather tired!
I pulled him back with Stevie on my shoulder, with 400m to go we were all together looking for a grand showdown!
Steve kicked hard [using his track speed to good use] opening up a gap on Stevie, who in turn opened a gap on me!
I tried to lift my pace but with 300m to go my sciatica problem resurfaced locking my hamstring.
I shortened my stride and managed to get to the final 100m But then it locked again reducing me to a very undignified one legged hop, losing 3-4 places in the process!
Oh well two steps forwards and one step back!
Looks like I will need more rehab :0]
Thanks to Stevie for lift, good fun day out.
Great runs today by Stevie, Ben, Rob, Neil, Keith etc.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Southport Torchlight 5K Returns!

Nov 30th 7pm

Bigger and better than ever before, don't miss the excitement!
Read about the first event
Great link to Runners Head Torches
Check it out HERE
<span class=
The event starts at the stone circle
Highest central point of the park Bentham's way, new woodlands park.

Are you bored? fed up? Been watching to many repeats on TV?
Want to get out and have some real FUN ?

Then get ready for a brand New exciting challenge!

Course based on The Rubbish 5K [Glow sticks will mark the route]
For more details contact Andy on 07909980153
Some spare head-torches available on the night!

Check out this podcast from Marathon Talk HERE [note starts at 18 mins 20 sec into podcast]
Also check out this; Top Tips For Running In The dark

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Saturday 12 November 2011

EPO For The Common Runner!

Tess and me headed out over the big sand dunes and through the pinewoods on a long run.
For the first time in ages I felt really good, I can't really put it down to the liquid iron tonic because I've only been taking it for 4 days, or can I?
I guess the stuffs like EPO for the average working class Athlete!
Anyway not only did I cruise round with my highest average speed for the year but also I still felt good after the run and not like on Wed when I felt totally washed-up and wasted!

I was watching this video yesterday, kind of almost turned it off but decided to stick with it.
When he started to talk about 'out of body experiences' it really hit a cord with me, back when I was about 12 it happened to me!
It felt pretty scary and confusing at the time but it made me realize we are more than just mind and body, it has made me become much more spiritual over the years!
But not in a church-religious kind of way.
No, more in theres more to life than we have been taught or can understand in our limited perception of reality!
I remember so clearly like it was yesterday, I'd been watching TV with my brothers and sister.
I walked out the room for a drink into the kitchen, all of a sudden I kind of shot upwards out of my body, the next thing I was looking down on myself from the ceiling then bang a second latter I felt a humongous tug downwards and I was back in my body!
I collapsed to the floor in shock!

I've been asked to tell you all that you can now enter the 2012
'Mad Dog 10 K'

MAD DOG the movie MAD DOG "THE MOVIE" 2011

Thursday 10 November 2011

Chiropractors And Anemia!

I visited my chiropractor DR Scott Fullwood on Monday to get my sciatica treated.
DR Scott's been treating me for many years and I doubt I'd be running now without his help!
Been feeling very tired and run down and my cold has gone on for almost 4 weeks.
I'm starting to think that I might have anemia again, back in 2006 i was struck down with it when I had poor form and continuous illness.
The doctor took blood tests that confirmed anemia, I started taking liver tablets on a daily basis but for some reason stopped this year.
Reading this article Iron Supplementation makes me think that I could be suffering with depleted iron stores once more so I've started taking a liquid iron tonic, hopefully I'll start to feel better soon!
Mon 50 mins walk
Tue hillside loop easy with last 5 mins at marathon pace, hip and hamstring tight and sore but improved as I warmed up = 30 mins
Wed Ran with Ben over the big sand dunes, hip sore and tight at start but improved through the run. turned out to be the fastest average speed we have run for this route.
But felt totally wiped out afterwards and had to go to bed for a couple of hours to recover.
2 Hours 9 Mins
Thur leg speed session on grass, 20 x 10 sec fast relaxed strides once ever 400 m.
followed by easy run over the sand hills.
1 Hour 42 Mins

Monday 7 November 2011

Tracey Peters 30th Birthday Bash Invite To You!

Message from Trace
Hi Rick,
Could you mention my birthday bash on your blog please!

Older and wiser, but still plenty "flirty" next month I'm turning 30th!!!

And to celebrate I'm having a birthday meal at the Latin Lounge on Post Office Ave, Southport PR9 0US on Wednesday 14th December 2011, 7:30pm and would love it if you could be there!!!

