Monday 23 November 2009

16 miles on the roads , Running Naked!

Run Naked, check out this video :]
I can now run for 16 miles on the roads in my Nike Free's[modified] without any problems, this inc 10k steady down to meet up with the club at Ainsdale, followed by 11 hard efforts over 300 - 400m with ben, Simon,Neil and Brian. Once again conditions were extremely windy but we managed a very good work out. after arranging a lift for Saturdays X/C i said my good byes and headed for home the long way.
I ran the last 15 mins at a fast tempo pace finishing with 2 laps of a half mile loop, really pushing the gas peddle to the floor over the final 5 mins.felt much stronger this week :]
No more hard runs now until sat X/C.
16.00 m, 8 mph av, max speed 14mph =2.00


Jamie Anderson said...

Funny video! But those naked folks need to run barefoot if they truly want to be natural.

Nice job on the 16 miles!

bricey said...

now that's what I call a training group - it certainly would save on the clothes washing bill and would be good for the environment too!! But, pity they weren't wearing Asics!!

Ewen said...

Yes, I've seen that one. Would have been better with less pixelation ;)

Nice going with the Frees. Longest I've run with mine is about 17k. Good that they last 'forever'!