Friday 25 February 2011



Torchlit Tip 5k Run
Thu 24th Feb 2011, 08:17 PM
Reported by: roving-eye
Last night saw thirty local runners brave the elements for the final in the night time Torchlit Tip 5k series.
Held on the reclaimed refuse land on Bentham’s Way, the Tip 5k race is usually held in summer evenings and is an extremely popular event.

The Torchlit Tip 5k is run along the same course but held during the Winter evenings where runners are guided by glow-sticks marking the route and their head-torches lighting the way.

This unofficial training event was the brainchild of Andrew Hudson, looking for some way of getting local runners together during the dark winter months for a more exciting training session than just plodding the local pavements.The previous sessions were held in December and January and the final event took place last night and has proved to be very successful with an increased number of attendees of both runners attempting to break their previous record and new runners eager to participate in this novel experience.

Last night's fastest time was achieved by Steve Mclean, completing the course in 18:26 in a close-fought battle with second placed Steve Lewis (18:29) and third placed Rick Bowker (18:34)

Event organiser Andrew Hudson completed the course in fourth position in a respectable 19:28 with Vicky Harvey being the first woman home, in fifteenth place overall, in 22:43.

Thanks to Nicola Hudson for the report


Stevie L said...

Got to say thanks to Andy for sorting out some very enjoyable Wednesday evening races. Big thanks also to everyone that helped out, Nicola for time keeping and all the marshals and supporters.
I'll also include Rick as without his efforts and enthusiasm to run the Rubbish 5k series I don't think it would have been possible have such a successfully event from scratch.
As for the race on Wednesday it was certainly close fought with the top three all taking the lead at various stages. While each got a few yards on the others by the final crossing of the bridge the 30 yard spread had been closed and we held together until the final left turn. Even with Rick's encouragement the uphill finish 'straight' is deceptively longer than expected. Steve's managed to put in a final kick to grab the win, while I as chuffed with my highest even placing and a new P.B.
I feel the summer series is going to be close!

PaulW said...

Bring on the summer series, I've improved my time by 2 minutes in 5 weeks.

Rick said...

Thanks Steve and Paul.
Plans for the summer.
May; 1 mile uphill and downhill mile suicide challenge, location parbold.
June-July-Aug Rubbish 5K series.
Sept; grand final handicap challenge, location Marine lake 5K.

JS Grame-Smith said...

Yes stevie.I think this is the very enjoyable moment for them and nicely captured in photograph.
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