Wednesday, 10 October 2007

here is a picture of my beautiful wife niz,as its her 30th birthday today.

wed10 todays run was a combined leg speed and tempo run[not sure mr lydiard would have approved of this].
started with 10x120 m downhill on grass,when your doing a high mileage it can take a long time to warm up and each one of my 120m got faster ending up with 15.9mph , my fastest yet!
the aim with this session is to work on pure leg speed.
after a 10min jog i ran 4 x 1 mile at about tempo pace,i used the park where there will be a 10k a week on sunday.
tempo pace mile 1, 5.57 mile 2,5.53 mile 3,5.49 mile 4, 5.49 1 min rest between efforts.
i was happy with the result; seemed a bit strange not to be running my miles flat out like in the summer,felt like t could have run about 10 miles at this pace.
im hoping i can run the 10k in around 35 mins just off this base training, will have to wait and see.
total for the day 9.09 miles =1.08

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