Saturday, 26 May 2012

Heat and Hills Take There Toll!

My first training run of the year over the Parbold hills coincided with the hottest day of the year!
I felt OK over the first 2 climbs but I exploded on the 3 rd climb!
Lack of fitness and the heat meant my final ascent up Hunters Hill was at a snails pace, once over the top I was able to coast down to Parbold village for a well earned Ice Cream and cold drink :0]
man that felt like a 3 hour run yet it was only 1 hour 36 mins !!!
i hope to get this up to a 17 mile 2500 ft of climbing run by the end of June.
Wednesdays Harrock Hill race went worse than planned, my  legs blew on the second long climb!
I faded back to finish well down, unlike last year when I finished 13th and was flying.
At least my weight seems to be dropping back down closer to racing weight.
talking to Steve McLean after the race he recommended doing some hill sprints to build back the power I've lost after my 2 month injury.
On Thursday I followed his advice and did 10 x 20 sec sprints up and over some short steep hills on the Rubbish 5K course.
The idea is to build up 20 efforts!
Never Give Up Hope, You Never Know Whats Round The Corner :0]


Ewen said...

Keep going back for more Rick! I'll swap you a few of our 5 celsius days for some of that heat ;) I ran 1:30 today and it felt like 2 hours, so I know what you mean!


Thanks Ewen, No doubt in time my body will adapt, by which time I'm sure it will start raining again :0]

bricey said...

I think that's it's been so long since we've seen sun we've forgotten.... I wonder if many Olympians are acclimatising to the peculiar and changeable weather in these islands!! :)

I'm sure the running form is only a blip and you'll soon be back to full speed


Thanks Bricey,
I'm hoping my form will return at some point this summer!