Friday 18 February 2011

Japan to host first ever robot marathon

Wow check this out, I think I could win this race [If only I was a Robot ] !
Seems the crafty Japanese have come up with a plan to beat the Kenyans at there own game!
Oh and the first Robot in the video looks a bit like Ewen! VIDEO

And more NEWS Mo Farah leaves UK for Portland USA shock horror!

Keitany smashes Half Marathon World record

She's Running the London Marathon in April, will Paula Radcliffe's Record go?
Mary Keitany and her World record numbers in Ras Al Khaimah  (Victah Sailer)


Grellan said...

I reckon Scott could take one of those robots on and who knows he could even win.

Samurai Running said...

As long as the race was held in the afternoon when my hamstrings loosen up, yes Grellan I reckon I could teach those miserable, miniture, mindless machines a lesson!!

Sorry for the agressive stance against Robots but I've never been able to forgive them since I walked in on a hand held battery operated one with my "Ex" girlfriend!!

Ewen said...

Yes Scott, but can you ex-girlfriend's robot change a flat tyre?

Rick, they may be able to stretch better than me but I'd like to think I could finish a marathon in under 4 days.

Keitany's time is amazing - I saw 30:45 at 10k which not many women can run for a 10k race! She's fast enough to run 2:15 if she can go the distance.