Sunday, 28 October 2007

hill run, 2000ft of climbing

sat 28
had a really great run, ran over the dirt paths,fields and hills of parbold,total of 5 climbs in all.
i think that maybe even ARTHUR LYDIARD would have been proud of me.
felt quite strong and really enjoyed myself.
this marks 2 months of ARTHUR LYDIARD base training,and i can start to feel the benefits times i have felt very tired,but i've made it through this far.
running is not just about training the body but also the mind to.i think these long runs make me stronger both in mind and body.
link to my run,motion based.
15.96 miles =2.01.43

sun 28th easy run over the sandhills =50.20

Total for week=9 hours 14mins

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