Monday, 8 October 2007

week 6 base training

mon 8 oct ran down over sandhills and then met up with the club, we put in about 8 short efforts.max speed 13.6
ran back with john.finding the pose running style very good,running alot smoother now . 14.36 miles =1.53.59
looking over the results of the liverpool 10k, i noted that a guy i beat by a minute in a 10k trail race 2 weeks ago ran just over 36 mins and peter roome [from my club]who i beat by 1.44 in the trail race ran just on 37 mins,so it looks good for me getting a 35min 10k in a couple of weeks.
my training seems to be going well,had a couple of days last week[tue=wed] when i felt tired but came around by the end of the week. i highly recommend trying out the pose style of running,check out ' pose tech' for more info and video's.

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