There is a christmas menu on offer - 3 courses for £20 (see attached). If you can make it then please can you email me back by 19th November 2011 as I need to let the restaurant know how many will be coming ASAP. Also I need to ask for a £10.00 deposit in advance - hope thats ok? If you could pass this to me or Steve Mclean by the 19th then that would be brilliant. Any problems with getting the deposit to me then let me know and I'm sure we can sort something out.

Finally I need to know your food choices by 30th November 2011

Also please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in coming.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Trace :0)

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Sunday 6 November 2011

Lancaster 1/2 Marathon, Winners And Losers And A Race Of Two Skellingtons!

It jus
t kind of happened in a sort of synchronistic way.
As Rob parked up at the race a guy across the parking lot was putting on a skellington 'bones' vest!
Rob said oh No! zipping down his thermal top to reveal his very own brand spanking New identical 'Bones' vest!
Dam, It always happens, buy a new party dress and someone else always turns up in an identical item; said Rob!

A race of two halves.
Well the first half went quite well for me, setting the Garmin pacer for a 1.20 finish i felt quite good even passing a few runners going up the first hill between 7-8 miles.
But the second climb shortly after took the wind out of my sails so to speak.
The legs became heavy and I started to feel slightly dizzy!
A fair sized group passed me as I groveled my way up the hill!
Down the other side and onto the flat I recovered my stride somewhat and held myself together until 12 miles where team mate Rob McGrath came flying past wearing his new skellington bones vest.
Rob was chasing hard after the other guy in the 'Bones' vest and eventually out kicked him to the line.
Rob finished with a very respectable 1.21.49 for 19th place and first Skelly!
As for me I was now in deep trouble as my sciatic problem reemerged sending shooting pains down the back of my leg.
Fearing my calf might lock again like in the Birkenhead 5 mile race in June I limped to a jog for the final half mile, finishing with 1.22.45
Oh well a trip to the chiropractor should sort me out!
Paul Cain hoping for a sub 1.30 also found the second hill slowed him down finishing with a 1.31.
Matt Thompson [new SWAC member] impressed with 1.20 and 8th place.
So not quite the result I wanted but hopefully my good form will return again by next year!
One person happy with my result was Johnny Fandango.

Johnny's guess;
Rick - It hardly seems fair that I should take yet more candy from these babies. But I am a bloody fat git, in need of Matt Fitzgerald's dietary advice.
So, with apologies to all other correspondents, I can confirm that you will run 1:22.15 in Lancaster.
Have fun.
Johnny Fandango
Amazingly Johnny was closest with his guess, which means he has now WON two x in a row!
I phoned him the good news shortly after my arrival back home, he said he was delighted!
It's not been an easy week, I found out on Thur by way of a court letter that my wife is taking me to the cleaners over our divorce!
It seems likely my and Tess will be sleeping on park benches in the not too distant future.
Anyone got any good ideas on how to keep warm on a icy cold winters night?
So anyway off to my solicitors tomorrow.

Saturday 5 November 2011

Chris McDougall's 'Lost Secret Of Running' NO!!!

Now read Chris McDougaull's feature story 'The Once and Future Way to Run' CLICK HERE

RicksRunning says;
Christopher McDougall [of Born To Run fame] hit the headlines this week with his claim of finding the secret to 'the lost art of perfect running'!
See video and article above.
I asked Steve Magness assistant coach and running form expert to none other than Alberto Salazar's elite squad what his take on this 'Secret' 100-ups was?
I asked; "What do you think of the 100-up drill, lifting the knees when running seems to be against the stretch reflex action you recommend?
Steve was not impressed, He said; @stevemagness You're correct. Sounds just like high knees. Bad idea!
SweatScience wrote a good article on McDougall's story! Bringing out the true facts and ripping McDougall to bits in the process!
Highly recommended reading

And now learn how to run the Steve Magness way, highly recommended;

Video: Chris Thompson, Winner Of Dash To The Finish Line 5K |

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Lancaster Half Marathon Competition WIN!

Win the book 'Racing Weight'!
Just guess My time in Sundays Lancaster Half Marathon 2011.
My fastest time on this course was in 2009
The closest wins the excellent book by Matt Fitzgerald.
Please leave your guess in the comments section below.
Find out more about the prize below;

Frankfurt marathon 2011, Wilson Kipsang 2:03:42, 2nd fastest of all time

The (r)evolution of the marathon: An unprecedented era CLICK HERE

Cool Videos :0]