Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Never look back !

Yes I know, everybody's doing it! no, not that!!! I mean looking back on 2009, so why not Rick's running?

I've learned a lot this year, or maybe I forgot a lot and then re-learnt it!
The Highs
My build up to London went really well , once I started to follow a plan [not till March!]
running within 10 secs of my 2004 P.b. in a 20 mile race and at 2.45 marathon pace was a real high Read report here
Running London [ my first time in 5 years] was kind of cool, looking back now I'm really happy with the result, i missed my target of beating my time of ten years ago by just 1 min 15 sec, but the whole experience was awesome! Read report here
Then after a summer of let downs due to over training I got some great advice from Peter Magill and ran my fastest 1/2 marathon in 5 years.
Read Report here
so there you have it; my fastest 1 /2, 20 miler and Marathon in the last 5 years, not bad for a 48 year old runner me thinks :]
Plans for next year, think Dr Rosa - Italian marathon training program, dramatic weight loss and things are looking exciting all ready :]
Thanks for visiting, leaving comments etc.
Have a fantastic new year and see you soon!
P.S. My wife says I run like the guy in the video, is that a good thing or not?


Ewen said...

Rick, it's not such a bad thing that you run like the guy in the video - he has a nice relaxed style. As long as you don't blow your nose like him around the house ;)

You've had a great year! I hope there's more of the same in 2010 - racing Scott Brown to be the 'most improved' marathoner.

Also, thanks for your comments on my blog during '09, and most recently. I'm sorry you lost your dad at such a young age. I do feel lucky to have had so much time with mine. All the best Rick.


Ewen, thanks for dropping by throughout 2009, Cheers :]