Saturday, 22 January 2011

Virgin London Marathon Training Week 3

Back on track :]
Tess and me had a great long run today at Marius Bakken's level one pace, kept to about 70% max heart rate and was surprised just how fast we were moving!
Used the same route through the big sand dunes and pinewoods as I'd run with Ben and Steve McLean the other week!
This marks the end of a very good weeks training and racing, things are on the up!
I think I may shock a few people with my comeback!
total time 2 hours 33 mins.
Running form improvement
I've been following Doc Steve's advice on how to improve posture and recycle gravity!
I've felt a massive improvement in my posture and running form by following his simple tips.
If there is one thing you do today then check out his video, awesome stuff!

How To Recycle Gravity and Create Organic Posture

Marathon Talk had a great interview with running legend Liz McColgan.
Really in depth talk about her training and mindset.
This women was so strong mentally its just awe inspiring!
She talks about training for her first marathon and wanted to find out what hitting the 'wall' was, that everyone talked about!
She ran 25 miles hard and still felt good, so she carried on for another 5 miles, she still felt Ok.
So she decided that that hitting the wall did not apply to her body!
She went on to run the fastest every d├ębut marathon by a women!


Ewen said...

Your page is loading fast now Rick, so the bug has gone :)

Nice umbrella. They were sold out in Brisbane recently!

Will download that one about Liz. Saw her when she was 'a girl' training/racing in Canberra years ago (before her marathon days) - she ran a 3000 in 8:40-odd.

Good luck with recycling gravity. You're always trying new training methods ;)

Rick said...

Hope your rain stops soon or you may need to build an ark!
Yes the Liz interview is well worth a listen.
it's interesting that runners like Liz and Steve Jones never had easy days, I guess they had amazing powers of recovery back when they were at their peak.
Liz talks about doing her 20 miler runs at 5.40 pace!
the recycling gravity thing works, producing much better posture and stops you collapsing into the ground and wasting energy.