Saturday 26 February 2011

Graeme Superman Obree Podcast and breathing new life into my running!

First, here is a truly brilliant interview with Superman cycling legend Graeme Obree.VCDL Episode 9 – The Obree Interview Click Here

Obree 3.jpg

Graeme Obree says he didn't 'TRY' to break the world Record, he went without any doubt that he was going to break it, to say 'TRY' he says means you've already giving yourself a get out clause ! To say TRY is a route to failure!

Me and Tess set off for another long easy run at level one.
Canutes post How should a runner breathe?on breathing and improved running performance was a wake up call to me.
I'd spent some time working on breathing and improving oxygen uptake last year, but had lapsed back into shallow inefficient upper chest breathing so I spent the 3 hours and 5 mins deep breathing into my diagram.
Result I felt a new lease of energy return to my body!
I believe if you want to improve you have to try every legal method available to reach your goal.
We ran over the sand dunes between the two golf courses then on through Ainsdale pinewoods then a lap round the scenic Formby forest before retracing our route home.
No drinks or energy bars, just a bowl of cereal before I set off.
A really good time on feet and fat burning session.
Total Time 3 hours 5 mins


Junk Miler said...

I've always done the opposite (surprise surprise) and do two steps in, three steps out. I vaguely remember reading somewhere early in my running life that this pattern gets all the "dead air" out of the lungs. Maybe I should try inhaling more (heh heh)?

Ewen said...

I'm downloading the podcast - sounds interesting.

It'll be good to see how you go with the breathing. I'm finding that it SOUNDS like I'm working hard (at easy paces) because my breathing is louder than normal... but the HR is still fine. I think it would be a matter of making it a habit (by practise), then after a few weeks you wouldn't notice the sound of the deep breathing...

Rick said...

Josh, as long as your doing the deep diagram breathing I think your be OK.
counting steps as I breath would do my head in!
So i'm just concentrating on deep breathing and letting the rhythm take care of it's self.
Ewen, yeah it's a great podcast, Obree comes across as a really nice guy.
Breathing yes I hardly breathed before.
I think in time the new breathing pattern will become hard wired into the system, keep working at it and let us know if you see improvements in performance and well-being.