Saturday 15 September 2012

Running Is Freedom!

Big sandhill Run
I have many feelings and thoughts going through my mind right now!
But once on the open Road-Trail these things evaporated away!
I felt the the fresh breeze and the salt air in my face.
I was one with everything, enjoying the moment!
My adrenaline pushed me on, through the over grown Rain Forest that is meant to be my local sandhills!
Once back on the road for a final two miles I pushed harder and harder!
First marathon pace, progressing faster and faster, ending in 5K pace!
Man that felt so F***king good :0]
Raising me up above all my troubles!
My fastest time for the year :0]
Weight training,core work and trigger point massage.
After a good warm-up i ran 10 mins at tempo effort followed by 20 x 20 sec sprints up short steep hills.
I got down to sub 5 min mile average pace on the last few!
Then followed 6 x 20 sec on the flat, reaching 14.7MPH Max speed.
And to finish off I ran for 10 mins progressively  harder to finish at sub 5k pace.
Felt really good.
With organizing the Rubbish 5K I only had time for core work and a short easy run.
Easy run with Tess over the Velvet trail.
Plus weight training, core work and Trigger point Massage.
Brian's session in the pinewoods, good turnout of runners.
Fast speed work.


Ewen said...

Great video Rick. Listened to 27 minutes of it so far.

Keep hitting the sandhills - they seem to be doing you good. No rain forest anywhere around here. It's too sunny and dry ;)


We had the wettest summer on record, or it seems that way, bye for now time to watch the Great North Run!