Sunday 29 November 2009


3 laps, 9.8k in 37.38, Very muddy but some fast stretches.
After my disasters of last seasons X/C 's I had what felt like my best race in many years, thanks to Pete Magill's advice [ only one hard session during race weeks].
Despite a sore throat since Wed I had really good legs, holding back at the start I started pushing the pace after a couple of mins, turning the race into a progression run, pushing harder and harder as the race went on, I don't think I've ever passed so many people before, it was awesome fun!
last season i had heavy legs from the start of each X/c and ran out of energy by half way, i hated each and every moment of those races, this time was so much better, at last I'm no longer over trained, still not at my best but making very good progress and most important of all I'm having fun again, so 2 good races [ 1.20 half marathon, best time in 5 years] and this X/C show Pete's training is working :]


Ewen said...

That's great Rick!

I'm another convert to Pete Magill's advice - only one hard session during race weeks is helping me feel much better during the races.


Yes Ewen it really helps, racing is a lot more fun now :]