Monday 28 February 2011

Birkdale Sand Dunes To Be Fenced Off And Turned Into Sheep Pens!

Our rights and freedom to use the area will be denied!
Contact Southport MP John Pugh HERE today and complain in the strongest terms possible.
Stop this happening NOW
Be proactive
Act NOW!

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Grazing pens will cover 90% of nature reserve!
Fri 25th Feb 2011, 01:37 PM
Reported by: onthespot
Grazing pens will cover 90% of nature reserve!

Sefton Coast and Country have started the preparations to turn the Ainsdale and Birkdale dunes into farmland, even though there is no scientific evidence that it will benefit the biodiversity of the SSSI. 90% will be fenced off in grazing pens.

It will cost £100,000 for the fencing and £140,000 for an Environmental Impact Assessment. Can Sefton Council afford to spend money on schemes such as this when front line services are being cut?

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Saturday 26 February 2011

Graeme Superman Obree Podcast and breathing new life into my running!

First, here is a truly brilliant interview with Superman cycling legend Graeme Obree.VCDL Episode 9 – The Obree Interview Click Here

Obree 3.jpg

Graeme Obree says he didn't 'TRY' to break the world Record, he went without any doubt that he was going to break it, to say 'TRY' he says means you've already giving yourself a get out clause ! To say TRY is a route to failure!

Me and Tess set off for another long easy run at level one.
Canutes post How should a runner breathe?on breathing and improved running performance was a wake up call to me.
I'd spent some time working on breathing and improving oxygen uptake last year, but had lapsed back into shallow inefficient upper chest breathing so I spent the 3 hours and 5 mins deep breathing into my diagram.
Result I felt a new lease of energy return to my body!
I believe if you want to improve you have to try every legal method available to reach your goal.
We ran over the sand dunes between the two golf courses then on through Ainsdale pinewoods then a lap round the scenic Formby forest before retracing our route home.
No drinks or energy bars, just a bowl of cereal before I set off.
A really good time on feet and fat burning session.
Total Time 3 hours 5 mins

Friday 25 February 2011



Torchlit Tip 5k Run
Thu 24th Feb 2011, 08:17 PM
Reported by: roving-eye
Last night saw thirty local runners brave the elements for the final in the night time Torchlit Tip 5k series.
Held on the reclaimed refuse land on Bentham’s Way, the Tip 5k race is usually held in summer evenings and is an extremely popular event.

The Torchlit Tip 5k is run along the same course but held during the Winter evenings where runners are guided by glow-sticks marking the route and their head-torches lighting the way.

This unofficial training event was the brainchild of Andrew Hudson, looking for some way of getting local runners together during the dark winter months for a more exciting training session than just plodding the local pavements.The previous sessions were held in December and January and the final event took place last night and has proved to be very successful with an increased number of attendees of both runners attempting to break their previous record and new runners eager to participate in this novel experience.

Last night's fastest time was achieved by Steve Mclean, completing the course in 18:26 in a close-fought battle with second placed Steve Lewis (18:29) and third placed Rick Bowker (18:34)

Event organiser Andrew Hudson completed the course in fourth position in a respectable 19:28 with Vicky Harvey being the first woman home, in fifteenth place overall, in 22:43.

Thanks to Nicola Hudson for the report

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Marathon Training Methods By Renato Canova (ITA)


Roberto who just ran an amazing 2.39 marathon on a very hilly course left this comment on my blog after I commented to Scott Brown that I didn't think Roberto's training method was too dissimilar to Marius Bakken's program.
Hope you find this of interest.

1) I personally like a lot the training plan of Marius (from what I read here...) and I was even considering to buy it for my knowledge.
It is very balanced and focus a lot on long hard runs and progression runs which is the same method used by Canova, etc (the system that I try to follow).
So I am for sure an "endorser" of his methods...
Also it is very "natural" way of running compared to killing our body in track intervals

2) some posts ago I noticed that Rick asked Marius about the usage of hill sprints for Master runners, etc.
Well, I honestly believe Marius might have misread the question because "smart strides" and "hill sprints" work exactly in the same way: they are submaximal sprints of short duration. So the body get neuromuscolar signals to learn running fast, but without the stress of a real 100% sprint on the flat...
Anyway "smart strides" is a sure methods and no point to leave it

3) right in this week, there are very interesting posts from CANOVA on
He does not say anything different from his usual meethod, but is always refreshing.
His systems is so logical that a "stupid" coach would disbelieve that it could be so simple...

Thanks for your input Roberto.
To read comments in full please check out yesterdays post.
I highly recommend you read his blog and look back at how he overcame serious injury to run such an amazing marathon.
Check out his blog HERE

Train Your Brain No More Barriers

Vande Velde

How should a runner breathe?

by canute1


Russian Assassin?

Monday 21 February 2011


The Torchlight 5k is on this Wed at 7pm.
Very exciting event, last in the series, don't dare to miss out.
DETAILS click here

Amazing Marathon performance by Roberto
[ Run back by 7]

b1114765_IMG_1353_belinda_6_0834 After serious injury he has fought back and produced an amazing Marathon Performance


Club Interval Session [400m up to 800m efforts, 5.00- 5.30 pace].
Felt really strong tonight, which surprised me taking into account the long hard sessions I did last week.
Was pushed quite hard by Steve Lewis but felt strong and in control of my efforts.
Kind of reminded me of my form back in the distant past when I could knock out 22.18 for 10 miles on the bike :]
Ran down and back including 6 special strides.
Total time 1 hour 57 mins

Saturday 19 February 2011


I worked like a dog through the night [do dogs work?] then got 3 1/2 hours in bed.
then it was time to get up and RUN!
What is it that drives me?
I get a lot of satisfaction out of pushing myself and seeing how far it will take me.
I like the feelings running brings me, confidence and control in my life!
But most of all it pushes back the boundaries of what is possible!
Tess and me completed Marius's wishes with a 3 hour run at level one 65-70 % of max pulse rate.

