Wednesday, 9 May 2012

15 x 400m Session! Running With The Red Dragon!



 In truth we were running just under 400m
I'm starting to see slow progress in the right direction.
On a mild rainy night a good group of us set off from the Dunes Leisure Center.
Including in the group was super FAST Harry [46 sec 400m runner]!
The aim of the night was 15 X about 400m on the road!
On the early efforts I remembered what my Marathon coach had told me a couple of years ago!
Start off slower and build up your speed through the session.
well by the half way mark I was starting to feel strong and finishing higher up the group.
hitting a best average speed of 5.07!
But my lack of fitness started to show towards the end as I slow a bit!
Oh and the SPIRA shoes performed beautifully :0]

Asta La Vista baby :0]

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Ewen said...

Sounds like a fun session Rick. 5:07 pace is very respectable! Glad the new Spiras went well - I'm keen to get a pair.