Saturday 11 February 2017

How to run Faster!

Most runners do the same training week after week and wonder why they don't improve :0[
Truth is your body gets used to the same boring training and stops its adaptive processes!
Here is a plan that will catapult you into a new level of fitness!
The 4 Week Cycle
3 weeks of progressively harder training followed by a recovery week!
Here is a example;
Winter[ modern] base build
Week one;
Sessioms 1, 10 x short hill [steep] efforts
Session 2 30 mins steady
Session 3 10 mins tempo run inc 10 nins warm up and 10 mins cool dowm
Session 4 long run 45 mins
15 x short hill repeats
35 mins steady
15 mins tempo
55 min long run
20 x hill sprints
40 mins steady
20 min tempo run
65 min lomg run
Aim maintain fitness gained but allow the body to recover for the next level of training
6 x 20 sec  hill sprints
20 mins steady with last 5 mins fast
Steady run 30 mins

Next cycle will increase distance, efforts or both in a progression!