Strange how once you get into a pace it seems almost impossible to imagine going any faster.
Ran over the big sand dunes, then Ainsdale and Formby pinewoods before returning between the two golf courses.
Total time 3.06
Glad to get home, put my feet up and ave a cup of tea, ha NO make that a few pints of quality beer :]

Elite runner changes from heel strike to forefoot and gets rid of long term injuries

Imagination Is Everything

Friday 18 February 2011

Japan to host first ever robot marathon

Wow check this out, I think I could win this race [If only I was a Robot ] !
Seems the crafty Japanese have come up with a plan to beat the Kenyans at there own game!
Oh and the first Robot in the video looks a bit like Ewen! VIDEO

And more NEWS Mo Farah leaves UK for Portland USA shock horror!

Keitany smashes Half Marathon World record

She's Running the London Marathon in April, will Paula Radcliffe's Record go?
Mary Keitany and her World record numbers in Ras Al Khaimah  (Victah Sailer)

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Figgin Hard 19 Miles Progression Run, You Know I Bet Even Ryan Hall Swears Sometimes!

Marrius Bakken Progression Run.
Running a good marathon sure ain't easy, but to me running these sort of long progression sessions feels even harder, without the adrenalin or fresh legs it can feel like a real mental battle to push on through and and finish on target.
I wanted to do this session in daylight so after working the night shift I got just 3 hours in bed then hit the road at 1 pm.
I did this session in my P.B. build up last year and found it pretty dam hard.
2 hour 10 min Monster tempo run March 2010
In fact I seem to have improved my times just slightly, but still felt as bad, the legs just did not feel as sharp or as springy as I would have liked, maybe in retrospect doing this session later in the week might have given me more recover time.
I set off on a big loop to Ainsdale at level one which should have been 7.33 pace, I went a little faster 7.23 pace.
At Ainsdale station I lifted the pace, pushing hard up the hill, then along the coast rd back to Southport. I was now pushing Level 3 [ marathon-1/2 MP pace] after 20 mins I reached the Birkdale roundabout with an average of 6.14 pace, it didn't feel smooth or easy, would I last till the end of the session?
Next I dropped back to Level one and averaged 7.33 pace for the next 30 mins.
I ran through Victoria Park then moved into Kings Gardens.
I was hoping the one K loop would be pedestrian free, but the sun had brought out families with young children, students and even an ice cream van!
Anyway the distraction of dodging in and out of people distracted me from my pain as I started my next level 3 effort.
Bystanders looked on in awe at my incredible SPEED [ OK, OK only kidding! :]
I felt like I was moving faster than the Garmin was showing, in the end I just put my head down and went by feel trying to get in the groove.
Lap after lap went by and at last 20 mins were up, result 6.18 pace.
10 more mins at level one 7.33 pace followed before my final hard effort, this time at level 4 [ 1/2 MP - 10K pace].
Marius says don't worry if you find this hard, gees after almost 2 hours running your not kidding mate!
3 laps of the Kings Gardens = 3K so I just kept the thought of all the races we use to do in here in my mind.
I pushed hard, very hard, in fact I started to feel much better but try as I might I could not average better than 6.02 pace even with a strong last lap!
What can I say I gave it my best shot!
19 miles, average pace 6.55. total time = 2 hours 11 mins
30 mins 7.23 pace 20 mins 6.14 pace 30 mins 7.33 pace 20 mins 6.18 pace 10 mins 7.33 pace 10 mins 6.02 pace 10 mins 7.33 pace


Greg Lemond on drugs in cycling and braking news Alberto Contador cleared of doping!

2010 Volta ao Algarve, Alberto Contador
It’s official: the Spanish cycling federation has cleared Alberto Contador of doping charges in a dramatic U-turn in his ongoing case of alleged use of clenbuterol. READ MORE

Check out this talk by Greg Lemond [ maybe the last 'CLEAN' winner of the Tour De France ] on drugs in cycling - Lance Armstrong and more!

I use to LOVE the sport of cycling, even raced for 10 years myself.
But pro cycling has got pretty fucked up and turned into a real chemical farce.
Can it ever be made CLEAN ?

Monday 14 February 2011


Club coach Brian was away so he left me in-charge of the monday session.

Certain club members seemed to take this as a challenge to disrupt proceedings [a bit like naughty school boys taking on a new teacher and trying to push the limits of what they could get away with] mentioning no names [apart from Neil and Steve] everyone was well behaved!
I'll be writing up my report and passing it on to Brian.
'Neil likes to rely on his natural ability but can be lazy and negative when it comes to training'! 4/10 for effort :]
Anyway I stuck to my plan and we did a pyramid session followed by 2 longer efforts, the last being from Pontins back up the hill to Ainsdale station, Neil hates this one so Brian recommended I made sure Neil completed it.
This was punishment for his poor attendance rate!

I ran down and back inc 6 x special strides at the end of my run.
Total time 1 hour 56 mins GARMIN DATA
I've got a 2 hour progression run and a 3 hour long run on my schedule for this week.
Marius is certainly starting to push me hard!

Saturday 12 February 2011


PHOTO Me in one of my first Parbold appearances [circa 1994-96]!

The 41st Classic Parbold Hill Race
At last my form is starting to pick up and I had quite a strong race.

