Saturday 19 February 2011


I worked like a dog through the night [do dogs work?] then got 3 1/2 hours in bed.
then it was time to get up and RUN!
What is it that drives me?
I get a lot of satisfaction out of pushing myself and seeing how far it will take me.
I like the feelings running brings me, confidence and control in my life!
But most of all it pushes back the boundaries of what is possible!
Tess and me completed Marius's wishes with a 3 hour run at level one 65-70 % of max pulse rate.

Strange how once you get into a pace it seems almost impossible to imagine going any faster.
Ran over the big sand dunes, then Ainsdale and Formby pinewoods before returning between the two golf courses.
Total time 3.06
Glad to get home, put my feet up and ave a cup of tea, ha NO make that a few pints of quality beer :]

Elite runner changes from heel strike to forefoot and gets rid of long term injuries

Imagination Is Everything

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Ewen said...

Sheep dogs work, but they get more than 3 1/2 hours in bed. Nice long run for you and Tess - low HR too.

Thanks for the Flotrack link - will have a read of that - sounds interesting.