Saturday, 5 May 2012

Long Run with Mandy and a Super Moon tonight!

I arranged to do a long trail run with NEW club member Mandy.
Tess and me took her over some of the toughest trails in the area including parts of the sandhill 6 and into the pinewoods.
I was surprised how well Mandy coped!
Her Dad has run a 2.43 Marathon. so who knows what potential Mandy might have with the correct training ?
By the time we got back to Mandy's house we'd clocked up 15 miles, her longest ever run and my longest run since my injury!
Mandy is training for the Freckleton Half Marathon

Strangly when I got home Eddie text me saying why not enter the half as he was going.
He said be quick only a few places left!
And on a high from running 16 miles I entered, Oh no what have I done!
I'm still overweight by 10 LB, this could be painful!!!

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Ewen said...

Even 10 lbs overweight (what's that in real money?) I'm sure you'll do well.

With good coaching Many should at least go for a sub-3 marathon!