the Parbold race is a true X/C, just one lap run over dirt tracks and muddy farmers fields with small sections of tarmac and 3 climbs inc the infamous Parbold Hill .
Almost 500 of us lined up on what seemed like the first day of spring, beautiful blue sky and warm sunshine :]
I got near the front and decided to go for it from the start, we were really shifting and hit one mile in 5.35 and this included the start of the quarry climb.
I held my own on the steep mile climb, hips forward, running tall, legs turning over fast.
I felt good, better than I've felt for a long time!
Over the top and we turn onto farmers fields made very muddy by days and nights of solid rain.
My trail shoes start to let me down as I slide about trying desperately to keep not only moving forward but upright!
Downhill at speed, I run well but just hang off the back of the group infront, each time the ground gets firmer I edge closer to them but lose more once we hit mud!
I wonder is there a special way to run over mud?
Next we hit the road and the climb of Parbold, once again I feel strong and have enough energy to lift my pace and charge over the top past the waiting crowd.
A left turn down a muddy track and across the top fields to Harrock hill, I lose more ground as I sink and squirm in the mud, losing quite a few places in the process.
Neil catches me up just as we hit the road again, I lift the pace and hold him off, up Harrock Hill Neil pulls alongside, we reach the ruined windmill and Neil shoots off down a dangerous track, I slip and slide on the mud and rocks until I clamber over a stile.
a final descent over green fields and just to make it even more challenging we have to jump over a few walls on the way, a bit like the grand national horse race!
Across a road then another endless muddy field which includes jumping down a bank and across water, over the bank and a final small hill to sap the last dregs of energy out of my tiring legs.
At last I reach the finish crossing the line in 35 th place, pleased with the way it went:]
I've improved greatly in just a month so things are looking good.
I was impressed with Neil's run and Steve Lewis ran really well as well as Andy and Matt's performances. Vicky was our first women back.
Pos Num M F Name Cat CatPos Club Time
1191001 Nick LeighM(001/138)Altrincham & Dist. AC00:40:49
2223002 Richard BurneyM(002/138)Liverpool Harriers00:40:57
3178003 Adam PeersM(003/138)Liverpool Harriers00:41:18
4484004 Marc TillotsonM(004/138)Bolton United Harriers00:42:16
5343005 Glen GrovesM40(001/067)Liverpool Harriers00:42:58
6442006 Gary PenningtonM40(002/067)Preston Harriers00:43:11
7220007 Anthony SmithM40(003/067)St Helens & Sutton00:43:19
8185008 Alan AshtonM40(004/067)Liverpool Harriers00:43:37
913009 John HuntM40(005/067)Wirral AC00:44:14
1076010 David AlexanderM40(006/067)West Cheshire AC00:44:37
11221011 Rob GranthamM(005/138)Ellesmere Port RC00:45:04
12320012 Stuart EdmondsonM(006/138)Horwich RMI Harriers00:45:42
13183013 Chris PedderM50(001/044)Liverpool Pembroke Sefton00:46:21
1485014 Richard BardonM(007/138)ABC Runners00:46:27
15375015 Tom JacksonM(008/138)Glossopdale Harriers00:46:28
16101016 Martyn PollittM50(002/044)Skelmersdale Boundary Har00:46:31
17195017 Paul SingletonM(009/138)Ambleside AC00:46:35
18485018 Philip TurnerM(010/138)Lancashire Fire & Rescue00:46:39
19146019 Chris PenderM(011/138)Newburgh Nomads00:46:42
20109020 Ian PalinM(012/138)Liverpool Running Club00:46:43
21204021 John HowarthM45(001/056)Leigh Harriers & AC00:46:50
22487022 Mike TyrieM40(007/067)Durham Fell Runners00:46:56
23365023 Robin HopeM40(008/067)Staffs Moorlands AC00:46:57
24211024 Mark AspinallM50(003/044)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:47:05
2591025 David RalphsM50(004/044)Newburgh Nomads00:47:39
26111026 Colin LynchM40(009/067)Totley AC00:47:50
27202027 John ChaplinM55(001/017)Blackburn Harriers00:47:56
28189028 Greg CallaghanM45(002/056)Liverpool Pembroke Sefton00:47:57
2936029 Joe JohnsonM40(010/067)Birkenhead AC00:47:59
30420030 Chris. MillingtonM40(011/067)Spectrum Striders00:48:01
Neil AdsheadM45(003/056)Southport Waterloo00:48:35
32133032 Dylan Cole-JonesM(013/138)Skelmersdale Boundary Har00:48:41
33193033 Mark HargreavesM(014/138)Penny Lane Striders00:48:49
3443034 Stephen PilditchM(015/138)Spectrum Striders00:48:52
Rick BowkerM45(004/056)Southport Waterloo00:48:54
36188036 Philip I. DaintithM40(012/067)Spectrum Striders00:49:00
37423037 Stephen MorranM55(002/017)Northern Vets AC00:49:04
38417038 Neil MiddlemasM(016/138)Unattached00:49:07
3915039 Kelvin DickinsonM(017/138)Wirral AC00:49:14
4092040 Karl TuzioM45(005/056)Wigan Phoenix00:49:23
41340041 Ian GreenwoodM45(006/056)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:49:32
42275042 Paul BoardmanM45(007/056)Horwich RMI Harriers00:49:35
43110043 Robert HoughM(018/138)Spectrum Striders00:49:40
