Wednesday 16 February 2011

Figgin Hard 19 Miles Progression Run, You Know I Bet Even Ryan Hall Swears Sometimes!

Marrius Bakken Progression Run.
Running a good marathon sure ain't easy, but to me running these sort of long progression sessions feels even harder, without the adrenalin or fresh legs it can feel like a real mental battle to push on through and and finish on target.
I wanted to do this session in daylight so after working the night shift I got just 3 hours in bed then hit the road at 1 pm.
I did this session in my P.B. build up last year and found it pretty dam hard.
2 hour 10 min Monster tempo run March 2010
In fact I seem to have improved my times just slightly, but still felt as bad, the legs just did not feel as sharp or as springy as I would have liked, maybe in retrospect doing this session later in the week might have given me more recover time.
I set off on a big loop to Ainsdale at level one which should have been 7.33 pace, I went a little faster 7.23 pace.
At Ainsdale station I lifted the pace, pushing hard up the hill, then along the coast rd back to Southport. I was now pushing Level 3 [ marathon-1/2 MP pace] after 20 mins I reached the Birkdale roundabout with an average of 6.14 pace, it didn't feel smooth or easy, would I last till the end of the session?
Next I dropped back to Level one and averaged 7.33 pace for the next 30 mins.
I ran through Victoria Park then moved into Kings Gardens.
I was hoping the one K loop would be pedestrian free, but the sun had brought out families with young children, students and even an ice cream van!
Anyway the distraction of dodging in and out of people distracted me from my pain as I started my next level 3 effort.
Bystanders looked on in awe at my incredible SPEED [ OK, OK only kidding! :]
I felt like I was moving faster than the Garmin was showing, in the end I just put my head down and went by feel trying to get in the groove.
Lap after lap went by and at last 20 mins were up, result 6.18 pace.
10 more mins at level one 7.33 pace followed before my final hard effort, this time at level 4 [ 1/2 MP - 10K pace].
Marius says don't worry if you find this hard, gees after almost 2 hours running your not kidding mate!
3 laps of the Kings Gardens = 3K so I just kept the thought of all the races we use to do in here in my mind.
I pushed hard, very hard, in fact I started to feel much better but try as I might I could not average better than 6.02 pace even with a strong last lap!
What can I say I gave it my best shot!
19 miles, average pace 6.55. total time = 2 hours 11 mins
30 mins 7.23 pace 20 mins 6.14 pace 30 mins 7.33 pace 20 mins 6.18 pace 10 mins 7.33 pace 10 mins 6.02 pace 10 mins 7.33 pace



Thomas said...

Blimey! That's some workout!

Samurai Running said...

I'm on the exact same week as you Rick and I saw that this session was due but as I have a hilly half marathon race coming up this Sunday I'm going to give this training session a miss as doing both will just drain me too much.

Well done with doing yours though!

I'm not always doing all the sessions as well as I should but sometimes I'm doing better, still confident that I'm making progress.

I see the last 8 week as the key to running well on marathon day so I'll pretty much do everything that I should from now ;)


Scott; I think if yoy keep within the general rules of M.B.s progran your do really well.
on 'Marathon Talk' the other week Ron Hill said, forget tempo runs just race!
In many ways I agree with him, today's progression run pushed my mental resolve to the limit, but maybe that's what I need , to build my mental strength to handle PAin!
Have a good 1/2 Scott, hell I kmow you will :]

Ewen said...

If Ryan does swear, I bet he begs forgiveness straight away!

That Marius can be a mean SOB of a coach at times. When it gets you the result in London it'll be all worth it. By the way, if your legs aren't springy you might have to go back to those Spira shoes for a while ;)