Thursday, 3 December 2009


CLICK ON PHOTO for podcast on downhill running
Super fast masters runner Steve James recommended some years ago that I Incorporated some downhill sprints into my marathon training, the result was much less sore legs!
I also think regular long hill runs help a lot too :]
Todays run
Big sandhills 1 Hour 20 mins
Set off late, so was racing against time to get back before it went dark.
Thankfully the strong wind pushed me over the sand dunes, the rain showers soon started which added to my speed to return home. Tess seemed to enjoy the conditions and was full of energy!
Just made it off the sandhills and back onto the roads as the light faded,
ended up running 10 mins faster than normal.

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Ewen said...

Thanks Rick - good listening. A mate of mine is a big believer in downhill (small % grade) sprints on grass for leg-speed and quad strength.