Wednesday 9 February 2011

Improve stride length, run better!

When most runners, coaches, running shops think of the single biggest problem that affects runners- the answer usually points to the most feared word in running – “over-pronation.” However, we told Amby Burfoot (link here) that our years of experience quantifying running mechanics through the use of 3D gait analysis has shown us otherwise.

While it’s true that some of us out there may pronate more than others, it isn’t exactly what we’d call an epidemic problem in America. We’ll estimate that less than 30% of runners truly over-pronate (excess motion in the foot) their feet while running. To find the real answer, we need to move up eyes up and look at the hips.
About 80-90% of runners don’t extend their hips.READ MORE

Move Those Hips!

How to Prevent Running Injuries

Move Those Hips!

Run healthier by building range of motion. READ MORE

Dynamic Warmup for Runners
This routine is designed to warm up the specific muscles used for running

Get Fit With a Pole!

Club Session 12 x hills
Was quite shocked to see I was hitting over 14 MPH on some of the hill efforts while trying to keep up with fast improving Steve lewis.
ran down and back, felt pretty dam good = 1 hour 50 mins
Marius Bakken alternating marathon-10K pace session.
12 mins 6.14 pace, 3 mins 5.53 pace, 6 mins 6.14 pace, 3 mins [L2] 6.45 pace, 9 mins 6.14 pace, 3 mins 5.53 pace, 1 min 5.35 pace, 1 min 5.30 pace, with 2 mins rec between each effort, plus SS strides. felt strong and in control, held a bit back keeping to the middle of each training level.
Total time 1 hour
Big sandhills with Tess.
Enjoyed the run in warm conditions = 1.25
Helped with Sarah's Beginners runners group at Dunes.
Run with Rob and Tess sandhill 5 course.
total time = 52 mins


Ewen said...

Yes, I remember Steve Magness wrote a good post about hip extension. I guess that's one of the downfalls of lots of long distance running (without strides etc) - hip mobility becomes less.

by7 said...

good link, thank Rick

I can not agree more...
Probably for amateur and older runners, the hip flexibility is a huge limiting factor.
Sometimes our aerobic conditioning goes much faster than what our stride can transfer to the ground
Note: look at a picture of Bekele into action.. his "back foot" can not only kick his but, but even go higher and be parallel to the ground... (seems he can almost kick his back) amazing!