Liverpool 1/2 Marathon P.B. March 2010


UPDATE: official time 1.18.30, chip time 1.18.22
Position 21st out of 5000 +
2nd age group 45
New 'ALL TIME' P.B. YES! :} :} :}
IMG_4779-1 by Dave Pinnington Photography.
My unofficial time on my Garmin showed 1.18.17, 5.59 pace!
I sprinted all out at the finish and missed the clock, so will have to wait a few hours for the official results.
It was a cold windy morning down at the docklands start, with a stiff sea breeze to chill the bones!
I was shaking on the start line, not with fear but with the cold!
the race started soon after 9.30 am, I got a good start and within minutes we were charging up Parliament hill, after 1/2 mile or so we moved onto nice rolling roads where I picked up speed and started averaging 10.2 mph.
Next we detoured through princess park and then Sefton park.
I was running with a good group of runners and we went through 6 miles just on 35 mins.
I was going really well and I knew it!
The Newton shoes felt great but the cold air was making my left calf tighten up a bit, I tried to relax it and it did ease off.
Next we passed through Otterpool park then turned out onto the sea front and hit a massive headwind :[
10 miles passed in 58.59 well up on target, but the wind felt incredibly strong, I was now running with one other guy in yellow and I asked him to work with me, taking turns at the front then dropping back and getting shelter.
Oh man this last section felt endless, it was cruel, it was the enemy trying to stop me from getting my p.b.
Just before 11 miles team mate Gerry came passed powering through the block headwind, I tried to hold him but could not and he slowly pulled away!
Soon i could hear the finish line commentator and I pushed as hard as my tiring legs [ sucked empty of energy from the horrible wind] would allow!
Mcmillan now says I can run a 2.45 Marathon :]
Anyway I'll post my official time as soon as the results come out, but pretty sure it's a new P.B.
not bad for someone who has been running for over 17 years and last set their 1/2 marathon P.B. 6 years ago, oh and did I tell you I'm 49 now, but better than ever!!!
Thanks go out to Marius Bakken for his great training programme, AWESOME! I hope this shows that with correct training P.B.'s are still possible into your late 40's! and maybe beyond :]
team mates Angela set a new p.b.
[great run] improving from 1.37 down to 1.32 note; please check out her website, click on her name and help her charity, thanks.
Simon and Paul did not do quite as well, Simon just missed breaking his P.B. with 1.28 and Paul did not feel good from 3 miles on and finished with 1.33