44149044 Andy LloydM40(013/067)Horwich RMI Harriers00:49:45
4564045 Martin CarrM45(008/056)Unattached00:49:56
4686046 Lincoln DonnellyM(019/138)Unattached00:49:58
47351047 Samuel HarrisonM(020/138)Unattached00:50:07
48123048 Simone CapponiM(021/138)Penny Lane Striders00:50:13
49274049 Adam BirchallM(022/138)Unattached00:50:17
50497050 Stephen WoodM40(014/067)NYP Tri00:50:18
5156051 Robert WilliamsM(023/138)Liverpool Running Club00:50:18
Steve LewisM(024/138)Southport Waterloo00:50:19
53156 001Debra CampbellF(001/031)Skelmersdale Boundary Har00:50:21
5480053 Jason PhillipsM(025/138)Unattached00:50:34
55186054 Paul MarshallM(026/138)Wigan Phoenix00:50:41
56496055 Ben WolstenholmeM(027/138)Saddleworth Runners Club00:50:51
57205 002Abigail HowarthF(002/031)Leigh Harriers & AC00:50:53
58224056 Liam WalshM(028/138)Liverpool Running Club00:50:56
59440057 Robert PartingtonM(029/138)Unattached00:50:58
60184058 Tony JacksonM50(005/044)Newburgh Nomads00:50:59
61372059 Chris JacksonM(030/138)Glossopdale Harriers00:51:10
62329060 Steven FoleyM40(015/067)Blackburn Harriers00:51:12
6398061 Joe QuirkM(031/138)Unattached00:51:26
64293062 John ConnollyM40(016/067)Penny Lane Striders00:51:35
65414063 Chris MerrimanM45(009/056)Megastars00:51:56
Andrew HudsonM45(010/056)Southport Waterloo00:51:59
6742065 Julian SpencerM50(006/044)Spectrum Striders00:52:02
68444066 Neil PhillipsM50(007/044)Unattached00:52:04
69344067 Hamsin HadziabdicM40(017/067)Birkenhead AC00:52:07
70173068 Lee AndertonM(032/138)Unattached00:52:07
71349069 Roger HarperM40(018/067)Skipton AC00:52:08
72160070 Stephen DawberM45(011/056)Unattached00:52:10
73182 003Katie McHaleF(003/031)Wakefield & Dist. Harrs.00:52:14
74348071 Matthew HamerM(033/138)Unattached00:52:35
75272072 Robert BerryM45(012/056)Unattached00:52:39
Matthew NelsonM50(008/044)Southport Waterloo00:52:45
77260074 Scott AndersonM(034/138)Unattached00:52:47
78337 004Lisa GranthamF35(001/021)Wirral AC00:52:47
79295075 Patrik CorriganM50(009/044)Birkenhead AC00:52:48
80129076 Edward AgerM40(019/067)Skelmersdale Boundary Har00:52:49
81196077 Jim TysonM(035/138)Ambleside AC00:52:58
82145078 Dave ReynoldsM(036/138)Skelmersdale Boundary Har00:53:01
83425079 Daryl MullenM45(013/056)Unattached00:53:03
84290080 Paul CliffM40(020/067)Unattached00:53:05
85315 005Alison DraperF(004/031)Spectrum Striders00:53:07
86466081 Alistair SmithM(037/138)Horsham Blue Star Harrier00:53:10
87324082 Craig FarrowM(038/138)Unattached00:53:11
8899083 Andy GladwinM40(021/067)Saddleworth Runners Club00:53:27
89192084 George PierceM40(022/067)Liverpool Running Club00:53:28
9034085 William MerrittM45(014/056)Liverpool Running Club00:53:30
91100086 Andy GaskellM40(023/067)Spectrum Striders00:53:40
9238087 Robert BurkeM45(015/056)Liverpool Running Club00:53:49
9390 006Yvonne WykeF40(001/032)Parbold Pink Panthers00:53:50
94194 007Joanne TaylorF40(002/032)Kendal AC00:53:52
95208088 Michael TaylorM(039/138)Unattached00:54:09
96140089 Andy GarnettM55(003/017)Spectrum Striders00:54:10
Gary KennyM45(016/056)Southport Waterloo00:54:14
98280091 Sean BrittonM(040/138)Birkenhead AC00:54:15
99248092 Steve McVeyM50(010/044)Kestrel00:54:17
100271093 Sam BentleyM(041/138)Unattached00:54:18
101206094 Robbie WoodM40(024/067)Liverpool Pembroke Sefton00:54:24
102399095 John MarloweM40(025/067)Unattached00:54:45
103112096 Paul StintonM(042/138)Buckley Runners00:54:46
104301097 Eddie CullenM40(026/067)Unattached00:54:49
105291098 Paul CollinsM45(017/056)Wirral AC00:54:53
106387099 Mark LatimerM(043/138)Spectrum Striders00:54:58
107212 008Anna KellyF45(001/023)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:55:00
10869100 Kenneth FowlerM55(004/017)Bolton United Harriers00:55:17
10955 009Karon ForsterF45(002/023)Spectrum Striders00:55:17
110408101 Terry MckeownM45(018/056)Liverpool Running Club00:55:19
111135102 Andy GormanM45(019/056)Horwich RMI Harriers00:55:24
112331103 Stephen FosbrookM(044/138)Unattached00:55:34
113253104 Andrew AcklamM(045/138)Preston Harriers00:55:46
114102 010Isaline HughesF40(003/032)Skelmersdale Boundary Har00:55:47
115289105 Mike ClaytonM(046/138)Unattached00:55:52
116174106 Russell AltyM(047/138)Unattached00:55:59
117376 011Sarah JarvisF(005/031)Liverpool Harriers00:56:03
118400107 Glenn MartinM(048/138)Unattached00:56:10
11997 012Helen QuirkF(006/031)Unattached00:56:13
120279108 Andrew BridgeM45(020/056)St Helens Striders00:56:20
121207109 Chris McClellanM(049/138)Unattached00:56:23
122225110 Peter DugdaleM50(011/044)Clayton le Moors Harriers00:56:26
123282111 Keith BrownM45(021/056)Warrington Road Runners00:56:27
124465112 Rob SmallboneM(050/138)Mersey Tri00:56:28
125469113 Pete SmithM40(027/067)Unattached00:56:30
126134114 Neil TaylorM40(028/067)Skelmersdale Boundary Har00:56:30
12730115 James NewtonM(051/138)Greater Manchester Police00:56:31
128404116 Allan McCormickM(052/138)Unattached00:56:33
