Thursday 3 February 2011

NEW date for torchlight 5k and amazing film of the 1929 Liverpool Marathon

Liverpool Marathon 1929 from RunLiverpool on Vimeo.

The last in the series Torchlight 5K will be on the 23rd Feb
More details soon!

Thanks to Ewen for link to this video

Long run with Tess, sandhills, Ainsdale pinewoods followed by a loop round the Formby pinewoods before retracking my route.
Kept to max 70% of heart rate, felt good first 2.30 hours, but tired towards the end.
Tess sheltered from the strong headwind, keeping behind me on way out but took the lead on the return [ not stupid this dog!].
Total time 3 hours 23 mins
RON HILL interview Part Two
Awesome! check it out!


Thomas said...

I had no idea about that Liverpool marathon.

(weak stereotype joke ahead)

Mind, with the amount of running away from the police all the time, the locals must have been in pretty good shape ...

Anonymous said...

ah ha ha. ace film. i especially like the pit stop:)


Thomas, can I invite you to run the new Liverpool marathon in Oct.
I reckon you'd have to run a P.B. not to get lynched by the watching crowd after your comments :]

Ewen said...

I didn't realise Lemoncello was one of your mates until I heard him speak ;) I wonder if he looked up Scott for a solid training run while he was in Osaka?

Samurai Running said...

Mr. Lemon seems like a real decent guy, been reading his blog, but he, like all the elites, gets guided tours from representatives of their various sponsors. They don't need the likes of me! Having said that I reckon we can show the visiting runner a time they could not have without us!

I started my "Samurai Running" business to help those that aren't elite but still want a stress free memorable running experience here in Japan.

We intend to show people a view of Japan from a local runners perspective. And you know nobody know a city like a local and nobody knows it like us "foreign locals!"

Junk Miler said...

@Scott: "Samurai Running" sounds awesome. What a cool job.

@Rick: It's amazing that Tess can stay with you that long. Does she stop and catch up, or maintain your pace?

And I'm totally doing the water bucket stop from now on. That was some cool vintage footage (ha). All those horizontal stripes!


she is a sheep dog so spends the whole run herding me up!
so she does more miles than me:]


P.S. Yes the water bucket stop might catch on :]