Friday 16 November 2012

Tess's Good Run!

Photo the record breaking £8000 sheep dog who looks  very much like Tess
Tess dragged me out of the house soon after I arrived home from my night shift!
To meet the first light of dawn and be riding the sand dunes trails was pretty neat, but to see Tess's smile was infectious and I could only smile back :0]
Now tess is aproaching 70 in dog years I've cut her mileage back, just like when Ron Hill retired from running half marathons at 70!
But today Tess must have been feeling pretty good for she took the lead from early on and I chased hard at her heels to keep up!
It was only a 45 min run over the Velvet trail, BUT it sure felt f**king good  :0]


Anonymous said...

Has she run a sub 4 minute mile yet?


If I paced her on my bike I'm sure sub 4 would be no problem!

Ewen said...

I'm sure she's a very young 70 with all that running! Thanks for the fell racing vid too Rick. Cool stuff.