129229117 Alan SullivanM(053/138)Unattached00:56:40
13025118 Paul SwiftM(054/138)Unattached00:56:47
13175119 Derek HenryM50(012/044)Wigan Phoenix00:56:47
132350120 Richard HarrisM45(022/056)Unattached00:56:49
133463121 Peter SimpsonM60(001/008)Liverpool Harriers00:56:50
13484122 John MercerM45(023/056)Unattached00:56:51
135198 013Danielle AllenF(007/031)Leigh Harriers & AC00:56:52
136152123 Tom CliffeM(055/138)Unattached00:56:55
137345124 James WilkinsonM(056/138)Unattached00:56:56
13857125 Riccardo GiussaniM(057/138)Unattached00:56:57
1397126 Ian McNeillM50(013/044)Birkenhead AC00:57:01
140488127 Chris UsherM(058/138)Unattached00:57:02
141437128 Damian O'ShaughnessyM40(029/067)Unattached00:57:03
142141129 Fred DuenbierM55(005/017)Newburgh Nomads00:57:05
143364 014Debbie HopeF40(004/032)Staffs Moorlands AC00:57:06
144263130 David AtkinsonM50(014/044)Northern Vets AC00:57:09
145252131 Paul CreanM(059/138)Unattached00:57:10
146475132 James StablesM(060/138)Saddleworth Runners Club00:57:14
147360133 William J. HineM(061/138)Unattached00:57:14
148107134 Tom TranM(062/138)Unattached00:57:17
149418135 Andrew MilhenchM45(024/056)Unattached00:57:18
150222136 Paul TalbotM(063/138)Unattached00:57:20
15118137 John DickinsonM45(025/056)Skelmersdale Boundary Har00:57:23
152316138 Paul DunnM50(015/044)Unattached00:57:28
153457139 Graham SchofieldM55(006/017)Chorley Harriers & Tri00:57:35
154430140 Stuart NixonM(064/138)Unattached00:57:40
155413141 Layne MercerM40(030/067)Horwich RMI Harriers00:58:01
156187142 Stuart BurgessM(065/138)Unattached00:58:09
157367143 Chris HowarthM(066/138)Unattached00:58:12
158310144 Philip DavidsonM45(026/056)Tri Preston00:58:20
159106145 Rob NewshamM(067/138)Unattached00:58:25
16044146 Peter LeeM(068/138)Unattached00:58:27
16126147 Robert SharkeyM(069/138)Unattached00:58:29
162148 015Paula GaterellF40(005/032)Parbold Pink Panthers00:58:31
163139148 Robert HornbyM50(016/044)Unattached00:58:32
16449149 Steve HollisM55(007/017)Road Runners Club GB00:58:33
16516 016Caroline HallF40(006/032)Sunlight Runners00:58:35
16654 017Caroline HemmingF40(007/032)Spectrum Striders00:58:38
16731150 Andrew ConwayM45(027/056)Unattached00:58:39
168210151 Stuart BurthemM40(031/067)Unattached00:58:44
169226152 Adam ZoellnerM(070/138)Unattached00:58:59
170467153 Andy SmithM45(028/056)Unattached00:59:02
171181 018Janet RobertsonF40(008/032)Helsby Running Club00:59:03
172397154 Robin LongM45(029/056)Chorley Harriers & Tri00:59:13
173267155 James BartholomewM40(032/067)Unattached00:59:15
174104156 Martin HastieM(071/138)Unattached00:59:16
175490157 Paul WhiteM(072/138)Unattached00:59:19
176449158 Paul QuirkM45(030/056)Unattached00:59:20
17739159 Barrie JonesM40(033/067)Unattached00:59:21
178398160 William LoweM50(017/044)Fell Runners Association00:59:22
17950161 Tom KellyM45(031/056)Unattached00:59:23
18041162 Simon HillM(073/138)Unattached00:59:25
181142163 Peter MorganM55(008/017)Unattached00:59:26
182108164 Alan ThorntonM40(034/067)Unattached00:59:27
183458165 Gordon ScholefieldM55(009/017)Pensby Runners00:59:28
184411 019Diane McVeyF(008/031)Unattached00:59:33
185380 020Linda JonesF45(003/023)Wrexham AC00:59:36
186119166 Paul McIntyreM(074/138)Unattached00:59:43
187382167 Peter KellyM50(018/044)Unattached00:59:45
188491168 David WhitleyM(075/138)Lancashire Fire & Rescue00:59:46
18978169 Michael MinshullM40(035/067)Unattached00:59:52
190421170 Graeme MitchellM40(036/067)Unattached00:59:55
191197171 Michael McCabeM40(037/067)Penny Lane Striders00:59:57
192394172 Mike LisleM55(010/017)Mersey Tri01:00:14
19346173 Christopher ShackleyM(076/138)Unattached01:00:18
194162174 David RidingM(077/138)Unattached01:00:25
195333175 Ian FranceM45(032/056)Wesham Road Runners01:00:28
196298176 Michael CroftM(078/138)Unattached01:00:30
197285177 Greg CarrM(079/138)Unattached01:00:34
198217178 Richard BowdenM(080/138)Unattached01:00:39
199403179 Colin MaylorM40(038/067)Unattached01:00:46
200314180 Paul DoyleM45(033/056)Unattached01:00:48
201177181 Pat PeersM45(034/056)Pensby Runners01:00:56
20258182 Paul GilbertM(081/138)Unattached01:00:57
203171183 David CapenerM50(019/044)Unattached01:01:01
204259184 Robert AndersonM45(035/056)Unattached01:01:03
20588185 Brian KennedyM60(002/008)Newburgh Nomads01:01:07
206393186 Matthew LinnellM(082/138)Unattached01:01:13
20747187 Daniel JonesM(083/138)Unattached01:01:15
208297188 Paddy CousinsM50(020/044)Unattached01:01:17
209235189 Bob BuckM45(036/056)Unattached01:01:18
210327 021Rachael FishwickF(009/031)St Helens Striders01:01:20
21148190 Christopher QuirkM(084/138)Unattached01:01:23
212334191 Mike GarvinM40(039/067)Serpentine Running Club01:01:25
213170192 Neil MitchellM(085/138)Unattached01:01:31
214374 022Sarah JacksonF(010/031)Liverpool Harriers01:01:36
215228193 P. RichardsonM55(011/017)Unattached01:01:42
216370194 Mark HudsonM50(021/044)Unattached01:01:50
