Saturday 10 October 2009


2000 ft of fun! I arranged to meet Eddie for a long hill run at one pm, this meant I could get 4 hours in bed after a hard night shift. The alarm went off at 11.50, I guess I'd just gone into a deep sleep as the alarm brought me around, the thought of just 10 mins more in bed was to good to resist! I woke with a jolt! Shit I'd over slept, I jumped out of bed and rushed to put my contact lens in, Dam it fell to the floor and I had to search for a good 10 mins to find it! I quick call to Eddie,
" sorry going to be a little late!
Eddie's training for an off road marathon so we ran for 2 hours over the hills of Parbold and Ashurst Beacon [ basically two fell race routes in one go]. conditions were idea and it was good fun blasting up and down the hills and running over the dirt paths.
We took the first climb steady up stoney lane, I even had time to look around at the local scenery, once at the top we took a left then followed the road for a bit until we got to the quarry path. A quick detour down a narrow path and we came out above the quarry pool, Wow! what a awesome panoramic view! We scramble and slid down the rocks and then head downhill, running a loop round to the start of Hunters Hill. I really enjoyed going up Hunters hill with the wind on my back, I pulled away from Eddie half way up, working at driving my knees forward and up, I was flying!

Once over the top we head downhill through the fields at high speed. Next stop Ashurst Beacon, I felt good again and half way up push the pace, as we reach the church we turn left and follow the cobbled path up to the beacon, near the top it get really steep but I find driving my Knees forwards and up gives me good progress.
Talking to Eddie at the top he said he was trying to push into the ground but it did not feel right, so I told him to try concentrating on knee drive, it works!
At the top we turn left and go past the starting point for the Ashurst Beacon race, flying downhill I reach 14.6 mph, near the bottom we turn left and follow along the dirt paths until we reach the Leeds Liverpool canal, over the bridge and the climbing starts in earnest once more, up along the side of the old Parbold quarry. the path gets really steep for a bit, but soon I come out onto the top of Parbold Hill and wait for Eddie to catch up!
WE cross the road and follow the Parbold race route for a while,climbing through peaceful fields and dirt tracks, one last plunge downhill through the fields again and we make it back to the car,
We finished the run feeling good about life! A run to remember, for sure! = 2.00

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