Tuesday 1 February 2011



If you don't believe in you neither will anyone else.


Location Ainsdale By spar 6.30pm Mondays
Good turnout apart from Neil who once again text me his excuses for not coming out to play!
Oh Neil your so funny, had me rolling about in a fit of laughter, maybe you can join the new Beginners running group on a Wed night at Dunes 6.30pm.
I'm helping out so could run with you at back to make sure you get round :]
Brian set a session of 2 loops which included 5 efforts each lap [ about 1 1/2-2 mins for each interval].
Giving the others a good head start Steve Lewis and myself worked hard to catch the group in-front, was quite surprised to see my pace dipping below 5 min miling at times.
Also getting back into good form were Matty and Paul [ back from the dead]!
Doctor Simon pulled out of the second lap after aggravating his piriformis muscle again, lets hope he recovers in time for London!
Ran down and back inc 6 X special strides.
Total time 2 hours.
Marius Bakken Session
32 mins of 2 mins level 2 [6.48 pace] and 2 mins level 4 [5.45 pace] alternating.
Total time inc warm up and down = 1 hour

Josh ShippJoshShipp
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Samurai Running said...

Thanks for the advice about taking it easy after the half Rick. In fact took monday off and did a slow 50 minute run today and felt fantastic! Had to hold myself back as I felt my body driving me forward almost effortlessly.

Hope this continues!

Good to see you find your fitness too ;)

Rick said...

Glad to hear your recover is going so well!
Yes my fitness seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds!
Lets hope we both marathon P.B. this year :]