21789195 Andy BrookfieldM55(012/017)Newburgh Nomads01:01:51
218216196 James CaddickM(086/138)Grasshopper01:01:51
219284197 Glen CardenM(087/138)Unattached01:01:54
22066198 Stephen FishM55(013/017)Clayton le Moors Harriers01:01:55
221155 023Angela DixonF35(002/021)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:02:04
222308 024Gill DarbyF45(004/023)Penny Lane Striders01:02:07
223419199 David MillerM55(014/017)Unattached01:02:11
224299200 Andrew CrookM40(040/067)Lancashire Fire & Rescue01:02:12
22521201 Kevin FraserM(088/138)Unattached01:02:20
226124202 Jeff FaragherM40(041/067)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:02:28
22717 025Rosin DickinsonF40(009/032)Parbold Pink Panthers01:02:37
22814 026Kath HoyerF50(001/010)Wesham Road Runners01:02:39
229273203 Anthony BeygaM50(022/044)Unattached01:02:40
230412204 Tony McVeyM50(023/044)Unattached01:02:49
231136 027Sarah GormanF35(003/021)Horwich RMI Harriers01:03:13
232245205 Kei HulksM(089/138)Unattached01:03:14
233137206 John PercivalM50(024/044)Unattached01:03:16
23462207 Peter LeachM(090/138)Unattached01:03:19
23559 028Bridget CollierF35(004/021)Unattached01:03:23
236416208 Ben MetcalfeM(091/138)Unattached01:03:25
237268209 David BartonM(092/138)Unattached01:03:26
238261210 Carl AshtonM(093/138)Unattached01:03:29
23983211 Christopher MorleyM(094/138)Unattached01:03:34
240410212 Dave McNamaraM(095/138)Unattached01:03:35
2416213 Philip ListonM(096/138)Unattached01:03:43
242486214 Shaun TurnerM40(042/067)Wesham Road Runners01:03:44
243409215 Gordon McLeodM50(025/044)Sunlight Runners01:03:47
244159216 Richard FletcherM50(026/044)Unattached01:03:52
245247 029Shirley HuntF40(010/032)Tri Preston01:04:01
246286217 Jonathan ChannellM40(043/067)Unattached01:04:02
247384 030Rachel KenyonF(011/031)Unattached01:04:05
248168218 Maurice ButlerM(097/138)Penny Lane Striders01:04:06
24968219 David UnwinM50(027/044)Unattached01:04:10
Peter TinsleyM40(044/067)Southport Waterloo01:04:20
251131 031Honor ThompsonF(012/031)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:04:27
252190221 Daniel HainsM40(045/067)Unattached01:04:29
253132222 John GrestyM65(001/005)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:04:34
254265223 Kevin BalyckyiM45(037/056)Unattached01:04:41
255371224 Anthony JacksonM50(028/044)Glossopdale Harriers01:04:43
256249225 David CahillM(098/138)Unattached01:04:52
25751226 William SadekM(099/138)Unattached01:04:54
258388 032Jennifer LeatherlandF35(005/021)Unattached01:04:57
25922227 Paul FraserM45(038/056)Unattached01:04:58
260161228 Derek WignallM45(039/056)Unattached01:05:00
261113229 Craig GregsonM(100/138)Lancashire Fire & Rescue01:05:13
262114 033Lisa WhitesideF(013/031)Unattached01:05:13
263436230 Ian Orr-CampbellM40(046/067)Megastars01:05:15
264143231 Alan PeersM70(001/005)Spectrum Striders01:05:33
265306232 Oliver CwikowskiM(101/138)Unattached01:05:35
266385 034Eleanor KnowlesF40(011/032)Ambleside AC01:05:37
267461233 David ShorrockM60(003/008)Darwen Dashers01:05:39
2685234 Bernard BrownM45(040/056)Unattached01:05:40
269432235 Kevin O'FlanaganM(102/138)Unattached01:05:48
270127236 Geoff McIlroyM40(047/067)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:05:50
271450237 Peter RaponiM(103/138)Unattached01:05:52
27272238 Martin HowardM50(029/044)Unattached01:05:56
035Vicki HarveyF45(005/023)Southport Waterloo01:05:59
274383239 John KelsallM40(048/067)Unattached01:06:05
275120240 James GrestyM(104/138)Unattached01:06:12
276118241 Colin MorleyM40(049/067)Unattached01:06:15
277357242 Stephen ChurchM(105/138)Unattached01:06:18
278125 036Carole QuirkF50(002/010)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:06:22
279317243 Andy DunneM45(041/056)Tri Preston01:06:26
280227244 Stephen AspdenM50(030/044)Leigh Harriers & AC01:06:28
281283245 Adam BrunskillM40(050/067)Lancashire Fire & Rescue01:06:31
28245 037Jennifer ShackleyF(014/031)Unattached01:06:32
283240246 George DowieM(106/138)Unattached01:06:34
284460247 Joseph ShelbourneM50(031/044)Picton RC01:06:36
285318 038Jane EardleyF(015/031)Penny Lane Striders01:06:40
286361248 Paul HodgeM40(051/067)Unattached01:06:44
287153 039Kate RodgersonF(016/031)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:06:47
28810 040Carole MorrisonF45(006/023)Sunlight Runners01:06:54
289493249 Gary WilliamsM40(052/067)Lancashire Fire & Rescue01:06:56
290236250 Eddie StewartM65(002/005)Preston Harriers01:06:58
291435251 Ross OlsonM(107/138)Unattached01:07:00
29237252 Andrew HillesdonM40(053/067)Unattached01:07:04
29323253 Jeffrey HorrocksM45(042/056)Greater Manchester Police01:07:05
294199 041Dawn RichardsF45(007/023)Clayton le Moors Harriers01:07:21
29570 042Alice SpoonerF35(006/021)Penny Lane Striders01:07:25
043Rachel ThomasF35(007/021)Southport Waterloo01:07:28
297122 044Kath ThowF45(008/023)Parbold Pink Panthers01:07:30
298456254 John RowlandsM50(032/044)Unattached01:07:31
