Thursday 29 October 2009


Wed 28th
I ran over the sandhills in the afternoon at a moderate aerobic pace for one hour and seventeen minutes.
In the evening I headed over to Dunes fitness centre to meet up with the guys and girls, for the 6.30pm speed session. There was a really good turn out which included some really quick runners, Steve Wilko was here [ sub 2 mins for 800, when fit] Steve McLean [ fresh from his mountain 2 day marathon and with a 2.17, 800 m, p.b.] and Chris Dunn who seems to be flying right now.
We all did the first effort together about 600m along the wooden board walks of the pier.
The fast guys pulled away from me, I glanced at the Garmin which showed 12 mph, I relaxed a bit thinking this was fast enough until I got more warmed up!
Once we got onto the Prom we split into two groups, the fast group decided on 8 x about 400m with a min and a half rec.
Once again the guys pulled away from me and I finished a few seconds back, but like on my Monday session I got faster on the next effort and managed to hang onto their backs, looking at the garmin showed a steady 12.7 mph. I just about kept up for the rest of the efforts as we got even faster,.
Looking at the Garmin graphs shows me hitting a max 15 mph quite a few times, whats amazing is on my own I would only reach these sort of speeds on a flat out 100. I didn't time the efforts but I reckon most were around 70 sec 400m pace or better. Training with a group makes running fast much easier, if you train on your own you really should think of at least once a week training with a group, it could take you up to the next level! =45 mins

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