Monday 28 February 2011

Birkdale Sand Dunes To Be Fenced Off And Turned Into Sheep Pens!

Our rights and freedom to use the area will be denied!
Contact Southport MP John Pugh HERE today and complain in the strongest terms possible.
Stop this happening NOW
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Act NOW!

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Grazing pens will cover 90% of nature reserve!
Fri 25th Feb 2011, 01:37 PM
Reported by: onthespot
Grazing pens will cover 90% of nature reserve!

Sefton Coast and Country have started the preparations to turn the Ainsdale and Birkdale dunes into farmland, even though there is no scientific evidence that it will benefit the biodiversity of the SSSI. 90% will be fenced off in grazing pens.

It will cost £100,000 for the fencing and £140,000 for an Environmental Impact Assessment. Can Sefton Council afford to spend money on schemes such as this when front line services are being cut?

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Scott McMurtrey said...


Samurai Running said...

Send those bloody sheep to Australia! I heard Ewen has sheep station big enough to house the whole of England!!!

Or he plans to run for one? Not sure.

Jokes aside, all the best fighting this Rick, sounds like something worth fighting for!