299164255 Carl HoweM45(043/056)Unattached01:07:38
300233256 Mark CalvertM(108/138)Unattached01:07:41
301390257 Edward LeechM40(054/067)Unattached01:07:45
30224 045Jan AtkinsF65(001/001)Chorley Harriers & Tri01:07:52
303258258 Mike AndersonM50(033/044)Unattached01:07:56
304309259 Gareth DavidsonM(109/138)Unattached01:08:00
305126260 Jeff SpencerM45(044/056)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:08:09
30693261 Duncan J ForrestM45(045/056)Spectrum Striders01:08:10
307121262 Antony MaloneM(110/138)Unattached01:08:13
308415263 Michael MerrimanM40(055/067)Megastars01:08:20
309115264 David RobinsonM45(046/056)Unattached01:08:25
310116265 Steven TabernerM45(047/056)Wigan Harriers & AC01:08:25
311292 046Sandra ConnellF50(003/010)Picton RC01:08:27
312288266 Andrew ClarkM(111/138)Unattached01:08:28
31319267 Alan AppletonM50(034/044)Unattached01:08:29
314243268 Simon LaylandM(112/138)Unattached01:08:30
315407269 Hugh McFaulM(113/138)Unattached01:08:32
316406270 Daniel McfaulM(114/138)Unattached01:08:49
31753271 Nick ColledgeM40(056/067)Unattached01:08:51
318448 047Tess PtonkaF(017/031)Unattached01:08:53
319281 048Gill BrookwellF45(009/023)Unattached01:08:55
320321272 David J. EdmundsM45(048/056)Megastars01:08:59
321294273 Michael CookM(115/138)Unattached01:09:13
322157 049Kayleigh RalphsF(018/031)Parbold Pink Panthers01:09:15
323150274 Neil GouldingM(116/138)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:09:17
324237 050Gill CollenF50(004/010)Warrington Road Runners01:09:23
325307 051Karen DalbyF45(010/023)Liverpool Harriers01:09:26
3262275 Emmett GrahamM50(035/044)Unattached01:09:30
327362276 Percy HoggM65(003/005)Birkenhead AC01:09:39
328472277 Ian SneddonM60(004/008)Birkenhead AC01:09:44
329377278 Paul JenkinsonM45(049/056)Unattached01:09:45
330251279 David KenneyM50(036/044)Unattached01:09:50
331209280 Peter BucktonM50(037/044)Unattached01:09:53
332165281 Steve HoweM50(038/044)Unattached01:09:56
333105 052Sally AdamsF40(012/032)Parbold Pink Panthers01:09:58
334401 053Gemma MasheterF(019/031)Ozonefit01:10:00
33528282 Andrew WattsM40(057/067)Unattached01:10:01
336244283 Andrew CartwrightM(117/138)Unattached01:10:02
33794 054Claire BursnollF35(008/021)Spectrum Striders01:10:11
338422 055April MorganF40(013/032)St Helens Striders01:10:13
339441284 Ashley PearsonM(118/138)Unattached01:10:14
340355285 Patrick HenleyM60(005/008)Liverpool Harriers01:10:20
341250286 Stephen RuffleyM50(039/044)Leigh Harriers & AC01:10:21
34240 056Caroline FordF(020/031)Parbold Pink Panthers01:10:23
343443287 Alan PepperM40(058/067)Northern Vets AC01:10:24
344478 057Alison TaylorF40(014/032)Unattached01:10:30
345241288 David BrodieM50(040/044)Unattached01:10:32
346304 058Clair CunninghamF35(009/021)Unattached01:11:00
347396 059Emma LoizidisF(021/031)Unattached01:11:11
348264289 Mansur MohammadiM55(015/017)Sunlight Runners01:11:22
349322290 Peter EdwardsM75(001/001)Northern Vets AC01:11:26
350303291 Nigel CunnahM40(059/067)Lancashire Fire & Rescue01:11:31
351215292 Paul SmithM40(060/067)Unattached01:11:33
352256 060Kate AllenF40(015/032)Unattached01:11:33
353266293 Michael BarryM(119/138)Unattached01:11:40
35495294 Richard BursnollM40(061/067)Unattached01:11:48
355347295 Steven HaighM(120/138)Unattached01:11:50
356346296 Paul HaighM(121/138)Unattached01:11:52
35771 061Lorraine ThompsonF35(010/021)Tri Preston01:11:57
358219297 Marc MorrisM40(062/067)Unattached01:12:04
359402298 Michael MasheterM55(016/017)Unattached01:12:04
360230299 David PeaseM(122/138)Penny Lane Striders01:12:12
361434300 Dominic O'HanlonM(123/138)Lancashire Fire & Rescue01:12:25
36211301 Peter RoachM50(041/044)Unattached01:12:27
363262302 Neil AspeyM40(063/067)Lancashire Fire & Rescue01:12:33
364130 062Jane WarnerF45(011/023)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:12:35
365147303 Mark GregoryM(124/138)Unattached01:12:41
36632304 Stephen O'ReillyM45(050/056)Unattached01:12:42
367200305 Steve GilyeadM40(064/067)Unattached01:12:44
368386 063Catherine LancasterF50(005/010)Pensby Runners01:12:52
369474306 David SpicerM65(004/005)Northern Vets AC01:12:55
370455307 David RobertsM60(006/008)Preston Harriers01:13:04
371428308 Paul MurphyM(125/138)Unattached01:13:05
372328309 George FlanaganM60(007/008)Wesham Road Runners01:13:07
37363 064Claire CarrF45(012/023)Parbold Pink Panthers01:13:32
37461 065Catherine WaltonF35(011/021)Parbold Pink Panthers01:13:36
37587310 Stephen JeffersM50(042/044)Unattached01:13:39
376352 066Janet HaworthF45(013/023)Rossendale Harriers01:13:44
37729311 Carl HampsonM45(051/056)Unattached01:13:46
378167 067Sarah DawsonF45(014/023)Unattached01:13:49
37912312 Mark LawsonM(126/138)Unattached01:13:51
380470313 Stuart SmithM50(043/044)Unattached01:13:56
381358 068Luci HeynF40(016/032)Unattached01:14:07
382257314 Chris AndersonM(127/138)Penny Lane Striders01:14:17
