Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Virgin London Marathon Training Week4

Club session
location Ainsdale, by the spar.
Start 6.30pm Mondays
Ran down and back to club session. Good turnout apart from Neil who fell on his own skis while on holiday and hurt his ribs, SILLY BOY!
We did some pretty long efforts, felt quite strong, but could still feel the weekend long run in my legs a bit!
last effort was in memory of Neil, we moaned for him as we climbed the hill back to Ainsdale :]
Total time inc 6 x smart strides = 2 hours 2 mins

Interesting video on Ryan Hall and his recovery from over-training, seems he's doing the right thing after all !



Samurai Running said...

Yeh, Ryan seems well, all the best to him, he might finally of got it and it is good to hear that the elites have, or had, the same day to day problems of bending down and walking up stairs feeling like old men!

Still anyone who can say "I'm such a focused, passionate individual" with out cringing I can't really understand.

Still, the beard is a step up, I reckon ;)

Rick said...

As long as he doesn't start wearing saddles and try and run over water, ah :]

Scott McMurtrey said...

I like the beard too :)

Ewen said...

Agreed. We all know bearded runners are faster... what about those East German women from the '80s ;)

Rick said...

Bearded East German women runners, Lovely!