Sunday 6 February 2011

Liverpool X/C Championships. Team win Bronze!

The heavy rain stopped for the morning race but the wind picked up to near gale force at times.
The clarke gardens course is one of my favourite ones.
Its a mix of fast grass sections and muddy paths through woods.
Taking into account my long runs this week I had a reasonable race, finishing quite strongly.
Some of the clubs fastest runners were missing today so I found myself finishing last counter for the bronze winning team!
So I was really happy to help Southport Waterloo into the medals.
Good tempo session for me and end of a good weeks training :]

Thanks to Scott, Ewen and Thomas who helped me design an advert to go on a internet dating site:]

My ad will read;

Rick 21 again and a bit...!
Seeks fit and fun lady for days out and maybe more!
Have large amounts of endurance and strong hips.
All bits in good mechanical working order.
Body work looking slightly shabby but got a hot motor all revved up under the hood!
Please form an orderly que , or apply within:]


Grellan said...

Well done Rick. Now you can add "Bronze Medal Winner". It was wise to omit the "High Mileage" bit.

Rick said...

Yes or mention a 'knocking big end' :]

Samurai Running said...

Ohh, if only I was single, and gay.

I of course you'd have to be gay too!

Yes, sorry, didn't really think this through, just a gut reaction ;)

Ewen said...

Ha! You forgot the bit where I said to post a photo of you from 1990.

I hate queuing up, so I won't get behind Scott Brown. Um, actually, that's probably safer than being in front of him ;)


Ewen, I was reading the other day about a women complaining that all the men she met on a dating site had bald heads and looked 15 years older than their photographs posted on the dating site :]
Can't really see the point of lying you'd get found out sooner than tater!

Samurai Running said...

Who is "tater"?

Is that a bald guy that looks like a spud??

r said...

Ha..typo error opps, Latter ;]

Samurai Running said...

Understood Rick ;)

By the way I have to respond to Ewen's comment above. It seems he is suggesting that I'm a homosexual!

Now that is just absurd! I think the only way to unsoil my reputation is next time we meet I challenge Ewen to....

A Dance off ;)

Ewen said...

I don't think you're gay Scott... just a very happy chappy. I'm also worried because your wife told me there are no condoms left in your wallet!

Fair suck of the sauce bottle! How about we both go to watch a dance off at one of those pole dancing places ;)

Rick said...

Pole Dance;

Rick said...

Maybe you guys could take classes;

Samurai Running said...

Can I leave my hat on?