Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pain Is Good! RicksRunning Rant!


Every serious racer needs to know that pain is good!

I'm not talking about injury pain but the pain of hard effort!
I think too many runners nowadays shy away from pain!
They fear it!
they will do almost anything to avoid it!
Back in the days when I was running my fastest short distances, I had a mantra which I reapeated over and over again before a race!

Pain Is Good!

I use to imagine myself like a machine!
And in my mind I'd see a motor cycle rec counter with a RED zone limiter!
And for me that limit was the MAX PAIN I could take!
And I'd try to reach this limit in every race!

Legendary sports scientist Tim Noakes believes that runners need to do one session a week that pushes their pain threshold to the limit!

Anyway at last I had a realy good training session with the club,running 4 loops round the pinewoods we did 3 hard efforts per lap.
I went with the intention of not running by pace, but of simply pushing as hard as I could!
The result was good and at times I even saw the pace drop well below 5 min mileing!
And as if by synchronicity I came across this article the next day, worth a read me thinks!
So maybe you modern runners should unstrap your heart rate monitors and stop looking at your GPS all the time and get into a new zone-THE RED ZONE! 


Steve Jones [British record holder2.07 Marathon] and the likes of legedary runner Ron Hill often did'nt even wear a watch when racing, yet modern day British elites with modern technology can't even match them!

Stop limiting yourself-push the limits beyond what you think is possible!

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