Friday 26 August 2011

Southport Beach 10K Entry Details And Route Map

25 August 2011: Southport Beach Race

The famous Southport Beach Race is back after a gap of 15 years. The DW Fitness Southport Beach 10K starts on the beach next to the pier at 10am on Sunday September 4th with about 2 miles on the beach and the rest on the good tarmac path along Marine Drive. This is a UKA event over a certified accurate course.

The Southport Beach Race was organised by Southport Waterloo AC from 1983 to 1996 when the beach looked very different with miles of compacted sand all the way to Ainsdale and beyond. In the early years the Beach Race was held over 10 miles with an amazing field of more than 1,200 runners in 1984 won by Gerry Helme who went on to set the course record (50.27) in 1986. Kate Harrison had a remarkable hat trick of wins for the club in the Beach Race, including a win over 10 miles in 1990 and then successes over 10K when the distance was changed in 1991.

The revived Beach Race starts with about one mile on the sand from the pier to Weld Rd and then almost 3 miles on the path/pavement along Marine Drive to a point beyond Hesketh Rd. The return leg includes a stretch along the beach before rejoining Marine Drive. There are good prizes at stake with £100 to the winner and £75 to the second in both the men’s and women’s events. Of course, everyone is guaranteed a fast start on the vast wide expanse of Southport Beach. This is a fast course on a calm day with very little of the race on soft sand. Nostalgics will love the new 'Beach Race' even if most of our beach has disappeared under a swathe of mud and grass.

Further information and entry

Winners of past Southport Waterloo Beach Race 1983 - 96

2011 Course map


Saturday 20 August 2011

Desert Raven

Running's going really well, I'll report back soon but for now enjoy this wonderful track I heard on Radio Caroline, Enjoy :0]
Coming soon; Report on Epic 17 mile hill run with Paul and Stevie,
Plus: How to get Faster at any age!

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Rubbish 5K Results

See all of Stevie Lewis's photos HERE

1] 18.12 Greg Callaghan

[2] 18.25 Rick Bowker

[3] 18.43 Rob McGrath

[4] 18.57 Neil Adshead

[5] 19.00 Howard Nuttall

[6] 19.11 Andy Hudson

[7] 19.30 Matthew Nelson

[8] 20.01 Paul Cain

[9] 20.13 Tracey Peters

[10] 20.34 Simon Tobin

[11] 20.37 Marc Tanbie?

[12] 21.54 Sue Cooper [went off course and lost maybe 20 sec]

[13] 21.57 Vicki Harvey

[14] 22.15 Don Wilkinson

[15] 22.29 Ed Sherstone

[16] 22.48 Tim Parry

[17] 22.52 Rob Cosgrove

[18] 23.04 Steve James

[19] 23.23 Paul Stennett

[20] 24.28 Matthew Tobin

[21] 24.30 Chris Cutner

[22] 25.15 Helen Rigg

[23] 25.22 Dave Aspinall

[24] 25.26 Ella Johnson

[25] 25.31 Carol Wright

[26] 25.40 Darren Rigby

[27] 25.43 Jake Rigby

[28] 25.46 Jane Blacklin

[29] 25.54 Donna Spencer

[30] 26.28 Brian Grice

[31] 26.38 Elaine Sutton

[32] 27.16 Jon Singleton

[33] 32.06 Sarah Reynolds

[34] 32.08 Lorraine Cookson

Thanks go out to Stevie for time keeping and photo's; Keith and his daughter for on the line results as well as Brian for final results and Internet results. plus a massive thanks to Dave for route markers!

Friday 12 August 2011

Pirate Radio On Merseyside And Memories Of Long Hot summers Past And Radio Jackie North

It's strange how the past catches up with you, talking to Neil on our regular Wednesday social night this week, over a few jars, conversations turned to pirate radio!
It seems both Neil and myself had fond memories of listening to the pirate Rock station RADIO JACKIE NORTH.
For me, I remember long hot summers back in the mid 70's-early 80's lazing about listening to R.J.N. in my parents back garden with the radio on full blast!
At one point I even sent in my own two hour music tapes to Eric Haydock AKA Rick Dane which he played through the air waves!
After my conversation with Neil I decided to find out what happened to Eric and R.J.N.
The news was not good, it seems he committed suicide back in 2002 due to very extreme depression!
But the memory lives on and Eric sure knew how to ROCK, R.I.P. Eric!
Check out some amazing sound bites from pirate radio in Merseyside Here
Fucking amazing tribute to Free pirate Radio, Check it out here

Thursday 11 August 2011

How To Run Faster With Your Mind Power!

Link Move Into the "Zone" of Higher Performance

Hey guys,

Remember the best lesson you can ever learn is that your mind controls your body,don't be a zombie!

Don't be a tool, read on.

You can cope with daily emergency situations and daily challenges where you need extra time and powers that heightened awareness affords you. You can run faster in less time and slow down events when needed by altering your perception of time and space. Some of the greatest athletes do it. Heroic rescue teams do it. You can do it too.


Radio Caroline to broadcast live from the Ross Revenge this coming Bank holiday Monday!

Monday 8 August 2011

Parbold Hill Run With Paul And Ben

I met up with Ben and Paul on saturday afternoon for a long run around Parbold and Ashurst Beacon.
Thankfully Ben was taking it easy after a second place in a 10K race just a few day before, otherwise Paul and me would have never been able to keep up!
First climb was up the one mile Stoney Lane climb followed by Hunters Hill then on to Ashurst Beacon.
Once we reached the church we turned left and followed a single track up to the Beacon.
As we reached the steepest section Ben romped away leaving Paul and me in his wake!
The final climb was up Fairy Glen and Paul set a ferocious pace that both Ben and myself were happy just to hang onto!
Great run thanks guys.
Next stop is a 10K next weekend!

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Run Faster Just By Adding These Two Simple Sessions To Your Training!

My Sports physio recommended I did some single leg hopping to improve my leg strength.
After doing some research I came across Mike Trees article, he recommends doing uphill single leg hopping to increase stride length and doing wind sprints to improve leg speed.
Read his article and watch his videos Here
Give it a try and see if you get faster and stronger after just 6 weeks!


Back into full training now!
Sandhill 6 route at tempo pace 36.27
Plus 10 x 45 sec at 10 K effort up and down a slight hill.
Found the tempo effort tough in the midday sun but recovered to run the short efforts pretty strongly.
Easy run with Tess over the sandhills = 1.06
Club track session, plus 6 x 20 sec strides downhill on grass. = 1.12
Sandhills with Rob, Eddie and Tess, plus run down = 1.07
Parbold hill run, pushed hard on the hills = 1.40

Check out Radio Caroline for your summer sounds!