Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Reflections on the natterjack seaside 10k

quite happy with my run on Sunday,ran the first 4 1/2 miles with team mate mark clarehugh.mark ran sub 2.40 in the London marathon so i knew i was in good company.felt the pace was comfy upto 4 miles,then at 4 1/2 m mt legs went! mark pulled out over 30 sec on me in that last 1 mile 1/2.
i think my legs just filled with lactic acid,after all am only in my base faze of Arthur lydiards training,so after I've done the anaerobic training latter on i should be flying!
well lets hope so!!!

mon 22
ran over sandhills and met up with club,8 x hill efforts,then ran home steady.felt ok after race. = 1.55

tue 23
easy-steady run over sandhills,working on pose tech.
beautiful afternoon and the sun was quite warm for the first part of my run.

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