383302315 Wayne CulshawM45(052/056)Unattached01:14:28
384479316 Brian TaylorM(128/138)Unattached01:14:36
385326 069Laura FinlayF(022/031)Parbold Pink Panthers01:15:01
38620317 Antony HughesM45(053/056)Unattached01:15:07
387172318 James HollowayM(129/138)Unattached01:15:23
3888 070Joanne HeronF40(017/032)South Ribble Runners01:15:28
38935 071Sarah CookF35(012/021)Unattached01:15:30
390498 072Helen YatesF35(013/021)Unattached01:15:34
391213319 Mark CollierM45(054/056)Lymm Runners01:15:35
392128 073Helen LiversidgeF(023/031)Skelmersdale Boundary Har01:15:36
393? -unknown- (n/a) 01:15:47
394269 074Barbara BathF40(018/032)Unattached01:15:52
395312 075Joe DoddF45(015/023)Wrecsam Tri Club01:16:02
396180 076Sophie SchofieldF(024/031)Unattached01:16:13
397179320 James SchofieldM(130/138)Unattached01:16:13
398176321 Dave PeersM50(044/044)Pensby Runners01:16:18
399495 077Susan WilliamsF40(019/032)Burnden Road Runners01:16:28
40027322 Shaun IngramM40(065/067)Unattached01:16:30
401175323 James BoydM(131/138)Unattached01:16:32
402391 078Kate LewisF45(016/023)Picton RC01:16:38
403144324 Martin CrowtherM45(055/056)Unattached01:16:41
404166325 Phil MartinM70(002/005)Bowland Fell Runners01:16:50
405477 079Andrea TadeoF40(020/032)Unattached01:17:01
406452 080Melanie RidgewellF35(014/021)Radcliffe AC01:17:07
40796 081Christine NewburyF40(021/032)Liverpool Running Club01:17:11
408287 082Stephanie CharmanF60(001/003)Spectrum Striders01:17:15
4099326 Tom FinchM70(003/005)Northern Vets AC01:17:25
410335327 Brian GilmanM45(056/056)Unattached01:17:56
411330328 Pawel FolfasinskiM(132/138)Unattached01:18:25
41277 083Debbie RowleyF35(015/021)Mersey Tri01:18:32
413368 084Nicola HowarthF40(022/032)St Helens Striders01:19:11
414332 085Carol FosterF50(006/010)St Helens Striders01:19:12
415242329 Mike BruntM(133/138)St Helens Striders01:19:12
416446 086Carol PlattF40(023/032)Unattached01:19:19
417278 087Julie BrakeF40(024/032)Unattached01:19:42
088Wendy S. EckhardtF50(007/010)Southport Waterloo01:20:05
419238330 Robert BallM(134/138)Unattached01:20:07
420234 089Vicky LofthouseF(025/031)Mossley Hill AC01:20:11
421354 090Katherine HaynesF(026/031)Unattached01:20:36
422353 091Anna HaynesF(027/031)Unattached01:20:36
423339331 Andy GreenhalghM(135/138)Unattached01:20:36
424494 092Gen WilliamsF55(001/002)Picton RC01:20:44
425254 093Christine AcklamF35(016/021)Women's Running Network01:20:52
426218 094Rosie MorrisF40(025/032)Unattached01:21:12
427311 095Anne DochertyF50(008/010)Wesham Road Runners01:21:14
428459 096Elizabeth ShelbourneF45(017/023)Picton RC01:21:16
429103 097Emma HastieF(028/031)Parbold Pink Panthers01:21:19
43060 098Diane PowellF45(018/023)Parbold Pink Panthers01:22:06
431201332 Malcolm TowlerM65(005/005)Northern Vets AC01:22:19
432359333 Tom HiltonM60(008/008)Chorley AC01:22:30
43374334 George ArnoldM70(004/005)Preston Harriers01:22:55
434214335 Graham JonesM40(066/067)Unattached01:23:22
435356 099Anne HewittF60(002/003)Spectrum Striders01:23:25
436476 100Anna StocktonF(029/031)Parbold Pink Panthers01:23:45
437203 101Ann McRaeF45(019/023)Unattached01:24:18
438246336 Laurie KellyM(136/138)Unattached01:24:48
439489 102Rachel WalkerF(030/031)Unattached01:25:10
440480337 George TaylorM(137/138)Unattached01:25:17
44173 103Jennifer SaundersF40(026/032)Unattached01:25:27
442464 104Jane SinghF40(027/032)Unattached01:25:27
443471 105Tracey SmithF40(028/032)Ozonefit01:25:40
444438 106Ann PalmerF45(020/023)Unattached01:27:29
445468338 Keith SmithM40(067/067)Unattached01:27:53
446296 107Cathryn CotterillF45(021/023)Unattached01:28:00
447239339 Brian HughesM70(005/005)Liverpool Pembroke Sefton01:28:33
448439 108Maria ParkinsonF40(029/032)Burnden Road Runners01:28:43
44952 109Louisa HughesF45(022/023)Unattached01:29:33
450277 110Jane BowlesF40(030/032)South Ribble Runners01:31:04
451366 111Carole HorrocksF50(009/010)Greater Manchester Police01:31:18
45279 112Justine KellyF40(031/032)Parbold Pink Panthers01:31:38
45382 113Susan BlandF50(010/010)Unattached01:31:39
45481340 Roy BlandM55(017/017)Unattached01:31:40
455492 114Maureen WhitmanF60(003/003)Preston Harriers01:31:58
456389 115Carolyn LeechF35(017/021)Unattached01:33:08
457341 116Shelley GregoryF35(018/021)Unattached01:35:51
458154 117Helen McDonaldF35(019/021)Parbold Pink Panthers01:35:51
45965 118Grethe TaylorF55(002/002)Parbold Pink Panthers01:35:51
460431 119Ruth O'ConnellF70(001/001)Unattached01:37:33
461163 120Bernie ThornleyF35(020/021)Unattached01:41:20
462453 121Fiona RileyF45(023/023)South Ribble Runners01:42:03
463158 122Louise BarryF40(032/032)Unattached01:43:51
464313341 Shaun DonougherM(138/138)Unattached01:46:12
465270 123Joanne BentleyF35(021/021)Unattached01:51:49
466462 124Gayle SimpsonF(031/031)Unattached01:52:30

After the race we had a pint in the farmers Arm's and relived our highs and lows and relaxed after our hard efforts of the day. Full Results