Saturday 5 February 2011

Liverpool Chamionships and going on dating sites!

Today, Sunday is the Liverpool X/C championships.
I've spent my night going on a internet dating site and trying to write a good profile.
i ended up writing about my running highlights!
I then realized most women would find this a massive turn off, so had to go back to the drawing board!
If only I was taking part in a highly glamorous sport, such as F1 racing, surfing or even dare I say football ;[


Samurai Running said...

Yes, maybe you're right Rick. Most women aren't really impressed with age group winners!

But you should be honest and tell them that if they get with you they are going to learn that your stamina and endurance aren't only restricted to the road!! If you add a wink and a few "eehhh"s and sideway arm movements, it might do the trick!!!

Well maybe not! But it will weed out those who perhaps would be better off without you ;)

Ewen said...

Rick, a mate of mine had a good trick - called himself "Jim38" online when he was really 56 and drove a '38 Ford ;)

Might be time for a career change - even the wheel changers in F1 pull the ladies.

Thomas said...

What could possibly more glamorous than running 20 miles in the middle of the night, up to the knees in mud, desperate for a toilet stop, sweating buckets, spit flying everywhere ... yeah, I think I can see the ladies' point.

Just follow Scott's advice about stamina and endurance. It's the one thing going for us.


OK thanks guys for the encouraging and useful comments ;]
Yes my ad will read
Rick 21 again and a bit!
Seeks fit and fun lady for days out and maybe more!
Have large amounts of endurance and strong hips.
All bits in good mechanical working order.
Body work looking slightly shabby but a hot motor all revved up under the hood!
Please for an orderly que , or phone 07745.....:]