Tuesday 20 October 2009


Mon 19th
To cheer myself up after my depressing 10k performance I ran down to meet up with the guy's for one of Brian Davey's training sessions. It was great to be back hammering along the dark back roads in a fast moving group, this was Fun with a capital F!

I've really missed these sessions and have decided to do them every week through the winter, its just amazing how fast you go in a group I was regularly hitting 12- 13 mph on each effort.
max speed 14.1 mph total time 1 hour 40 mins
Shoes modified Nike Free's
Tue 20th
I've decided to just enjoy my running for abit and just run as I feel!
Enjoyed running over the sandhills with Tess before it went dark,
= 43 mins
Race Report


gmc said...
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gmc said...

Don't u think if u are paying BARRY MAGEE
good $$$ then you should stick to
EXACTLY what he tells you to do ?

I love blasting up and down the Alps
on my bike but I know it's not going
to get me in shape to win a big race.

Stick to the man's plan Rick.

Ewen said...

Are you having a bit of a break before the final Barry sub-2:45 London plan? Good time to do it as he'll have the whip out for sure!

The group 400s sound fun - wouldn't want to catch someone's legs though and hit the deck at that speed.