Sunday 8 November 2009

1 hour 20 at Lancaster 1/2 Marathon, my fastest time in 5 years!

Flooded cycle tracks and roads made this 1/2 seem more like a X/C race, but I powered round to finish in 1.20.30 and first V45, THANKS GO OUT TO PETER MAGILL FOR TRAINING ADVICE.
Report to follow.


gmc said...

Congrats, great time,
should set you up for the country.

PM is right: don't go blasting about
like a youngster in training.

BTW the noun advice is spelt with a "c".

Grellan said...

Well done Rick great result. Sub-1:20 round the corner. Your reaping th benefits of your new trainig program.

bricey said...

well done. sounds like a fast time on a not so fast course. looking good...


Spelling was never my strong point gmc!
thanks for comments, yeah i think If i stick to Pete's adviCe i might even get back to the 78 min p.b. of 2004!

Samurai Running said...

That kind of time for an old fella like you would be age graded to about 1:12:00!!!

Well done Rick you aren't far off your PB. Yes "steady as she goes" but I'll race you to it!

Ewen said...

Nice going Rick! Now you have me confused as to whether to back you or Scott in the first to sub-2:45 race.

Looking forward to the report and why Pete Magill made the difference.

John Kynaston said...

Great run Rick.

You deserve the praise as you've worked hard for this.

Keep it going!